How to Fill Out Schengen Visa Application Form with Pictures

Here is how to fill up the Schengen Visa application form to guide the applicants and fellow Filipinos to know how to fill it out correctly and become one step closer to their dream of traveling to France, Italy, The Netherlands, and other Schengen Countries.

Filling out the Schengen Visa application form is perhaps one of the crucial things that foreign applicants and Philippine passport holders need to do to be granted a Visa to enter the borders of Schengen Countries in Europe.

schengen visa grant sampleIt was our first time to apply for Schengen Visa. We are family of three with two adults and 11-year-old boy (at the time of application). Based on the requirements and instruction, each of us needs to fill up a form. Since our son is a minor, we parent filled it up for him.

We also attached on each of the form recent photograph that clearly showing the face, forehead hairline and ears. Based on the details I’ve inputted in the forms, the France Embassy granted us a type C with a 1-year validity multi-entry Schengen visa.

Prior to the Schengen Visa application, we planned to travel to 3 countries particularly Paris, France, Zurich Switzerland, and Amsterdam Netherlands which are part of the Schengen Countries in Europe. We stayed 5 nights in France, 5 nights in Switzerland, and 3 nights in the Netherlands.

We applied for Schengen Visa at the Embassy of France because it is our first port of entry and our main destination since we stayed there for 5 nights which is equal to our number of nights in Switzerland, our second destination country.

For the complete rules on which embassy should you apply for Schengen Visa please read this post

How to Fill Up a Schengen Visa Application Form with Pictures

There is a total of 37 questionnaires in a 3-page form. You need to answer and fill them up as accurately and honestly as possible. You can fill in the form by hand or just edit its PDF version with your laptop or desktop computer.

1. Surname (family name)

  • enter your surname

2. Surname at birth (former family names)

  • enter here your maiden name if you are married female. If still single, just leave this portion blank

3. First name(s) Given names

  • enter your first names here, do not include your middle initial/name.

4. Date of birth (day-month-year)

  • enter your birthdate in numbered form. Example: 15-11-1981

5. Place of birth

  • Enter your birth place. Example: Manila

6. Country of birth

  • Indicate your birth country. Example: Philippines

7. Current nationality, Nationality at birth, if different

  • Indicate here your nationality. Example: Filipino

8. Gender

  • Put a check (tick) whichever is appropriate to you. Example: Male

9. Marital Status

  • Tick which status is appropriate to you. Example: Married

10. In the case of minors; Surname, first name, address (if different from applicant’s) and nationality of parental authority / legal guardian

  • I put here “NOT APPLICABLE” since I am not a minor

11. National identity number, where applicable

  • I put here “NOT APPLICABLE” since this is not applicable for Philippine passport holders because we do not have National ID system yet (at the time of writing)

12. Type of travel document

  • Tick which one is applicable to you. In our case, the three of us tick “ORDINARY PASSPORT”

13. Number of travel document

  • Enter here your Philippine passport number which is indicated in your passport

14. Date of issue

  • enter the date of issue which is indicated in your passport. Example: 27-07-2017

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15. Valid until

  • Enter here your passport validity date. Example: 26-07-2027

16. Issued by

  • Enter here the location where your passport was issued. For example, if it was issued in Dubai then input the Philippine Embassy in Dubai or “PE Dubai.” The details are in your passport. Just copy it.

17. Applicant’s home address and e-mail address

  • I entered here our home and e-mail address. If you think the space is not enough, you can include an additional A4 paper where your complete details are indicated.
  • Enter also your telephone number including the country code. Example: (+65) 1234567

18. Residence in a country other than the country of current nationality

  • If you are working and living abroad tick “YES” and enter what is being asked like NRIC and its validity.
  • Leave this blank if you are currently staying in the Philippines

19. Current occupation

  • Enter here the name of your occupation. If you are unemployed just indicate “NO OCCUPATION”
  • If employed enter here the name of your occupation

20. Employer and employer’s address and telephone number. For students, name and address of educational establishment.

  • If you are unemployed just indicate “NOT APPLICABLE.” If you are employed or studying just input the name and address of your company or school.

