How to Check Civil Service Exam Ratings Online

You can find below the 3 quick steps on how to check the civil service exam result for cse – ppt ratings online. The result of the recent Civil service exam for the paper and pencil test (PPT) for the Professional and Sub-Professional level has been released by the Philippine Civil Service Commission.

I’m sure you are here because you want to know your rating whether you pass, or unfortunately, failed the exam.

Getting the exam result is very easy and would only take a short while. Assuming you have all the required information such as the examinee number, date of examination, type of exam, and the region number where you took the exam. You will need these details to fill up the online form to generate your rating.

3 Quick Steps on How to check your Civil Service Exam Score Rating Online for CSE-PPT

Step 1: Visit the Philippine Civil Service Commission Website

Please be patient as sometimes, due to the number of visitors particularly during the exam results release date, the page loads very slowly.

Step 2: To check your civil service rating, hover your mouse to navigation link ‘Online Services’

Online Services is usually located at the top center of the home page. There will be three choices that will show up: “Online CS Examination Result Generation System,” “Online Notice of School Assignment,” and “CSC WEBMAIL.” Choose the first one which is “Online CS Examination Result Generation System (  OCSERGS ).”

how to check civil service exam rating

Step 3: You will be directed to OCSERGS Main Page

Supply the need information such as date of examination, last name, first name, middle initial, date of birth, type of examination, and the CSC regional office where you took the test. In the type of examination, choose between CSE-PPT SubProfessional or CSE-PPT Professional.

Double-check the details, if some information is wrong, you have to re-type it all from the beginning. Hit Submit. Then wait for the result.

Those who took the CSE – FSO ( Foreign Service Officer ), Penology Officer Examination, Fire Officer Examination, BCLT / ICLT Examination, Pre-Employment Test, and Promotional Test can also use these steps to check and verify their respective exam results. They just need to select the appropriate type of examination in the given choices.

OCSERGS checking of CSC ratings online

How to Claim Civil Service Certificate

Passers need to personally claim their Certification of Eligibility at the respective Civil Service Commission regional offices where they took the exam. Representatives are not permitted to claim the certificate on behalf of the exam passers.

Bring at least one (1) government accepted / valid ID card upon claiming of the certification:

  • Passport, SSS ID card, GSIS (UMID), Driver’s License, PRC License card
  • Philhealth ID (with picture and Philhealth number), School ID, Office / Company ID
  • NBI / Police Clearance, Barangay ID, Seaman’s Book
  • Person With Disability (PWD) ID, Solo Parent ID, Senior Citizen ID

Note: Check the expiration date details of your ID cards to be sure that it is still valid. For the complete list of accepted IDs please visit the CSC website.

The passing rate is 80%. Congratulations if you pass the Civil Service Exam – Paper and Pencil Test. Otherwise, just try your best next time. I hope this blog post helps.

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