How to Activate IPhone Home Button on Touch Screen

After I gave an iPhone to my wife as a gift for this holiday season, one question she asked me is how can she activate the iPhone home button on the touch screen. That question got me scratching my head because I could not give her an exact answer.

I remember the last time I was able to activate the home button to show up on the touch screen was on her iPhone 3GS, which is probably years ago. However, I already forgot how I did it.

The home button is the most-used button on the iPhone. There are countless cases where the home button becomes unresponsive because of extensive use by the users. Apple probably encounters numerous issues from its customers, which is why they come up with a home button on the touch screen itself.

The latest iOS, particularly version 5.0 and above, introduced the assistive touch which may help prevent this problem from happening. I think it is an alternative to the actual home button to minimize its usage and also to slow down the wear and tear of the home button.

All you have to do is activate it and that’s it. There will appear a white huge dot on the screen of your iPhone which can be used as your alternative home button. To activate it, you have to follow the three simple steps below in this post.
iphone home button on screen

How to Activate iPhone Home Button on Screen

Step 1: Go to the ‘Settings’ of your iPhone

The settings application is a gear-like icon found on your iPhone’s screen display. Run the app. You’ll know that you’re there when you see options like airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

Step 2: Head straight to the ‘Accessibility’

‘Accessibility’ is an iOS feature that allows the user to adjust the settings based on the preference of the users. You will see here adjustment options related to vision, physical and motor, hearing, and general.

Since you want the home button function to show up on the screen, you need to go to ‘Touch’ which is under the ‘Physical and Motor’ feature. You will immediately see ‘AssistiveTouch’ toggle the designated button to turn it on.

Step 3: Start using the Home Button on your iPhone’s Screen

To know if you have successfully set up your iOS device, the huge white dot button should appear on your device’s screen. You can use it to access home, custom, notifications, control center, gestures, and adjust the settings of your device. And that’s it.

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