21. Main purpose of the journey

  • I tick tourism. Tick which ever is applicable to you like visiting a family or friends.
how to fill out schengen visa application form photo page 1

22. Member States of Destination

  • Enter here the Schengen countries you want to visit. In our case we input France, Switzerland, and Netherlands.

23. Member state of first entry

  • Enter here the first country to visit. Since first port of entry is France, we indicate France

24. Number of entries requested

  • Tick the number of entries of your choice. In our case and also based on our itinerary we only tick “SINGLE ENTRY”

25. Duration of the intended stay or transit. Indicate the number of days

  • Enter here the number of days that you planned to stay in the Schengen Area. Example: 14

26. Schengen Visas issued during the past three years

  • Tick “NO” if this is the first time you apply for Schengen Visa

27. Fingerprints collected previously for the purpose of applying for a Schengen Visa

  • Tick “NO” if it is your first time applying for the Visa

28. Entry permit for the final country of destination, where applicable

  • Just enter the issuing body of your work permit, dependent pass, long term visit pass. Indicate also its validity.
  • Left this blank if you are a Philippine passport holder and your final destination is the Philippines.

29. Intended date of arrival in the Schengen area

  • Indicate here your arrival date in DAY-MONTH-YEAR format. Example: 01-12-2017

30. Intended date of departure from the Schengen Area

  • Indicate here your departure date in DAY-MONTH-YEAR format. Example: 14-12-2017

31. Surname and first name of the inviting persons in the Member States. If not applicable, name of hotels or temporary accommodations in the Member States.

  • Indicate here the name of the hotel where you will be staying during your travel in Schengen areas.
  • Since we will be staying in 3 different hotels during our stay in France, Switzerland, and Netherlands, we indicated here names of the 3 hotels.
  • Address and e-mail address of inviting persons / hotels / temporary accommodations
    Enter here the address of the hotel where you will be staying
  • Since we will be staying in 3 different hotels we entered here the three addresses of our hotels. The given space in the form is obviously not enough so we included an additional sheet of paper and inputted there the addresses.
  • Telephone and telefax
    – Enter here the telephone numbers of the hotels where you planned to stay. Include the country code. You can get it on each hotel’s website.

32. Name and address of inviting company / organization

  • Enter the name of the inviting company. If there is none, just enter “NOT APPLICABLE”
  • Telephone and telefas of company/ organization
  • Enter the telephone number. If there is none, just enter “NOT APPLICABLE”
  • Surname, first name, address, telephone, telefas, and email address of contact person in company / organization
  • Enter the details here, if none, just enter “NOT APPLICABLE”

33. Cost of traveling and living during the applicant’s stay is covered

  • Tick which ever is applicable to you
  • In our case we tick “by the applicant himself/herself
  • Means of support
  • Prepaid accommodation since we already paid for our hotel
how to fill out schengen visa application form photo page 2

34. Personal date of the family member who is an EU, EEA or CH citizen

  • Enter here the names of your relatives who are a citizen of EU EEA or CH. If there is none just enter “NOT APPLICABLE” in the surname and “NOT APPLICABLE” in the First names
  • Date of birth
    – Enter “NOT APPLICABLE”
  • Nationality
    – Enter “NOT APPLICABLE”
  • Number of travel document or ID card
    – Enter “NOT APPLICABLE”

35. Family relationship with an EU, EEA or CH citizen

  • Enter here your family relationship to an EU, EEA or CH citizen. If none just enter “NOT APPLICABLE”

36. Place and date

  • Enter here the place and date where you complete the Schenge Visa application form

37. Signature (for minors, signature of parental authority/legal guardian.

  • Affix your signature

After questionnaire 37, read and understand the remaining notes and tick the small box on its right.

At the last part of the form, you will again be asked to enter the place and date where you complete the form, and you also need to again affix your signature.

schengen visa application form page threeFor the complete details, please check the photos of the filled-up Schengen Visa application form we submitted to the Embassy of France. I just altered some details to maintain our privacy.

