How to Correct Birth Certificate Errors, Wrong Spelling, in the Philippines

There is an easy way on how to correct typo errors in your birth certificate whether it’s a wrong spelling on the first name, middle name, surname, birth date, and wrong gender. You can do this without going to court.

Does your birth certificate contains typographical errors like wrong spelling or birthdate? News5 Everywhere has shared very easy steps to correct typo errors on the aforementioned document.

how to correct birth certificate errorsAccording to Attorney Mel Sta. Maria and Cherryl Cosim anyone who has encountered such problem can simply request correction by visiting the local civil registrar of the municipality where the birth certificate was registered.

There is no need going to court just for that matter as it can be fixed administratively. According to the video, there is a processing fee for the correction of typo errors. The estimated processing time for the correction of these details is around 2 to 3 months. The reason it takes that long is because probably there are numerous Filipino citizens who have the same issue.

Watch the video conversation courtesy of News5 Everywhere youtube channel

Here is another reference in case you have typo error on gender

You can inquire directly to the respective city civil registrar office for the updated document requirements and latest processing fee.

Who Shall File the Petition to Correct Birth Certificate Clerical Errors

According to the National Statistics Office of the Philippines website, anyone can file a request for the petition of correction for the clerical error of the document, provided that he/she is the owner, spouse of the owner, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, and guardians. If another person will file the petition, he / she should be duly authorized by law and by the owner of the documents that need correction.

If the person is a minor, physically, or mentally incapable to file his / own petition, it can be filed by relatives such as children, spouse, parents, siblings, grandparents, or a person duly authorized by law.

Where to File the Petition

The owner (or any authorized person) of the birth certificate was born in the Philippines, he / she can visit the respective civil registry office of the municipality where the birth was registered. If the owner has somehow migrated to other locations in the Philippines, he / she can file the petition to the civil registry office of the municipality where he / she is currently residing.

If the owner was born overseas, he / she should file the petition to the Philippine consulate where the birth was reported.

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Requirements when Filing for Correction of Birth Certificate Errors

Before visiting the civil registry office, the owner or any authorized person should bring copies of the following requirements / supporting documents such as:

  1. Certified machine copy of the birth certificate that needs correction
  2. Bring two valid documents such as:
    – Baptismal certificate
    – Business records
    – Certificate of land transfer
    – Civil registry records of ascendants
    – Drivers license
    – Employment records
    – GSIS / SSS records
    – Insurance
    – Medical records
    – Account passbook from banks
    – Police clearance and NBI clearance
    – Voters affidavit
  3. Notice or certificate of posting
  4. Payment for filing fee of P1000 or its equivalent in foreign currency
  5. Other documents needed by the civil registry office

For other details please visit National Statistics Office of the Philippines. Credits to News5 Everywhere for the information.

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