How to Get to Legoland Malaysia from The Philippines via Singapore

Based on my experience, here is the fastest and easiest way to get to Legoland Malaysia if you will be coming from Manila, Philippines. The first Legoland theme park in Asia can be found in Johor, Malaysia.

It is more or less 1 hour away by bus if you will be coming from Singapore. Are you planning to bring your family to the said theme park? I suggest that you read on…

From Singapore, there are several ways on how you can visit Legoland Malaysia. You can take the causeway link bus (CW3 and CW4 yellow bus) from Jurong East Bus interchange and/or CW6 Boonlay station.

It will be a little cheaper if you choose to ride these buses. However, I think if you are a first-time traveler going to the place, there is a little hassle especially if you travel with kids.

The reason is these buses (I think) do not pass directly to LegoLand. You also need to worry about going back to Singapore if you don’t know where to wait for these causeway buses.

legoland malaysia travel

My family went to Legoland. Because I am afraid that we won’t be able to get to the place by riding the causeway buses, we tried the round trip coach Singapore to Legoland and back.

It is a bit expensive but worth the price since I had fewer worries in mind. The coach will bring us to the theme park in the morning and will pick us up in the afternoon.

Follow these Easy Steps to Visit Legoland Malaysia from Singapore

If you will visit the theme park via tour package. You can just do the simple steps below.

Step 1: Visit to book for coach ticket going to Legoland

You can choose the one-way trip or round trip. I suggest that you choose the round trip as they offer one-day Legoland Malaysia tour package (details below) where you can get cheaper entrance ticket, and you can avoid the long queues at the ticketing counter during holidays and weekends. You can pay using VISA, MasterCard, DBS, UOB, CitiBank, and Paypal.

Bus picture going to legoland Malaysia

Superior Coach Bus photo with very friendly Coach Captain

Once the payment is done you will receive confirmation email from Print it and present it to the person-in-charge on the designated pickup point to get your boarding sticker and entrance ticket.  You can also visit their offices in Singapore to personally buy the tickets.

Step 2: During departure day (Singapore to Legoland)

Since the buses leave on time, I suggest that you arrive 30 minutes early on the pickup point since you need to look for the person-in-charge to get you boarding sticker.

The coach boarding sticker helps the bus captain and conductor to identify you as one of their passengers.

coach boarding sticker

Sample Boarding Sticker

legoland malaysia tickets

Our entrance tickets

How to Visit Legoland Malaysia from the Philippines

Tourists coming from Manila, Cebu, Davao in the Philippines can also visit the theme park without much trouble. Based on my experience the easiest way and cheapest is to fly to Singapore with popular airlines like Air Asia, Jetstar, Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, and Scoot Airlines.

So far, the cheapest airfare among the mentioned airlines is from Scoot. Once you are in Singapore, avail the one day tour package and then follow the steps I have mentioned above.

I suggest that you go to Singapore because if you choose to go to Legoland via Kuala Lumpur, it will take more or less 8 hours by bus to get to the theme park. Also, there is no airport in Johor so the nearest is Changi Airport in Singapore.

Another option is to avail the tour package being offered by group buying websites in the Philippines (if there is any).

One Day Tour Package

Here are the details of the tour package that we avail when we visited Legoland. I was just like you, many times I search on the Internet on ways of getting to this popular theme park in Johor, Malaysia without having to spend huge amount of cash. In addition, I think of hassles that I have to endure (because I have a kid traveling with me) like how to get there, and when I get there how many hours would I queue to buy the entrance tickets for my family.

For sure, all of you who would like to visit Legoland Malaysia considered these things. Perhaps some of you still haven’t found the right package for your family. What I am going to share with you is a very affordable one-day tour package for this theme park. It includes entrance ticket and round-trip coach transfer which will depart from Singapore going to Legoland then in the afternoon at 6PM (depending on the coach captain instruction) back to Singapore. See the image below:

legoland malaysia tour package

One day tour package

Tour package range from 56SGD to 63SGD per head depending on the travel agency. My family tried 56SGD package the first time we visit Legoland. I can say it’s really worry-free, and the entrance ticket price is a lot cheaper if compared to buying at the Legoland counter. If not mistaken if you buy at Legoland, 2 adults and 1 seven-year-old kid would cost roughly S$153 but if you avail this package, it would only cost around S$119 (at the time of our tour excluding the coach fees).

Aside from family with kids, tourists alike who are visiting Singapore can avail this package. Since this is 1 day tour package, it would help cut down cost by not needing to book a hotel in Johor, Malaysia.

Note: Please ask the travel agency for their updated price list

What to bring during your Legoland Malaysia tour

If you are traveling as a tourist, you should bring your passport and embarkation card. Working/dependent pass holders should bring their IC and passport.

The place is an open area and I mean very few trees so it would be better to bring an umbrella and raincoat for unexpected rain showers, drinking water,  extra clothes for the kids and for you – parents. Needless to say, but bring cash if you love Lego apparel and toys for remembrance and gift presents purposes.

If you have other concerns you can comment and I’ll try to get back to you the soonest. I hope you enjoy the theme park just like my family did.