Schengen Visa Application Fee and Processing Time

The visa application fee is around 60 Euros which can be paid in your currency. I remember it is around $71 per adult during our application. Kids have a different rate, I think it is around $44. The payment will be collected by the officer at the window counter where you will submit your application.

Based on our experience the processing time is less than 1 week, to be exact it was only 4 working days. We submitted our documents in the Embassy of France on the 6th day of the month which at that time was Friday, then we were asked to collect it on the 12th day which is Thursday.

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91 comments… add one
  • TJ


    I had some questions
    Point no.10 My husband is having Indian passport so what should be filled for my daughters form as she is a minor and her nationality is Philippines.
    So is it supposed to be filled as follows- -Husband’s last name,first name our address do we write it again and Indian national-Fathers Nationality.

    Point 19 for Minor current occupation should we write None or N/A ,Minor

    Last point 33
    We are paying our ticket fully so do we tick prepaid transport.
    Hotel booking we have confirmed reservation,not paid yet. Just reservation made through we will pay it at the hotel it says upon Check In.
    We have blocked the dates using our credit card.
    So do we tick prepaid accommodation.

    • Adam

      HI TJ,

      Point no.10 My husband is having Indian passport so what should be filled for my daughters form as she is a minor and her nationality is Philippines.
      So is it supposed to be filled as follows- -Husband’s last name,first name our address do we write it again and Indian national-Fathers Nationality.

      – Based on my opinion this is correct. Put the complete name of your husband, and nationality. If home address of your daughter and husband is the same, then no need to write it again.

      Point 19 for Minor current occupation should we write None or N/A ,Minor

      – If your daughter is studying you can write “Student” in point 19. Then in point 20 you can write the name and address of the school. If your daughter is not yet studying you can just write Not Applicable.

      Last point 33
      We are paying our ticket fully so do we tick prepaid transport.
      Hotel booking we have confirmed reservation,not paid yet. Just reservation made through we will pay it at the hotel it says upon Check In.

      We have blocked the dates using our credit card. So do we tick prepaid accommodation. – Yes tick prepaid accommodation. When you go to the embassy you need to include in the documents the your hotel voucher because it is one of the requirements in applying for the Schengen visa.

      – At point 33 we only tick ‘by the applicant himself’, ‘cash’, ‘prepaid accommodation’ then ‘other’ we specified debit card. We did not tick prepaid transport.

  • Gel

    I have some question please help no 31-32
    My boyfriend france citizen and i want to visit his place. Do i need to write his name or his address whithout company.
    Because he has no job..
    Is it also needed a requirement if i am pregnant now frm my boyfriend??
    Thank you

    • Adam

      You can write the name, address of your boyfriend, and contact details. You can put in number 32 “Not Applicable” since he is unemployed.

      I am sorry but I do not have any idea regarding a requirement because you are pregnant.

  • Carol Christine Fagyan

    How much is the total application fees for schengen visa

    • Adam

      The application fee is 60 Euros or approximately around 97 SGD during the time we processed our application.

      • Dilshan

        Hi Matt,

        Thank you for guiding everyone to fill out the Schengen visa application form.

        I just need to know whether it is a requirement to provide past 3 months bank statements along with the application form as I did not see it in the required documents checklist.

        I’m a Sri Lankan citizen currently living in Singapore.

        I’m planing to visit Switzerland only.

        • Matt

          Hi Dilshan,

          Good day to you! If you have not seen the bank statement as a requirement then it is not needed.

          Good luck with your application.

  • Suresh bas

    My sister in swiss..i want to visit I need to fill 31,32 & 33 or is it enough filling 34?

    • Adam

      Hi Suresh, if you want to visit your sister in Switzerland, you need to apply Schengen visa in Embassy of that country. If you are invited by your sister, you need to fill up number 31, 33, and 34. Number 32 is if the inviting party is a company or organization put NOT APPLICABLE since you are just visiting your sister.

