Here’s How to Fill Out a Schengen Visa Application form

Schengen Visa Application form is a 3-page document that Schengen Visa Applicants have to fill out typewritten as part of the requirements for tourist visa application to Schengen Countries.

Here is how to fill up the Schengen Visa application form to guide the applicants and fellow Filipinos to fill it out correctly and become one step closer to their dream of traveling to France, Italy, The Netherlands, and other Schengen Countries.

Filling out the Schengen Visa application form is one of the crucial things that foreign applicants and Philippine passport holders need to perform to be granted a Schengen Visa to enter the borders of Schengen Countries in Europe.

schengen visa grant sampleIt was our first time to apply for Schengen Visa. We are a family of three with two adults and an 11-year-old boy (at the time of application). Based on the requirements and instructions, each of us needs to fill up a form. Since our son is a minor, we the parents filled it out for him.

We also attached on each of the forms recent photographs that clearly show our face, forehead hairline, and ears. Based on the details I’ve inputted in the forms, the French Embassy granted us a type C with a 1-year validity multi-entry Schengen visa.

Before the Schengen Visa application, we planned to travel to 3 countries particularly Paris, France, Zurich Switzerland, and Amsterdam Netherlands which are part of the Schengen Countries in Europe. We stayed 5 nights in France, 5 nights in Switzerland, and 3 nights in the Netherlands.

We applied for a Schengen Visa at the Embassy of France because it is our first port of entry and our main destination since we stayed there for 5 nights which is equal to our number of nights in Switzerland, our second destination country.

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How to Fill Up a Schengen Visa Application Form (with Pictures)

There is a total of 37 questionnaires in a 3-page form. You need to answer and fill them up as accurately and honestly as possible. You can fill in the form by hand or just edit its PDF version with your laptop or desktop computer.

1. Surname (family name)

  • enter your surname

2. Surname at birth (former family names)

  • enter here your maiden name if you are married female. If still single, just leave this portion blank

3. First name(s) Given names

  • enter your first names here, do not include your middle initial/name.

4. Date of birth (day-month-year)

  • enter your birthdate in numbered form. Example: 15-11-1981

5. Place of birth

  • Enter your birth place. Example: Manila

6. Country of birth

  • Indicate your birth country. Example: Philippines

7. Current nationality, Nationality at birth, if different

  • Indicate here your nationality. Example: Filipino

8. Gender

  • Put a check (tick) whichever is appropriate to you. Example: Male

9. Marital Status

  • Tick which status is appropriate to you. Example: Married

10. In the case of minors; Surname, first name, address (if different from applicant’s) and nationality of parental authority / legal guardian

  • I put here “NOT APPLICABLE” since I am not a minor

11. National identity number, where applicable

  • I put here “NOT APPLICABLE” since this is not applicable for Philippine passport holders because we do not have National ID system yet (at the time of writing)

12. Type of travel document

  • Tick which one is applicable to you. In our case, the three of us tick “ORDINARY PASSPORT”

13. Number of travel document

  • Enter here your Philippine passport number which is indicated in your passport

14. Date of issue

  • enter the date of issue which is indicated in your passport. Example: 27-07-2017

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15. Valid until

  • Enter here your passport validity date. Example: 26-07-2027

16. Issued by

  • Enter here the location where your passport was issued. For example, if it was issued in Dubai then input the Philippine Embassy in Dubai or “PE Dubai.” The details are in your passport. Just copy it.

17. Applicant’s home address and e-mail address

  • I entered here our home and e-mail address. If you think the space is not enough, you can include an additional A4 paper where your complete details are indicated.
  • Enter also your telephone number including the country code. Example: (+65) 1234567

18. Residence in a country other than the country of current nationality

  • If you are working and living abroad tick “YES” and enter what is being asked like NRIC and its validity.
  • Leave this blank if you are currently staying in the Philippines

19. Current occupation

  • Enter here the name of your occupation. If you are unemployed just indicate “NO OCCUPATION”
  • If employed enter here the name of your occupation

20. Employer and employer’s address and telephone number. For students, name and address of educational establishment.

  • If you are unemployed just indicate “NOT APPLICABLE.” If you are employed or studying just input the name and address of your company or school.