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  • Matt

    Hi Eleonor,

    You can check with WTS TRAVEL the current entrance fee rates of Legoland plus round trip coach back to Singapore, usually they offer packaged for coach and theme park entrance tickets. I just checked now that the Coach plus theme park plus coach insurance is around 78 to 82 Singapore dollars for adult. For Child (3 – 11 years old) and Seniors (60 years old and above) it is around 68 to 72 Singapore dollars. You can purchase these tickets online.

    SG to KL by bus travel time is almost 9 hours. According to WTS TRAVEL the bus ticket is around 35 SGD per person.
    SG to KL by plane travel time is 1 hour. Based on the Scoot Airlines’ website, the SG to KL air fare range from 39 to 79 SGD per person for the month of April 2018 (I also checked it now). The price fluctuates but if you book early like a month prior to your travel date, it is most likely that you will get cheaper air fare.

    If you choose to travel by air, you can save 8 hours of travel time which you can use to explore KL. The transportation cost maybe higher by 10 to 20SGD per person but it is way better than lets say 8 hours of sitting in a bus.

    Affordable accommodations are Fragrance hotel, hotel 81, and value hotel. You can search online for other affordable hotels / inn.

    • Matt

      Hi Eleonor,

      Legoland ticket is good for entrance and unlimited rides. Yes you can explore the Legoland theme park in 1 whole day. Food is affordable probably same price with SG.

  • Prinky

    Hi Adam!
    Where can we get the embarkation card? We are staying in Singapore and got bookings already for our bus and legoland malaysia.
    Thank you

    • Matt

      Hi Prinky,

      Embarkation card was given by the airline steward before you land in Changi. You need to fill it out because it will be collected by the immigration officer at the airport before you can enter Singapore.

      • Prinky

        Hi Adam!
        Thank you for the info. How about going to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore. We only need to bring passport right?
        Sorry just making sure.

        • Matt

          Hi Maam Pinky,

          Aside from passport, you also need to bring with you the remaining half of the embarkation card returned to you by the immigration officer in changi airport. The said embarkation card will be collected by the immigration officer in TUAS or WOODLANDS checkpoint before you leave Singapore and go to Johor, Malaysia.

  • Maria Bayote

    Hi. I would like to bring my familyof 10 including 2 small kids to Legoland Resort and would like to know the following:
    * Airport of arrival is SIN (Changi), how can we get to Johor immediately? Are there taxis at SIN airport that can take us there and pass through immigration without disembarking? We are not planning to stay in Singapore as we already went there this year.
    * Since we are planning to book a hotel also near Legoland, are there hotels there that can also assist us once we want to go back to Changi airport on our day of departure, with the same process as we went in?

    Thanks a lot for your help and info.

    • Matt

      Hi Maria,

      As far as I know there are car rentals in Singapore which you can utilize to transfer your from SG directly to Legoland in Johor Malaysia. This way you do not need to alight at the Tuas or Woodlands Causeway immigration and queue one by one to have your passport marked by the officer there. Instead, an immigration officer will approach your group to get your fingerprints.

      However, I do not know if the car rental companies would agreed to fetch you from Changi Airport but you can make arrangement with them. I think it is possible but I haven’t tried it yet.

  • Annie Yu

    Hi! I am bringing my nephew (12years old) and my sister to singapore next week. We also plan to visit legoland in malaysia however the travel clearance i got from dswd is only to singapore. Can we still go to malaysia with that travel clearance? What other requirements will be needed by the malaysian immigration? Thanks

    • Matt

      As far as I remember, you only need to present your passport at Malaysia immigration. Prepare the SG issued embarkation card as will be collected at immigration prior to crossing the border going Johor, Malaysia.

      Regarding travel clearance issued by DSWD, I apologize but I do not have idea. It would be better to inquire directly to them about your concern.

    • Charmaine

      Hello! What happened to this? I also have a niece (17 years old) and we’re planning to visit Legoland in Malaysia next week. The travel clearance we got is only to Singapore.

  • Larry

    Hello Matt,

    I read your article about “How to Get to Legoland Malaysia from The Philippines via Singapore”. I just want to ask, can i use SG Changi Airport as an entry & exit point only going to Legoland Malaysia since it is more closer than KL Airport and my accommodation is in JB hotel near Legoland?

    The plan is:
    Day 1 – arrive early morning in SG and proceed to JB in the afternoon for hotel check-in
    Day 2 – Legoland Theme Park
    Day 3 – check-out to JB hotel and proceed to SG for afternoon or evening flight to Manila


    • Matt

      Hi Larry,

      I think it is doable. You can save a lot of time if you do that. Since KL to JB is roughly 9-hour bus ride. Singapore to JB is just 1 and a half hour max.

      The other option, assuming you have not done your booking yet for JB hotel. If I may suggest, is you can book a hotel in SG, check-in in SG. Then, early morning the next day, go to Legoland via WTSTravel(dot)com(dot)sg. Check the website for more details.

      You can spend the whole day in Legoland until maybe 5 pm. Afterward, go back to SG in the evening. Then the next day check out at the hotel in SG at 2 PM for your evening flight back to the Philippines. This option is advantageous if you are carrying big luggage as you can leave it at the hotel in SG and just carry important things when going to Legoland. Again, this is just a suggestion sir.

      Anyway, enjoy your tour in Legoland.

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