  • neriza

    Hello! I hope you can help me with my problem. I’m married to a Swedish man. I’m planning to visit their country this coming August. My problem is I didn’t change my passport status yet. Will this be ok? And My father in law will be the one to support me financially. Will this be a problem?I don’t have proof of income to support my stay.
    Thank you.

    • Adam

      Hi Neriza,

      You can still try to apply for a visa. I think there is no issue if your in laws will be the one to support you. You just need to provide enough documents as proof.

  • Jr

    28. Entry permit for the final country of destination, where applicable
    – If you are living here in Singapore just enter the issuing body of your work permit, dependent pass, long term visit pass. Indicate also its validity.
    – Left this blank if you are a Philippine passport holder and your final destination is the Philippines.

    Hi have difficulty for number 28.
    So Im in canada from Philippines. Im a Permanent Resident now for 10 years. I plan to go to Netherlands. I don’t know what i to put here? Thank You for your help.

    • Matt

      Hi Jr,

      If your final destination is Canada, you can state in number 28 your permanent residency details for Canada.

  • Soam

    Matt, I have a question.
    Im applying for my SCH EU VISA for the first time now.
    My 1st trip is iceland in sept.
    Then Im planning to do norway in dec, italy in feb, germany in april 2019, etc.
    So, basically I will be doing road trips like in every alternate months.

    So, in form, I have selected MULTIPLE ENTRY and only given iceland itineary as thats the one which is first and is planned booked.

    So, its correct, right ?
    When I have selected, multiple entry, they understand the visitor wants to come to EU again and again ?

    I heard, people have got 8 years and even 10 years EU visa.
    So, Im expecting the same, so I dont have to do this damn visa process again and again.

    My USA visa is 10 years and it works excellent.
    I hope EU visa comes for atleast 8 years or so.

    • Matt

      Hi Soam,

      If you will be visiting Iceland first, you need to apply at the Embassy of Iceland in your country since that country is your first point of entry in schengen area. You can indicate in your application “multiple entry” but I think it is still in the discretion of the immigration officer if they will allow you that. Once your Schengen visa is approved, and after visiting Iceland, you can now visit Norway, Italy, and Germany.

      I do not have idea regarding visa validity duration because in our case we were only given 1 year multiple entry visa. On the other hand, I know someone who were given 3 years schengen visa validity.

      Anyway, good luck and enjoy with your tour!

  • Wilma Manaois

    Hi, I’m planning a France-Switzerland-Germany-Italy tour with my family (husband and childres). I do have a sister in Germany where we can stay once we are in Germany. But I will be supporting our entire trip so as not to burden my sister. Our first entry is France.

    1. Do I have to indicate Tourism and Visit to Family as purpose?
    2. What if I will just book a hotel in my stay in Germany as well. Do I still need to indicate my sister’s address?

    • Matt

      Hi Wilma,

      It is up to you if you want to indicate tourism only or tourism and visit family member. I think, since your first point of entry is France and you do not have a relative to visit in the said country it would be better to choose Tourism only.

      I think you do not need to indicate your sister’s name and address in the schengen visa application form. According to questionnaire number 35 (family relationship with an EU, EEA, or CH citizen), you only need to indicate the name of your immediate relative which is your spouse, child, grandchild, and dependent ascendant who are living in the member state.

      You may also check the questionnaire number 31 (surname and first name of the inviting person in the member state), if questionnaire number 31 is not applicable, you need to indicate the name of the hotel where you will stay during your tour. Since in Germany, you opt to book a hotel, then you need to provide its details in the form.

      Again, this is only my opinion but I hope it gives you idea on how to fill up the form. Good luck!!!

  • Edelmen

    Hi! For #33, do I tick “PREPAID ACCOMMODATION” if only a part of the full payment has been paid? requires paying the first night in advance and the rest is to be payed in the property. Thanks!

    • Matt

      Hi Edelmen,

      Yes! We also ticked prepaid accommodation since we stay in a hotel during our tour.

  • Christine Alcalde

    Hi. Im a Filipino. I have two children, Husband is in Malta working as an ofw. We have a friend in Malta who invites us to stay there (him, maltese citizen, being the sponsor).

