How to Buy Load via BDO Online Banking

One of the features of BDO online banking is you will be able to buy your prepaid cellphone load online via your online BDO account. The whole process is very easy as it will only take 5 steps and you can do it in less than 5 minutes.

You can buy Smart, Globe, Touch Mobile, and Talk N Text prepaid loads any time of the day wherever you are. You can even purchase prepaid loads when you are abroad as long as you have access to your BDO bank online.

The regular load amounts that you can buy are Php40, Php60, Php100, Php250, Php500, and Php1000. From the list of amounts, you can see that the increment value is 20, 40, 150, 250, and 500 pesos, respectively.

The only concern with buying through BDO is you can only buy regular loads. This means that if you plan to subscribe to your Telco’s different call, text, and data promotions. You have to know the promo codes and subscribe to them manually by yourself.

In BPI, you can buy a load immediately. You just need to input your mobile number. However, for BDO, you need to enroll your prepaid mobile number in your account before you will be able to buy a load for it.

In this post, you will know the steps on how to enroll your prepaid mobile number to BDO online. Moreover, you will also know the steps to buy your prepaid load using the same bank.

If this is your first time buying load via BDO. I suggest that you buy the smallest amount first which is Php 40 so when your reload is unsuccessful, the cost of the mistake is minimal. Once you receive the regular load without hassle then increase the load value that you will purchase next time.

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How to Buy Prepaid Cellphone Load using BDO Online Bank

Step 1. Login to your BDO Online Account

Visit the official website of BDO and log in to your online account. Hover your mouse on the “Online Banking Login” link on the upper right side of the homepage.

A drop-down menu will show up. In the choices, select “Personal” and then proceed to “BDO Online Banking.” Type in your login details in the given space.

buy prepaid cellphone load bdo online

Step 2. Enroll Your Prepaid Mobile Number

Before you can buy prepaid load for your cellphone number. You first have to enroll your mobile number online in BDO.

To do so, proceed to the “Navigate” tab which you will see on the left middle part of the page. Afterward, go to the “Enrollment” link then choose “Prepaid Mobile Number.

enrollment prepaid mobile number in bdo

Select your Mobile Network, enter your Mobile Number and your preferred nickname in the space provided. Tick “online banking,” or “Phone Banking” whichever is applicable to you.

The available mobile networks are Globe, Smart, Talk N Text, and Touch Mobile. Unfortunately, Sun Cellular is not on the list of choices.

Enter your exact mobile number. For example, 09171234567

Enter also your preferred nickname. This is helpful to easily identify which telco does the cellphone number belongs to or the owner of the mobile number. For example, “Juan Globe.” There is no specific requirement for the preferred nickname.

choose mobile network

If you are successful with your mobile phone enrolment. BDO will send you an email notification that you have successfully enrolled a mobile number for prepaid reloading.

Step 3. Buy Prepaid Load using your BDO Online Bank

Again, go to the “Navigate” tab. Proceed to “Pay Bills and Reload” then choose “Prepaid Mobile Reload.” Afterward, choose “Buy a Load.”

buy a prepaid mobile load

Select your BDO account to get your load from. Select the mobile number that you want to reload. Choose the prepaid load amount. The lowest amount is Php 40 and the highest amount is Php 1000. And fill in the remarks

Tick the “Reload Schedule.” You can choose “Immediately,” “Later Date,” or “Regular Schedule Date.” If you want to reload your mobile number immediately then choose “Immediately.” You also have the option to schedule loading your mobile number using the “Regular Schedule Date” option.

choose amount

Step 4. Verify your reload details and Enter OTP that BDO sent to your Mobile Phone

Double-check your reload details such as your BDO account number where you will get your load, prepaid mobile number where the load will be sent, your eload amount, and your reloading schedule. Then hit “Continue.”

Afterward, enter the OTP that BDO sent to your registered mobile number.

Step 5. Receive the Prepaid Load on your mobile number

In my experience, you will receive the prepaid load that you bought using your BDO online bank almost immediately.

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Here is the sample message: “Your Mobile Number 09171234567 has received P40.0 prepaid load via bdo atm on 01/01/21 01:01 (Trade No: 123456).”


Reloading your prepaid mobile number via BDO online banking is quite simple once you become familiar with the whole process. Thanks to BDO for having this feature. Smart, Globe, TM and Talk n text subscribers who have a BDO account online can buy load for their prepaid mobile number wherever they are and whenever they need to.

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