How to Compute Your SSS Pension Online for Voluntary and Retirees

You can compute your estimated SSS pension now using the retirement benefits calculator online. This is for you to have an idea of the amount you will receive monthly from SSS. When you reach the mandatory retirement age of 60 or 65 in the Philippines.

SSS has made an online pension calculator through its official website. This is to help current employed members, voluntary, self-employed, and retirees to have an idea of their monthly pension after they retire. To do so, members need to input 3 personal information and key in the security code as shown in the space provided.

The information that you need includes your date of birth, the month and year you started paying your contribution as an SSS member. This is usually the same time you started working or have a business and your monthly salary/earnings. Aside from that, you also need to input your current monthly income.

SSS Pension Sample Computation

To make the computation easy to understand, we will have some assumptions. For example, you were born in January of 1985. You started working in February 2005 when you are 20 years old.

Also, your monthly salary never changes (which is highly unlikely) and remains at PHP 11,810.00 within the duration of your membership.

Let us now input all the required details in the SSS pension calculator at

Follow the format that the calculator requires you when you input your particulars. For example, if your birthday is January 5, 1985, then you need to input “01-05-1985” on the date of birth.

Input next the month and year when you start to become an SSS member. So, if you started in February 2005, then you should input “02-2005”.

On the monthly salary /earnings type in your current monthly salary. To be fairly accurate, you can check your monthly payslip from your company.

Here is the sample computation based on the minimum wage of Php 537.00 per day in Metro Manila, NCR. If for a month, you are working for 22 days, then your monthly salary would be 22*537 pesos which are equivalent to PHP 11,810.00.

how to compute sss pension online

Based on the online calculator. You will have a monthly pension of Php 9,818.40 when you retire at age 60 in the year 2045, and or Php 11,020.80 if you retire at the age of 65 in January 2050.

Your monthly SSS pension may become bigger since for sure as you climb the corporate ladder, your salary increases. When that happens your SSS contribution also increases.

To enjoy these retirement benefits, as a member. You have to be in the retiring age of 60 years old or 65 years old whichever is applicable. Also, you need to at least have cumulative contributions equivalent to 120 months (10 years) before the first semester of your retirement.

On the other hand, if you do not meet the number of months contribution. SSS will give you a lump sum amount equivalent to your cumulative contribution.

How to Verify if you are Eligible for Retirement?

The possible and easiest way for you to know if you are already eligible for retirement is to verify it online at your My.sss account.

At the navigation bar of your account, go to the “Inquiry” tab then hover your mouse to the “Eligibility” link. In the choices, choose “Retirement” Type in the “date of contingency” and tick whichever is applicable to you. Afterward, hit submit. sss-benefit-claim-eligibility-resultThe Benefits Claim Eligibility shows the earliest retirement date, total number of contributions, and the date of contingency considered. Roughly, it is the summary of your data with SSS. sss-retirement-application-v2

Alternatively, you can also go to the “E-Services” tab, then hover your mouse to the “Submit Retirement Application” link. The new page will tell you if your application is approved or rejected depending on your current age. retirement-claim-resultIn my case, when I submit my retirement application. SSS told me that my retirement application was rejected because I am not yet 60 years old.

If you have concerns, regarding your eligibility for retirement, it is still best to call or visit the SSS office near you.

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