    Now my question, in number 10, do i write, my name only as parental authority? And will noy include my husband’s since he is in Malta already under work visa?

    We have an affidavit of support and consent from my husband.

  • Liz

    Hi Matt,

    I would like to seek you advice.

    1. For #31, is it okay if I will not mentioned any telefax no.? Since the hostel I reserved doesnt have telefax no.?

    2. For #33, do I need to tick box for “Prepaid accomodation” since I only reserved for a ticket without paying anything?

    3. For #33, do I need to tick box for “Other” if I will declare card from POSB like passion card? I don’t have any card here in Singapore, only 1 card. If I have debit card in Philippines, do I need to declare that? Are they asking any proof for the debit cards?

    Thank you so much.

    • Matt

      Hi Liz,

      This is my answer to your questions.

      1. For #31 – you can just input the telephone numbers of the hotel. No need for the telefax.
      2. For #33 – Yes you should thick prepaid accommodation. Then attached your booking reservation when you submit your visa application. Usually payments are done at the hotel reception so booking reservations are OK.
      3. For #33 – Yes, you can tick “other” then state what card you have. In my case I tick “other” then I indicate “Debit Card”. No need to indicate how many debit cards you have. When you go on tour just bring the Philippine or Singapore based debit cards.

      Good luck!!!

    • Liz

      Thank you so much Matt. You really helped me a lot. Thank you!

  • Michael

    We are also a family of 3 (2 adults and 1 infant who is less than a year old), you mentioned that an application form should be filled up separately per person. Do we need to create an account separately as well or can we just create one account (under my name) then apply three separate applications under my account?

  • aftab

    my cousin is in Spain can i declare him as a relative(family memeber) or declare him as a friend plz guide me …………..

  • Malou

    Question po. My boyfriend is in France and wanted to visit him. Is it still necessary to maintain my bank account balance? how much po atleast i should have for 3 months statement? thnks to advise.

  • Liz

    Hi Matt,

    I would like to seek your advice again.

    I’ve made my application for schengen visa using online application. I answered only which is applicable for me, but when I print it out, I missed some information, which are not mentioned in the list for online application. For example, I missed question no. #33 and I can’t be able to mentioned “NOT APPLICABLE” in online application. Can I write all those blank questionaire by hand or can I just edit online?

    I really need your advice since I’m going to submit my application this coming friday. Thank you so much.

    • Matt

      Based on my opinion only. I think you should edit it online and print it again.

  • Odette Gahuman

    Until when free visa in United Arab Emirates.??

  • Aubrey

    Hi, we’re planning to visit a relative in the netherlands. she and her husband will be our sponsors this coming march. i was wondering if i still need to prepare copies of my grandma’s and my mother’s birthcertificate to prove that we are relatives?

  • Lee

    Hi, Matt! I need your advice.

    I filled out the form online and had scheduled my visa appointment. Unfortunately, the form filled out online cannot be edit/change. I am single but on the form#2 – I mistakenly wrote my surname again. Would it be okay?

    • Matt

      Hi Lee, based on my experience the filled out forms need to be printed and submitted at the embassy. Maybe you can print again the page then just delete your surname on it. At the embassy, explain to the officer about what had happened. For sure they know what to advice to you.

      Or you can cancel that particular application and create a new one. I apologize because I also do not know what to do with it.

  • Edna

    Hi Matt!

    Did you fill out the online application form? I can’t seem to enter “Not Applicable” on it.
    Thank you!

    • Matt

      Hi Edna,

      We download the form in pdf format then filled it out. Afterwards, we print it to submit in the embassy.

  • uday

    Hi Matt,
    I am travelling with my wife and kid, so I understand that we need to fill in three application forms. For question 33, In my application form I can mention ” by the applicant himself”.

    For my kid and wife who would be travelling along with me what should be selected for Question 33 ? Should I select ‘by a sponsor’ ? and select Others under it ? and specify my name and ask them to refer the attached document ?

