How to Get PSA Birth Certificate Online in 5 Easy Steps

Do you need a copy of your PSA birth certificate, NSO marriage certificate, or CENOMAR? You can request these certificates online at PSA Serbilis and they will deliver them to your house via an accredited courier service. It is more convenient on your part than walk-in.

In this post, I will share with you the steps on how to get your psa birth certificate and have them shipped to your chosen address. The steps are basically the same when you want to get a marriage certificate, CENOMAR, and other documents that PSA or NSO provide.

You can pay for it via online banking, credit card, and through Bayad centers too. OFWs can also request the document even when they are abroad. PSA will deliver it to their overseas address.

Birth certificate and marriage certificate is probably one of the most requested documents whenever you need to make transactions from government and private institution.

The reason is it’s the main document for them to determine your identity, proof of your age, nationality, and even your parent’s information.

Allow me to elaborate. From the time our parents apply for our baptism, birth certificate is a requirement.

Before we can enroll to preschool, elementary, or college, the respective schools will also asks for it. For our identity and also to know our age group. Simply because for example, if we are only 5 years old, the school will not allow us to attend grade 1 and so on. Or have to take an acceleration exam.

After we finished studying in university. Assuming we completed a regulated profession such as Engineering, teacher, and accountancy. PRC requires us to provide the original and photocopy of our birth certificate before we can register for a licensure examination.

The list goes on from student permit for driver’s license, passport application so we can travel overseas, and any sorts of government ID acquisition.

Now, when we are about to get married, one of the civil wedding ceremony requirements is PSA birth certificate.

When we need to open a bank account some institution requires us to provide the said document, that is if you do not have other valid identification cards.

On the other side, the marriage certificate is almost of equal importance. Especially, for married Filipino females, who will carry the surname of their husband. It will become complicated for married females to prove the matter if they do not have a certificate.

Whenever they need to make a transaction that will require proof of their identity. It can be for opening a business, updating their status from single to married in the professional regulation commission, and acquiring identification cards from various agencies.

There are manpower agencies that require applicants to provide a birth certificate and marriage certificate. This is before they are lined up for an interview to their employers.

If you happen to run out of copies of these documents which I think is normal hahaha. You can get a copy of your marriage certificate and birth certificate through the Philippine Statistics Office (PSA) or NSO online. You have the option to do the walk-in application or deliver the documents to your house.

Personally, if you have an extra budget it is better to choose the delivery option than you going to NSO office to collect the birth certificate or your marriage certificate personally.

Why? Because you may incur additional costs such as transportation, food, and if you are employed you need to file a leave of absence. And how about traffic? The latter is costlier than have your docs delivered to your home.

How to Request for PSA Birth Certificate Online

These are the 5 simplest steps to request for your birth certificate and have it delivered to your house. So basically, if you have a bank account, you can choose to pay it online. You do not need to leave your house. Alternatively, is to visit a BAYAD center. These steps are the same if you will get a marriage certificate and CENOMAR.

Step 1: Go to to request for birth, CENOMAR, and marriage certificate

You can browse the website to get familiar with its feature. Or you can proceed straight to getting your PSA documents.

Hover your mouse to the Request tab or Request Now Link.

There are two options to request for your documents. The first is to hover your mouse to “Request” tab and then select “online application” in the drop-down menu. The second option is going to “Request Now” link. Either will lead to you the “Terms and Conditions.” You can read in the T&C that covers the payment amount, refund and cancellation, and order fulfillment policy of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

Afterward, go to “I Accept.”

how to get psa birth certificate online steps

Step 2: Fill Up the Contact and Delivery Information

In this part, you need to fill out the requester’s name, delivery address complete with zip code, contact details, and email address. You can also input your tax identification number but this is just optional.

There is also an option to have your documents delivered at the different embassy in Manila. Such as the Australian Embassy, Consulate General of Spain, US Embassy, and UKVI Embassy. Afterward, proceed to “Next.”


Step 3: Request for the PSA Documents

This is the part where you need to select the documents you want to request to NSO. There are 4 available documents. These are Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate, and Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR).

Each of the documents will require you to provide different information. For example, if you will request for a marriage certificate, PSA will request information about the name of your spouse, maiden name of wife, date and place of marriage, registration date, and your purpose why you request the document. I suggest that you to know these details beforehand to avoid delays.

Once you are done filling out the details, confirm the information. Proceed now to submit your request.


Step 4: Proceed with Payment of Your Certificates

Fortunately, PSA has so many available payment options for you. You can pay using your credit card, BDO branches via over-the-counter, BDO online banking, and ATM.

Union bank account holders can pay online and over the counter. Assuming you do not have any bank account, you can go to Bayad Centers are near your location to pay for your request.


To pay for your requested documents, you need to provide the batch request number. If you choose to pay for multiple documents at the same time.

If you choose to pay only one document request, then provide the specific reference number on the given space.

Continue with the different payment processes with respect to your bank. The above photo is an example of a complete payment transaction.

Step 5: Receive your PSA / NSO Certificates via Delivery

If you, your parents, spouse, direct descendant, legal guardian (for minor) will be the one that will receive your document, you can just present your valid ID for verification.

Otherwise, if it will be received by an authorized person. The latter needs to provide your signed authorization letter, your valid ID that shows your photo and signature. Your representative also needs to provide his /her valid ID with a photo and signature.

Based on my experience, PSA Serbilis delivered the documents in less than a week after I complete the payment. I do not know why it is fast but I am satisfied with it.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is the Application Fee

The Birth, Marriage, Death certificates fees are Php 330.00
For CENOMAR the fee is Php 430.00

For overseas destinations, the fee for a Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, and Death Certificate is Php USD 20.30 per copy or equivalent to roughly Php 976.65.

CENOMAR document is USD 25.30 or around Php 1217.00

You can pay for the processing of your documents via major credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD), BDO Online banking, Banco De Oro ATM, and different branches.

Another payment option is via UninBank online banking, ATM, and branches. If you do not have a bank account, then proceed to Bayad centers to pay for your requested certificates.

When is the Delivery of the Document?

According to the PSA Serbilis website, for Luzon and Metro Manila Residents, the estimated delivery time for Birth, Marriage, and Death certificates is 3 weeks after completing the payment.

For residents in Visayas and Mindanao, the estimated delivery of the documents like CENOMAR is 4 weeks after the payment.

There is no estimated time for overseas delivery destinations.

No Refund and No Cancellation Policy

Make sure that you are decided to request the documents and the information that you input is correct. Otherwise, cancellation and refund are not allowed once you are done with the payment.

Sample Authorization Letter for NSO / PSA Document

In case you do not have an idea about what to include in the authorization letter, you can take a look at this photo. This is my sample authorization letter that allows my representative to collect the PSA document, Birth certificate, and Marriage certificate on your behalf.

Current Date

To Whom It May Concern;

Good day.

I authorized Mr/Ms (name of authorized persons), my (state relation to the person), residing at home address, to collect the following birth certificates and marriage certificate that I requested via PSA Serbilis (online) service:

Marriage certificate of (you name and your spouse’s name)
Birth certificate of (name of person)
CENOMAR of (name of person)

For I wouldn’t be able to collect it personally as I am currently living in (location / country) with my family. I also provided a scanned copy of valid IDs and certificates for reference.

Thank you very much.

Respectfully Yours,
(your signature here)
Your complete name here

There you have it! I hope this post will be able to help you in getting your PSA birth certificates, Marriage certificate, and other documents that NSO provides.

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