How to get to San Jose Del Monte City Hall in Bulacan

As far as I know, there are two to three routes going to San Jose Del Monte city hall in Bulacan by public transportation.

One is by riding a public utility vehicle going to Fairview, the other one is riding a bus bound for Sapang Palay, and the third is by private vehicle.

I will only be able to share with you two options on getting to the San Jose Del Monte city hall and that is by puv and bus. The reason is I have not been there by private transportation hehehe.

How to get to San Jose Del Monte City Hall by bus from Manila

This is a less complicated way and easy to remember because you only need to ride one type of transportation. This is recommended for first-time travelers going to the place.

Step 1: Go to Doroteo Jose LRT station

If you are from Manila, I am pretty sure you know this LRT station. Otherwise, you can go to any LRT Line 1 station, ride the train and just alight at D. Jose station.
You can also ride Jeep via Sta. Cruz / Rizal avenue and alight at D. Jose station.

Step 2: Ride bus bound for Sapang Palay

At the foot of the LRT station, just next to Jollibee fast food restaurant, there is a Santrans bus terminal. Board the bus with signboard Sapang Palay (S. Palay).

santrans bus terminal doroteo jose manila

There are usually two types of bus bound to that destination. One is air-conditioned and the other is not. I highly suggest that you choose the aircon bus simply because it is comfortable especially during traffic.

Some aircon busses also have TV and internet to make your ride a little comfortable.

Step 3: Arrive at San Jose Del Monte City Hall

Tell the bus conductor to drop you off in front of the San Jose del monte city hall. This is after two to three hours of travel including the traffic.

From there you can ride a tricycle to bring you to nearby subdivisions.

san jose del monte city hall bulacan

How to get there from Espana Manila

Here is another option, I tell you this is a bit complicated hahaha. You need to ride different types of transportation to get to the city hall. Approximately, 2 to 3 hours travel.

Step 1: Ride PUV with Fairview signboard

You can ride jeep or FX with SM Fairview signboard. If you have the budget choose fx as it is more comfortable and airconditioned. Otherwise, just enjoy the jeep ride.

Step 2: ride jeep going to Francisco Homes

Once you arrived at SM Fairview, you need to cross to the other side of the road to ride Jeep again with signboard Francisco homes.

Step 3: Ride Tricycle going to San Jose Del Monte City Hall

The tricycle charge roughly 20 pesos per person to bring you to the City Hall.

San Jose Del Monte Bulacan Tourist Spots and Attractions

If you are a first-time traveler, the city is home to several popular resorts and country clubs that you can visit to escape the busy life in Metro Manila. There is also a 3 level falls, trekking and campsite, iconic Grotto Shrine, and the Emilio Aguinaldo historical bridge found in its boundaries. Numerous annual festivals are also held in the city.

Hotel and Resorts List

  • Grotto Vista Hotel and Resort
    Address: Barangay Graceville
  • Pacific Wave Resort and Restaurant
    Address: K31 Bayari Road, Barangay Sto. Cristo
  • Tierra Fontana 12 Waves Resort
    Address: 479 Paradise Drive, Barangay Tungkong Mangga
  • Paradise Adventure Camp
    Address: Barangay Tungkong Mangga
  • Bigman Resort
    Address: Sulukan Road Sapang Palay Proper
  • Casa Aurelia
    Address: Pleasant Hills, Brgy. San Manuel San Jose Del Monte City
  • La Farm Resort
    Address: Barangay Sto. Cristo
  • La Jardin Resort and Events
    Address: Barangay Poblacion
  • Los Arcos de Hermano Resorts and Events
    Address: School Road Corner, Tungkong Mangga
  • Mariner’s Hub
    Address: Sitio Pakulis Poblacion 1
  • Nuelica’s Place
    Address: Pleasant Hills, Brgy. San Manuel
  • Sam’s Inn Resort and Event Place
    Address: Pleasant Hills, Brgy. San Manuel
  • The Charcoal Leisure Garden
    Address: Lot 26 Phase A Brgy Francisco Homes Guijo
  • Villa Anabelle
    Address: Sitio Lote, Brgy. Dulong Bayan
  • Villa Antonio de Dave Resort and Leisure Farm
    Address: 38 Barangay Kaypian
  • Villa Bardos Resort
    Address: No. 103 Magenta Street, Pecsonville CSJDM Bulacan
  • Villa Leonora Resort
    Address: Igay Road Sto. Cristo

Adventure, Recreational, and Trekking Activities

  • Cattle Creek Golf and Country Club
  • Kaytitinga Falls
  • Marina Fishing Resort
  • Mt. Balagbag Trekking and Camp Site
  • VS Orchidarium
  • Pineapple Farm

San Jose Del Monte City Bulacan Annual Festival List

  • Tanglawan Festival
  • Indakan Festival
  • Kakanin Festival
  • Pipigan Festival
  • Sambuklod Festival

That’s basically it. I hope this helps guys!

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