4 Easy Ways to Get Your Philhealth ID Number Fast

If you want to get philhealth ID number or you want to know the contact details of the nearest philhealth office in your area then this post will help answer your queries.

These are just four (4) of the practical ways that I know to retrieve your old membership number or acquire a new one. You can also check here the list of requirements for new members application, and the two types of ID Card.

4 Easy Ways on How to get your Philhealth ID Number

1. Get Philhealth Number from Previous Employer

Assuming you have worked in private and/or government companies, when it comes to getting your philhealth number (especially if you have forgotten it), the easiest way is to inquire directly to your previous employer by simply going back or calling their office and ask the human resource personnel who handle these types of concern.

Let’s just hope that they still have your records. Now, for whatever reasons, you don’t want to seek help from your previous employer, you can inquire directly to local philhealth office near you, or go to the main office.
philhealth number onlineIts Head office is located at Citystate Centre, 709 Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City 1603, Philippines. Before going to their office I suggest that you inquire first to their call center hotline (02) 441-7442 or send an email via actioncenter(at)philhealth.gov.ph.

It will help you save time, money, and effort. The other option is go to the nearest satellite office. For those who do not know the official website of Philhealth is www.philhealth.gov.ph. Check their contact details below:philhealth number telephone

2. How to get Philhealth Number thru Text (not working anymore)

Aside from mentioned, you can also get your ID Number thru text philhealth, though as of the moment this system is available only for smart subscribers. To know your PhilHealth ID Number, using your mobile phone type the following:

  • PHICPINLast Name,First Name Birthdate using the format (mmddyyyy) and send to 2960
  • Example: PHIC PIN Cordero,Rommel 06201974
  • For philhealth members having extension name (Jr., Sr., III, etc.), typePHICPINLast Name,First Name, ExtensionNameBDAY(mmddyyyy) and send to 2960
  • Example: PHIC PIN CORDERO,ROMMEL,SR 06201974

To know more about your philhealth number and other concerns such as Lost ID, claim status, qualified dependents please take a look at the picture below:philhealth number thru text

3. First Time Philhealth Number and ID Application by Walk-in

The first two mentioned are for those who already have existing number. What about those who haven’t got one? You can just walk-in to any philhealth branches near your location. It is advisable to prepare two valid IDs for verification purposes. Fill up 2 copies of Philhealth member registration form, then submit it together with other requirements.

Philhealth will give you your ID card and a copy of your data record. Afterward, pay the needed contribution premiums. Individually paying members can pay the contribution of P600 quarterly, semi-annually of P1200. If you want to pay for the whole year you have to shell out P2400.

OFWs can also become a principal Philhealth member for their dependents in the Philippines. They just have to submit the filled-out member registration form with the required documents to the nearest branch.

4. Become a Philhealth Member thru Online Registration

Becoming a member can now be done via online registration. Self-employed, employed, OFWs, and retirees from private and government sectors can become a member without going to PhilHealth branch -They can do it electronically. Go to https://eregister.philhealth.gov.ph/.

philhealth number registration online

Supply the needed personal information, contact details, address, dependents information, guardian information, membership category information. Aspiring members can also upload the scanned copy of needed documents. File should be not more than 2MB.

You can use this Philhealth online registration system if you are an employed members, Retired members from private and government sector, self-employed / voluntary, and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

PhilHealth Member Registration and ID Card Requirements

Prior to visiting any Local Health Insurance Offices (LHIO) or Philhealth Express branch, you need to prepare the following requirements:

  • 1 x 1 latest ID pictures (2pcs colored)
  • 2 copies of accomplished Philhealth Member Registration Form
  • 2 Valid ID’s for Proof of Identity or NSO birth certificate

There are Two Types of Philhealth ID Card

Regular Paper Type

The regular type can be acquired free of charge at the local health insurance offices, this type can be used to verify your information quickly by the Philhealth officer designated in the hospital. This type, however, is not accepted as valid ID by private institutions like banks. See the sample below:

philhealth regular id card paper type

Digitized Type

The digitized type (PVC type) is issued in formal economy and informal sector. This ID is not mandatory, but you can avail of it. This type is a valid government-issued identification card that is accepted by all institutions for verification of the holder’s identity. Sample of PVC type Philhealth ID card below:

pvc type philhealth id card sample

*Hope this can ease your burden in getting back your philhealth number. Just a reminder that this blog is not in any way related to this government office. The admin of this blog is also like you who sometimes forget the philhealth ID number and have to visit their respective offices to get it. For your own safety, don’t leave any comments that includes your complete name, personal details such as mobile number, ID number.

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