Here’s How to Calculate SSS Pension Online

You can calculate your SSS Pension instantly using the SSS retirement benefits calculator online. The calculator will calculate the amount of monthly Pension that you will receive from SSS when you reach the retirement age of 60 or the mandatory retirement age of 65 in the Philippines.

SSS Pension means a regular payment made by SSS to Members who are in retirement age.

SSS has made an online Pension calculator through its official website to help contributing Members calculate their monthly Pension when they retire.

To calculate SSS Pension online, visit the SSS website, tap the “Pension calculator” link, select your monthly salary, select the age you start contributing to SSS, and tap Calculate. Below is a 4-step guide.

Step 1: Visit the SSS website

The official website of SSS is The URL address on your preferred browser and hit Enter.

Step 2: Tap the Pension Calculator Link

Scroll to the bottom center of the SSS website then tap the Pension Calculator link.

Step 3: Enter the required personal information then tap the Calculate button

Using the respective dropdown menus, select your monthly SSS contributions or your monthly salary, and select the age when you start contributing to SSS. Afterward, double-check the information, then tap the Calculate button.

Step 4: View your estimated monthly SSS Pension on your retirement

The Pension Calculator will show you the monthly Pension (in Philippine Pesos), the earliest age that you can apply for retirement, and the total Pension that you will receive after 10 years, and 20 years, respectively.
sss pension calculator sample computation

Here is the SSS Pension Sample Computation

Here is the sample computation of the SSS Pension based on the minimum wage of 610.00 Philippine Pesos per day in Metro Manila.

If you are working for 22 days for a month and your wage is 610 pesos, then your monthly salary is calculated as 22 × 610 pesos, equivalent to 13420.00 Pesos. You started contributing to SSS at the age of 22.

Encode your monthly salary and age to the online calculator. Based on the online calculator you will have a monthly Pension of 11560 Pesos when you retire at age 60.

how to compute sss pension

How much Pension does Retirees receive from SSS?

The Pension that retirees receive from SSS is between 2000 Pesos and 20000 Pesos (35.84 USD and 358.39 USD) per month. This highly depends on the amount of their monthly Contributions to SSS.

How to Check with SSS if you are Eligible for Retirement?

To check with SSS if you are eligible for retirement, log in to your User Account on the SSS website, mouse over to the “Inquiry” tab, then to “Eligibility,” and then to “Retirement.” Enter the “Date of Contingency” and tick the required information applicable to you and Submit.

The “Eligibility” page will show the earliest retirement date, the total number of posted contributions, and the date of contingency considered.

What is the meaning of Date of Contingency in SSS?

For retirees, the meaning of the Date of Contingency in SSS is the date of separation from the job, the 120th or the last day of the voluntary member’s contribution, and the 60th birthday of the member.

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