    Please advice


    • Matt

      Hi Uday,

      For question 33
      For your son, you can tick “by a sponsor” then tick others then specify “parents”

      For your wife you can tick “by the applicant himself/herself” since I suppose you both have joint bank account / card / ATMs. If not you can tick “by a sponsor” then tick others then specify “spouse”

      • uday

        thanks a lot

        • Matt

          Welcome, enjoy your Europe tour for sure the visa of your family will be granted.

          • uday

            >> If not you can tick “by a sponsor” then tick others then specify “spouse”

            Once we tick “by a sponsor” and then tick others and specify “spouse”

            what should be the options we need to select for “Means of support”, since sponsor ie spouse is going to takecare of expenses should it be “All expenses covered during the stay” ?

          • Matt

            Yes, correct!

  • uday

    What should be the entries for question 33 for my kid and wife who would be travelling along with me and if I am sponsoring the entire travel ?

  • Jonna

    Hi I have some questions :)

    First is should all my details needs to be capitalized? Or all except the #1 & 3 fields?

    I’ll be visiting my boyfriend in Poland, should I tick Visiting Family or Friends instead?

    Since my boyfriend is the one who invited me to Poland, I just want to make sure if it should be his name, address and telephone # I should write/provide.

    He’ll be paying for my roundtrip ticket and will be providing me accommodation (I’m sure he will insist to shoulder my other expenses as well like food and transit) but let’s say that I will be paying for all the expenses during my stay in Poland minus the ticket and accommodation. Should I tick both?

    And if yes, I should be ticking these:

    by the applicant himself/herself field:
    Cash $ Others (debit card) since I’ll be using my debit card :)

    by a sponsor field:
    accommodation provided

    and should I tick the (referred to in field 31 and 32) as well? or should I laso provide something like my boyfriend’s name on the blank?

    #34 & 35
    It should be NOT APPLICABLE for me as well right? Since I have no family living in Poland.

    Sorry if I have a lot of questions, I just really want to make sure that I’m filling the form the right way.

    Hoping you’ll read this message, I badly needed it Haha

    Thank you in advance!!!

    • Matt

      For #21 – Yes
      #31 – Yes, input the name of your boyfriend, address, and telephone numbers
      #33 – Yes, tick the by the applicant himself then input debit / credit card.
      Regarding roundtrip ticket, I think it is just internal arrangement between you and BF whether he will be the one to pay for it.

      #34 and #35 – Yes correct

      You can check my sample filled out schengen visa application form in the post.

  • Rach

    Hi. When you submitted your application, did you include ALL your train/plane tickets (inter-Europe) or just the plane ticket from SG and back?

    • Matt

      I just include the plane ticket reservations which you can get when you talk to a customer service representative of the airline company. I haven’t purchase the plane ticket yet prior to submitting my application in the embassy. Since there is no assurance that my visa will be granted.

  • Rachel

    #3 I did not include my middle name on the application form but when I booked my online appt., I accidentally put my middle name on the “First name/s” line. Will there be any issue on this?

  • Nitu

    Hi Matt,
    Me And my husband have appointments for Italy consulate from Mumbai india this we both working and have all hotels and tickets and internal transfers booked in column 33 should we tick self and prepaid accommodation and prepaid transfer along with debit card or only prepaid accommodation.
    Also our agent is telling us to write in cover letter as expense being borne by both of us as we are traveling together so even in column 33 should we fill both self as well as sponsor as spouse or no.and also do we have to attach each other financial documents also
    Need help plz sorry for long post but quite confused

    • Matt

      Hi Nitu,

      Yes, you can tick in number 33 the “the prepaid accommodation” and “prepaid transfer” and other (please specify) “debit card”

      Based on my experience, when you submit the form in the embassy you should also attached financial documents of both of you.

