How to Enroll in a Course offered by TESDA’s Accredited Schools?

Enroll in TESDA refers to registration in a Course (Education) offered by TESDA-accredited schools. To Enroll in TESDA, visit TESDA’s website, browse the list of courses, search for schools that offer the course, obtain the schools’ information, inquiry to the school about requirements, training hours, and tuition fee, submit the requirements, pay the fee, and attend the actual training.

Students have to follow the stated registration process before they will be officially admitted to the training programs conducted by a TESDA-accredited school. Below are 6 steps that students have to follow to enroll in TESDA.

Step 1: Visit the website of TESDA then go to the Registered Courses

The official website of TESDA is At the homepage, scroll down to the middle center of the page until you see the white box that says “For Learners and Workers”.

Tap the box to view the popup menu. In the choices, tap the “Registered Courses” link.   

how to enroll tesda

Step 2: Search for the School that offers the Course

TESDA has the list of accredited schools and the courses they are offering. You need to obtain the list of schools near your area that offer the course you will take.    

On the “Registered Programs” page, you will be asked to input the name of the “Course”, “School Name,” and your preferred “Location.”

For example, you want to enroll in “Automotive Servicing” in the Manila area.

What you need to do is just type in the course name (which is Automotive Servicing) and location (which is Manila) and tap the “Search” button. The website will then show you the list of schools that offer the course.

school details

Step 3: Write down the information of TESDA Accredited School

Based on the list shown in Step 2, write down the information of each school such as their respective addresses, and contact details. Afterward, make a shortlist of the schools which are nearest to your location.

The schools that are considered nearest to you are those that you can reach within 30 minutes by commute.

course hours

Step 4: Inquire to the School about the Admission Requirements, Training Hours, and Tuition Fee

Admission requirements are the list of documents that a school asks from their enrollees. The reason you need to inquire about the requirements is for you to know which among the schools require the least number of documents.

Training hours refer to the duration of the course. Ask the school about training hours for the course.

The tuition fee is the sum of money a student has to pay to enroll in a TESDA-accredited school. Inquire with the school about the tuition fee amount and the payment terms.   

You can inquire by visiting their campuses or giving them a phone call. It’s up to you!

Step 5: Enroll in the Training Program of the TESDA Accredited School

Based on the information that you have gathered in Step 4, decide which among the schools offers the best scenario for you. It can be about school proximity, shortest training hours, and affordable tuition fees.

Once you made your decision, enroll in the TESDA school. This is by submitting the requirements to the school and paying the school fees.

Congratulations! By this time, you are now enrolled in a Tesda-accredited school.

Step 6: Attend the Actual Training Program

Attending the actual training program means that you have to go to the class based on the training schedule stated by the school. Study every lesson and master it because you have to take the assessment examination to obtain a National Certificate for the course.   

How many Courses are offered in TESDA?

There is a total of 318 offered courses in TESDA including welding, dressmaking, cooking, automotive, electrician, driving, and food processing. Some courses can be taken face-to-face in a classroom, and some courses can be taken online (e-learning). There are also Foreign language courses, courses for women, and courses for aspiring OFWs.

Where can I find the nearest TESDA Accredited Training Centers?

You can find the TESDA Accredited Training Centers near you by checking the training institution’s district offices in NCR, regional training centers, and provincial training centers.   


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