What is an SSS E4 Form and How to Obtain it Online

SSS E4 Form, also called Member Data Change Request Form, is a document you must fill out and submit to the Social Security System to amend membership information. You have to fill out an E4 Form and submit it with the Original or Certified True Copy of your supporting documents to the SSS branch near you.

Using the E4 Form, you can add new Beneficiaries or remove dependents on your SSS records. You can also use the Form to process complex corrections about your name, gender, and date of birth, and change your Civil Status such as from single to married.

There are two ways to get a copy of the SSS E4 Form. You can either visit any SSS branch to get a copy or you can download a PDF copy online on the SSS website. Afterward, you have the option to print it by yourself on letter-size paper.

It would only take you 3 minutes to get a PDF copy of the form online. If you choose the latter then here is what you need to do.

3 Steps to Get a copy of the SSS E4 Form Online

Step 1: Visit the SSS.gov.ph Website and go to forms

The forms link is located at the bottom/footer part of the page. The link is represented by a dark blue “down arrow” icon and it is next to the “whistleblowing portal.” Go to that link to view the different documents that you can download online.

get sss forms online

Step 2: Go to Members Data Change Request Link and Download the E4 Form

You can get the E4 form in the “Member’s Data Change Request” link. It is under the “Member Forms” column. sss members data change request form

Step 3: Save a copy and print the SSS E4 Form

In this part, you have the option to print it directly from the sss website or you can also save a pdf version on your computer.
how to print sss e4 form onlineTo print, go to the “Printer” icon on the upper right-hand side of your browser. Print it in 8.5 x 13 inches long bond paper or 8.5 x 11 inches short bond paper. On the other hand, go to the “Folder with down arrow icon” to save a pdf copy.

Here is a sample of the E4 form that you can get online when you follow the steps that I included in this post.
sss e4 form sample copy

How to Fill Out the SSS E4 Form

The SSS E4 form is divided into 2 parts. Part 1 has 3 sections namely A. Personal Data, B. Data Change/Correction/Updating, and C. Certification. The SSS member has to fill up these sections. Meanwhile, Part 2 has only 1 section which will be filled out by the SSS staff.

Fill out 2 copies of the E4 form by writing in all capital letters using a black ink ballpen. Here is how to fill up Part 1 of the E4 form:

A. Personal Data

This section is about the personal information of the member such as their complete name, address, and contact information. These are the information that you have to write here:

  • SS Number
  • Common Reference Number (if available)
  • Date of Birth – in MMDDYYYY format
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Name – input your Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Suffix
  • Address – input your house number, street name, barangay, city and province
  • Zip Code – input the 4-digit zip code number here

B. Data Change / Correction / Updating

Here are the membership details that you can change in SSS using the E4 form. Tick the box next to the information that you want to change, correct, or update. Afterward, write under the “From” column the information that you want to alter. Then write the new information under the “To” column.

  • 1. Change of Membership type

For example, from Employed to Non-Working Spouse. Or from OFW to Self-Employed.

  • 2. Correction of Name

In this portion, you can change your Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, and Prefix. You can also use this portion to correct simple spelling errors such as changing letters, deleting or adding spaces, and special characters.

  • 3. Correction of Date of Birth

Use this portion to change the month, date, or year of your birth date.

  • 4. Gender Data Correction

Use this portion if you need to correct the gender registered with SSS. For example, from Male to Female or vice versa.

  • 5. Change of Civil Status

Use this portion if you need to change your civil status such as from married to single, married to widowed, married to legally separated, or from married to single again.

  • 6. Updating of Contact Information

This portion will allow you to change your address, telephone number, email address, and your mobile number.

  • 7. Updating of Bank Information

Use this section if you wish to change your bank name, branch, and account number for the purpose of availing your benefits, loans, and PESO Fund.

  • 8. Updating of Member Record Status (from temporary to permanent membership)

In this portion, you also need to indicate the documents that you have submitted to update your member status.

  • 9. Updating of Dependents / Beneficiaries

Input the name of your dependents/beneficiaries, their relationship to you, and their date of birth. Tick the box if you want to add new dependents/beneficiaries or delete the old ones.

C. Certification

This section is where you affix your signature to certify that the information you include in your SSS E4 form is true and correct. You also have to type in this section your ss number, your printed name, your signature, and the date you sign the document.

If you are not capable of affixing your signature, you may opt to affix your fingerprint (right thumb and right index).

How to Request a copy of your Lost E4 form via Online in SSS

Note: This service is no longer working

Step 1: Login to Member Portal in SSS

Visit the SSS website and input your login details in the given space.

Step 2: Go to the E-Service tab then to Request Records Link

In the navigation bar, mouse over to the E-Services tab for the dropdown menu to show up. In the latter, go to the “Request Records” link. Doing so will redirect you to the list of documents that you can request to SSS via online. Tick the box for “Member’s Data Amendment Form (E-4) then hit the Submit button.

Step 3: SSS will send to your email a system-generated notification

The email simply informs you that you have successfully submitted your request for your records. The email also contains your membership details and transaction details.

Step 4: Receive an email containing a copy of your E4 form from SSS

After a few days, SSS will send you another email. This time it comes with an attachment which is the scanned copy of your E4 form. Save a copy to your PC or print it and save it to your files at home.

How to get an SSS E1 Form?

You can get an SSS E1 Form on the official website of SSS at www.sss.gov.ph. At the homepage, go to the “Forms” link, which will lead you to the SSS Downloadable Forms. Then in the choices, select the “Personal Data Record” Form.

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