21. Main purpose of the journey

  • I tick tourism. Tick which ever is applicable to you like visiting a family or friends.
how to fill out schengen visa application form photo page 1

22. Member States of Destination

  • Enter here the Schengen countries you want to visit. In our case we input France, Switzerland, and Netherlands.

23. Member state of first entry

  • Enter here the first country to visit. Since first port of entry is France, we indicate France

24. Number of entries requested

  • Tick the number of entries of your choice. In our case and also based on our itinerary we only tick “SINGLE ENTRY”

25. Duration of the intended stay or transit. Indicate the number of days

  • Enter here the number of days that you planned to stay in the Schengen Area. Example: 14

26. Schengen Visas issued during the past three years

  • Tick “NO” if this is the first time you apply for Schengen Visa

27. Fingerprints collected previously for the purpose of applying for a Schengen Visa

  • Tick “NO” if it is your first time applying for the Visa

28. Entry permit for the final country of destination, where applicable

  • Just enter the issuing body of your work permit, dependent pass, long term visit pass. Indicate also its validity.
  • Left this blank if you are a Philippine passport holder and your final destination is the Philippines.

29. Intended date of arrival in the Schengen area

  • Indicate here your arrival date in DAY-MONTH-YEAR format. Example: 01-12-2017

30. Intended date of departure from the Schengen Area

  • Indicate here your departure date in DAY-MONTH-YEAR format. Example: 14-12-2017

31. Surname and first name of the inviting persons in the Member States. If not applicable, name of hotels or temporary accommodations in the Member States.

  • Indicate here the name of the hotel where you will be staying during your travel in Schengen areas.
  • Since we will be staying in 3 different hotels during our stay in France, Switzerland, and Netherlands, we indicated here names of the 3 hotels.
  • Address and e-mail address of inviting persons / hotels / temporary accommodations
    Enter here the address of the hotel where you will be staying
  • Since we will be staying in 3 different hotels we entered here the three addresses of our hotels. The given space in the form is obviously not enough so we included an additional sheet of paper and inputted there the addresses.
  • Telephone and telefax
    – Enter here the telephone numbers of the hotels where you planned to stay. Include the country code. You can get it on each hotel’s website.

32. Name and address of inviting company / organization

  • Enter the name of the inviting company. If there is none, just enter “NOT APPLICABLE”
  • Telephone and telefas of company/ organization
  • Enter the telephone number. If there is none, just enter “NOT APPLICABLE”
  • Surname, first name, address, telephone, telefas, and email address of contact person in company / organization
  • Enter the details here, if none, just enter “NOT APPLICABLE”

33. Cost of traveling and living during the applicant’s stay is covered

  • Tick which ever is applicable to you
  • In our case we tick “by the applicant himself/herself
  • Means of support
  • Prepaid accommodation since we already paid for our hotel
how to fill out schengen visa application form photo page 2

34. Personal date of the family member who is an EU, EEA or CH citizen

  • Enter here the names of your relatives who are a citizen of EU EEA or CH. If there is none just enter “NOT APPLICABLE” in the surname and “NOT APPLICABLE” in the First names
  • Date of birth
    – Enter “NOT APPLICABLE”
  • Nationality
    – Enter “NOT APPLICABLE”
  • Number of travel document or ID card
    – Enter “NOT APPLICABLE”

35. Family relationship with an EU, EEA or CH citizen

  • Enter here your family relationship to an EU, EEA or CH citizen. If none just enter “NOT APPLICABLE”

36. Place and date

  • Enter here the place and date where you complete the Schenge Visa application form

37. Signature (for minors, signature of parental authority/legal guardian.

  • Affix your signature

After questionnaire 37, read and understand the remaining notes and tick the small box on its right.

At the last part of the form, you will again be asked to enter the place and date where you complete the form, and you also need to again affix your signature.

schengen visa application form page threeFor the complete details, please check the photos of the filled-up Schengen Visa application form we submitted to the Embassy of France. I just altered some details to maintain our privacy.

Schengen Visa Application Fee and Processing Time

The visa application fee is around 60 Euros which can be paid in your currency. I remember it is around $71 per adult during our application. Kids have a different rate, I think it is around $44. The payment will be collected by the officer at the window counter where you will submit your application.

Based on our experience the processing time is less than 1 week, to be exact it was only 4 working days. We submitted our documents in the Embassy of France on the 6th day of the month which at that time was Friday, then we were asked to collect it on the 12th day which is Thursday.

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