How to Buy Prepaid Load for CellPhone using BPI Online Account

Do you know that you can buy prepaid load for your cellphone thru your bpi online account? Yes, you can purchase load for your Smart, Globe, Talk N Text (TNT), Touch Mobile (TM), Sun Cellular, and Cherry prepaid sim through bpi bank online.

I have done it and it’s very simple. If you find it lazy to leave the house then I suggest that you try it too.

You can load your cellphone or any of your relative’s prepaid phone any time of the day. All you need is a desktop/laptop computer or smartphone with a safe internet connection, and of course a BPI online account. Just login to your bpi online with your desktop computer or via a mobile application on your smartphone.

Select the different load offerings depending on your telecom provider. Based on my experience, After I have confirmed the purchase. The amount shows up in my remaining load balance in less than 5 seconds.

It is a lot easier than going out of the house and search for retailers or eloading station near you. Particularly during night time, or even on rainy days when unexpectedly you run out of load.

How to Buy Load for Prepaid Phone in BPI Online

Step 1: Visit the official website of BPI and Log in with your Account

Go to Bank of the Philippine Island’s official website. In the space provided, type your username and password.

Be reminded that you should never share your login details with anyone. Alternatively, you can log in on your BPI mobile application on your smartphone.
how to buy prepaid load in bpi step 1 v2 If you are using the BPI mobile app, make sure that no one is viewing the screen of your phone when you buy your prepaid load. BPI Mobile app is available in Google Play and Apple Appstore.

Step 2: Visit the Payments/Load Link then go to Load Prepaid Phone Tab

At the upper left side of the page, you will see the “Payments/Load” link. Visit it so you can see the “Load Prepaid Phone” tab. In the given fields, you will be asked which account you will use to purchase the cellphone load. Select savings or any of your account that has enough balance for your chosen load.

  • Select your telco service provider

In the drop-down menu, you can choose between Globe, TM, Smart, Talk N Text (TNT), Sun, and Cherry Prepaid. You can also choose Smart Bro and PLDT.

  • Enter your Prepaid Phone Number

Type in the mobile number you want to load. You can also choose the mobile number stored in your pre-enrolled list. If this is your first time to load a mobile number, I suggest that you double-check the digits as once the load is sent to the device. There is no way to retrieve it.

  • Select the Load Amount

At the drop-down menu, you can choose the eload amount. For Globe users, there is RegularLoad ranging from Php 50 up to Php 900. Loads available for internet surfing such as Gosurf50. There is also GOSAKTO 70 to 140 pesos, GOUNLI95, HomeWATCH, and HOMESURF loads.

Check other cellphone load offer from other telco providers as Touch Mobile by going back to the selection of telecom network providers.
Hang on you are almost done. By this time BPI will ask you to double-check your details and confirm. Just double-check your details and then confirm to avoid unnecessary errors.

Step 3: Enter the One-Time Pin from BPI

BPI will send you a 6-digit code on your registered mobile phone. Type in the given field the pin code and then submit.

Step 4: Received your Cellphone Prepaid Load

Assuming everything that you have done is correct you will receive your load almost immediately. globe-prepaid-load-via-bpi-online-featured Based on my experience, it would only take 5 seconds or less for your fresh amount to reflect on your prepaid mobile phone load balance.

That’s basically it! It looks easy, right? Because it is.

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