  • Nitu

    Hi there
    Me and my husband are applying through italy for Schengen visa this week in india.since we both are working I had some doubts about column 33
    How much funds is sufficient in savings account and do they consider additional funds also
    We have been asked to tick both self and sponsored by spouse in column 33 and also in cover letter to mention all expenses will be borne by us jointly.
    But am confused do I just tick
    Self and cash card prepaid accommodation and prepaid transfer or also sponsored and all expenses paid.
    We have all our tickets internal transfers and hotels booked.
    Also I’m married but haven’t changed my name on any column 2 I leave blank or write my surname again.

  • Anjali Kundu

    Hi Matt,

    I shall be travelling to 3 countries Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. I will be spending 2 nights in Czech Republic followed by 7 nights in Austria then 7 nights in Germany.

    I am confused regarding which country to apply for visa. As I have equal nights in Austria and Germany and the first point of entry is Czech Republic where I shall spend only 2 nights.

    Please guide me! Thanks in advance.

    • Matt

      Hi, I am also confused. I think you should inquire directly to Czech Republic embassy so they can advice you which country to apply for the schengen visa.

  • Sheen

    Hi, i’m planning to travel to Spain, Morocco, Portugal. Can i apply for multiple entry visa since Morocco is a non Schengen country. my direct flight will be Manila-Barcelona- Manila and planning to go to Spain-Morocco-Portugal-Spain route. thanks

    • Matt

      Yes, you can apply for Schengen Visa and Morocco visa.


    thank you so much some idea how to appy a schengen visa

  • Lizzy

    Matt – Thanks for this post. Very helpful! It sure helped me in my visa form application.
    I have a question. I have flight and hotel reservation I ordered through an agency ( So I did not purchase the actual flight and hotels. But this agency said they used confirmed booking codes. Would you consider this “prepaid accommodation” and ” transport costs prepaid” as means of substinence? Should I ticked these off?

    Thank you very much!

    • Matt

      Hi Lizzy,

      I want to apologize, but I am not familiar regarding how that website work. Because I made my own hotel booking online that can be cancelled without any charges. Also I talk to airline company customer service if they can send me a flight itinerary based on my travel plan and they gladly agreed for free. Anyway, at that time if my Schengen visa will be approved I will really book a flight with them.

  • claire

    Hi,I would like to ask in application form no.33 should I fill up and thick in addition cost of travel by myself ,even My sponsor will be cover all the expenses during my travel?

  • Dhang


    My czech bf will be my inviting person to visit Czech Republic. What should I put from the fiel d 34 and 35? Is says family relationship. What should i put?

    • Matt

      Hi Dhang,

      In my opinion, you cannot put your BF as family member.

  • kim suzaki

    Hello, How much money should we put in our bank statement?

    • Matt

      I wish I can tell you but it really depends on the applicant. If you will be traveling alone then maybe your bank account should have enough funds based on the number of days you will stay in schengen country.

  • Liza b.

    Hi Matt
    Question no. 1 – In nos. 34 & 35, it says family members, does it includes cousin? If yes do I have fill up nos. 34 & 35 and write cousin in family relationship.
    Question no. 2 – In nos. 33 by sponsor means of support – what does it mean by prepaid transport?
    Thank you ..

    • Matt

      For question no 1. It is your immediate family member if you are married, your husband and child. If you are single, your parents and siblings. Cousin is not included.
      For question no 2. I did not tick prepaid transport. I also do not know what it means. Sorry.

  • Jay

    Question 34 & 35. Please it says family members. The host who invited me is my brother. Do i have to write Brother as a family relationship and fill his particulars?
    Thank you.

    • Matt

      Hi Jay, Yes, you should.

  • gigi

    did you have to submit a cover letter? and did you already book your hotels prior to your appointment date?

    • Matt

      Hi Gigi,

      I did not submit any cover letter when I applied for Schengen visa in France embassy. It is not a requirement.
      Yes, I already book a hotel prior to the visa application. You can go to booking dot com, for all your hotel bookings. Anyway, the booking can be canceled when your visa application is disapproved.

      Good luck with your application.

  • Olivia

    Pls I want to know if u are been invited by a religious organisation on a tourist visit, where they will take care of your accommodation, medicals, feeding and all that. Do you need travel insurance . Again on no. 33 what will you fill as a means of support going by the fact that I be the one to book a flight for myself.

