How to File a Warranty Claim for Logitech Gaming Mouse Quick Guide

I recently made a warranty claim for my faulty Logitech G703 gaming mouse. Here is my experience and the steps I made to claim the warranty.

I’ve been using Logi’s G703 gaming mouse for 1 year and 6 months. I am very much satisfied with it until the occurrence of the hardware issue related to the left button. It’s hard to explain but I am pretty sure you know what I am talking about here. Especially if you are a gamer or heavy mouse user.

After the Logitech’s representative are able to confirm the defect. The awesome outcome is they replaced my mouse immediately within the day.

According to Logitech’s official website, my mouse has a two-year warranty. As of the moment, it still has 6 months or roughly until April 2021 before the warranty expires.

the agent that I have talked to explained that you can determine the warranty duration based on the serial numbers and also based on the invoice. Though most of the time the warranty duration begins at the date of purchase reflected on the invoice.

if you are unsure about the warranty you may check their official website. You can also call the support/service center so they can verify it for you. However, you still need the invoice or purchase receipt for you to claim the warranty.

How to Claim Warranty in Logitech for Gaming Mouse

Step 1: inquire with the customer service agent about the warranty coverage

If you do not know if your mouse is within the warranty then this is the first and the best thing to do.

Call or send an email to their support department. Of course, for a quick response, the best choice is to give them a call. logitech service center email sample Based on my experience the service center agent will ask you a series of questions such as your name, mouse serial number, date of purchase.

Aside from that, they will also ask if you did some troubleshooting. For example, they ask me if I connect the mouse to another computer, or insert the Bluetooth receiver to a different USB port to determine if the issue has been resolved.

If they were able to confirm that the mouse is faulty, they will send via email the locations where you can bring the mouse for replacement. The place can be an accredited service center, warehouse, or store.

Step 2: Secure all the necessary mouse parts and documents

Prepare all the hardware parts such as the mouse, charging wire, and Bluetooth receiver. The old box is not needed. This is optional but you can just put everything together in a plastic bag or ziplock. logitech gaming mouse parts and documents As for the documents, you need to prepare the old invoice. The reason is it will determine if the gaming mouse is still within the warranty period. Include also the email of your conversation with Logitech’s agent for verification purposes, I think.

If you do not have the old invoice there is a chance that you won’t be able to claim your warranty.

Step 3: Bring your faulty gaming mouse to the service center

Normally, the customer service agent will provide you multiple locations on where to bring your faulty hardware. You just need to select which location you want to visit. Choose the center that is accessible and convenient relative to your point of origin.

Step 4: Receive a brand new Logitech gaming mouse Yey!!!

The receiving agent in the center will normally inspect the parts and documents. If everything meets the terms and conditions, and you are able to provide the necessary documents, they will replace your faulty gaming mouse no questions asked. logitech G703 gamingReview and Comments

One of the factors I consider when buying a pc hardware is its warranty. As a customer, it is our responsibility to keep a copy of the invoice. In this way, we can claim the warranty worry-free. In my opinion, Logitech’s after-sales support is superb.

I called their customer support and it a matter of minutes the agent on the other side of the line picked up my call. Also, within minutes they were able to create a support ticket and sent me the location on where to bring my faulty mouse.

On the same day, I visited their authorized distributor and got the replacement of my Logitech gaming mouse. Overall I am satisfied, the reason is I did not expect that I will receive a brand new gaming mouse.

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