How to get to Accenture Boni Avenue

Congratulations!!! You should be looking for this place for so many reasons but I think one of it is that the human resource officer of Accenture got interested with your resume  because you graduated from the Top Universities in the Philippines, or have work experience and mad skills that would benefit to their company. Anyway, best of luck to you :-).

To get to Accenture in Cybergate Center, if you will be coming from monumento it is much easier if you take LRT1 then get off at EDSA station. Ride MRT going to SM North then alight at Boni Avenue station.

You can also ride bus from EDSA going to alabang then tell the conductor of the bus to drop you off at Boni Avenue station of MRT.

From the boni avenue station you would be able to see Robinsons CyberGate building with the Accenture name on it which would serve as your landmark. Actually from there you can ask tricycle drivers in front of the Robinsons forum for the direction.

If you’ll be coming from Alabang you can ride any bus going to SM North or EDSA Cubao then inform the bus conductor to drop you at Boni Ave MRT Station.

Accenture normally conducted their first interview at the Robinsons Forum office that is located at the third floor of the Robinsons forum mall near Cinemas. Then their second interview is at the Robinson Cybergate building. Below is the picture of the building of what I am talking about. I hope this would help those who are asking of getting to Accenture in Boni.

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  • Crayons to Perfume

    Accenture is a good company, I’ve worked for Accenture in Teletech before. Sitel is in the same building as Accenture in Pioneer.

    Robinsons is where Victory church is too.

    • matt

      I see, I’m not familiar with victory church. :-)

  • DobolDawnKFC

    nice one. it helps well sir.

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