    • Matt

      Hi Olivia,

      Travel insurance is a must as it is a requirement when applying for a Schengen visa.

      For no. 33
      I check the “By the Applicant himself/ herself. Then for the means of support I check cash, prepaid accommodation, and credit or debit card.

  • Fahad Khan

    I would like to know, do i need to fill a separate visa application forms for my kids?

    • Matt

      Hi Fahad Khan,

      Yes, you need to fill up a separate schengen visa application form for your kid.

  • Hon

    Good day,

    Me and my boyfriend, who is a British citizen are going to have a vacation in Spain to visit his son, who is a minor. My boyfriend is going to sponsor all our expenses although i have my financial documents to provide since I am also working. Question about No.33 should i put my boyfriend’s name as the one who will cover my expenses or better own expense?

    • Matt

      I think it is better to put your own name on it. Because technically you guys are not yet related. When comes to who is shouldering the expenses, you both can do an internal arrangement for it.

      • Meme

        Same case. Or should we tick both expenses by herself and by sponsor under others then indicate the name address and contact of the boyfriend. Then will attach his letter mentioning that expenses will be borne by us jointly. Also will Include his financial statement in our documents.
        What do you think po? Is it a red flag having a non formalized relationship sponsor like boyfriend or girlfriend? Thank you so much.

        • Matt

          Hi Meme,

          I suggest that you only tick the expenses to be shouldered “by herself” then make an internal arrangement na lang with your boyfriend about how you both will divide the expenses.

  • franz

    hi,and plan to go to singapore and visit my sister in law in paris,il just want to know if they really need a bank statement?and how much does it really need for possible approval to have a visa?and if i indicate my inlaw as :sponsor” that she also need to provide requirements?thank you so much..looking forward for your reply?

    • Matt

      Hi Franz, you can indicate on the form how you will finance yourself when you are in France. You can also indicate on the form the name of your sponsor, contact details, and address. Good Luck!

  • RD

    Hi Matt!

    Thank you for the very informative blogpost!
    I have a question though, since you had a couple of hotels and stated it on 31.
    The address and email address portion, you have indicated “please see attached sheet for complete details.” Did you just type on a word document and just attached it as the last page of the application form?
    Thank you and will be waiting for your response!

    • Matt

      Hi RD,

      Yes, since there is not enough space provided in question 31.

  • Jane


    Im planning to go for Europe trip next year, my entry and exit would be in Prague since my friend is there living with her Czech husband and Im staying in there house for couple of days before/after my Eu Rail. Do I need to tick either Tourism and Visiting Family/Friends or both in question 21? since the accommodation in Prague is at my friends place not in the hotel

    Thank you

    • Matt

      Hi Jane, you can tick both since that is what you are planning to do. Good luck!

  • Una

    Hi just inquiring on the last question #37,

    Do i, as the applicant sign as it says, (for minors, signature of parental/legal guardian) ?

    • Matt

      Hi Una,

      Yes, you need to sign there for your minor companion. Good luck with your application!

  • Chi

    Hi Matt,

    Can we have a group/family appointment? We are a family of 6. Thank you in advance!

    • Matt

      For schengen visa application? Based on my experience, YES!

  • Jem

    Hi, in the first member state of entry, which is France in my case, is it okay when it is left blank when i view my draft online application?

    It is always left blank in that field but when i go back and check my saved online applucation, it is written France.

    Thank you.

  • Smoochie Opoku

    Please I’m a minor traveling alone to Germany with full authorization from my parents. I want to know all the necessary details I need so I can get my visa

  • Presley

    I have a child but I’m not married.. Will I have to put single

  • Ravindra

    Should I leave the section blank or should I input “NOT APPLICABLE” if I am not filling that are not applicable to me? Does that make any difference?

  • Dhana

    Hi Matt , please let me know “what are the documents needed to submit and what order with passport+ application”. Iam doing aggriculture, is anything else to make strong my visa.could u pls reply me and thank you so much.waiting for ur kind reply.thanks.

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