How to get to TeleTech in EcoPlaza Building

TeleTech is located on the 5th floor of the EcoPlaza Building. Its address is 2305 Don Chino Roces Extension, (formerly Pasong Tamo Extension), Makati City.

The building is 15 minutes away by jeep from MRT Magallanes station. It is across DHL and adjacent to Chevrolet and Mead Johnson. Their contact number at the time of posting is 902 7236.

teletech ecoplaza

Eco Plaza Building View from front

If you are coming from Monumento:
The easiest way is you ride LRT get off at EDSA station from there ride MRT3 then get off to Magallanes station. Walk towards Chino Roces Extension it is across Alpha Land Southgate Mall from there ride a jeep with signage P. Tamo Extension south (it will pass Eco Plaza building) or simply tell the driver to drop you off at Eco Plaza Building.

If you are coming from Buendia in Makati:
You may take a jeep along Gil Puyat/Buendia until you reach the gas station on the Gil Puyat/Buendia corner of Chino Roces Avenue. From there, you can take a jeep with the signage P. Tamo Extension South, which will pass Eco Plaza.

If you are coming from Pasay, or the South from SLEX:
You may take a jeep, FX, shuttle, or bus along EDSA to the Magallanes MRT Station (connected to the Alphaland Southgate Mall).

Across Alphaland Southgate Mall, along Don Chino Roces Extension (a.k.a. Pasong Tamo Extension), take a tricycle or jeep with the signage P. Tamo Extension South until you reach Eco Plaza. TeleTech is on the 5th floor tell the guards that you are going to the mentioned BPO company.

If you are coming from North:
You may take a bus along EDSA, or you may take the MRT all the way to the Magallanes station (connected to Alphaland Southgate Mall).

Across Alphaland Southgate Mall, along Don Chino Roces Extension (a.k.a. Pasong Tamo Extension), take a tricycle or jeep with signage P. Tamo Extension until you reach Eco Plaza. Teletech is on the 5th floor just ask the guards on duty.

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  • Nieva

    i just want to know how to complain in regards with the guard on this building on the ground floor. My mum and sister went there but disrespected and played by the guard who suppose to helped or even just give an information. They went there Monday Morning June 4, 2012, they suppose to go to UKVACS to pass there documents but they didnt know it was shut, the guard knows it was shut and made them wait, then when its time to get it his trying to stop them to go near to the reception, but my sister insist. My father just died a year ago they dont need to be little like… thisw

    • Nieva

      the dates are wrong its may 07, 2012

  • Nieva

    sorry hope someone could help me cause i dont think they should act like this…. not very nice feeling, for sure if they went there on thier own car, dressed really nice the guard will accomodate them a lot better, but because they dont look rich ..they been treated that way… i feel really sorry for my mum, she just want to come over here in the uk to see her only grandchild and thats what my dad asked before he passed away cause of cancer… she really dont need to be treated that way…hope someone could help me find the number to call…thank you.

  • Irene I.

    Hi, I would like to know if you can go to Ecoplaza from Caltex station along Buendia with just one jeep which you said was “P. Tamo Extension South”? I asked around and they said that it takes 2 jeeps to get to Ecoplaza. 1 is from Caltex to Alphaland which is the Mantrade jeep and another jeep from Alphaland going to Ecoplaza. Thanks.

  • RenVil

    Hi Irene. From Caltex (corner Buendia and Pasong Tamo) take a jeep to Pasong Tamo until you reached Mantrade alight near AlphaLand. Opposite corner of Alphaland Southgate Mall along Chino Roces Extension (formerly Pasong Tamo Ext) near corner EDSA service road., take a jeepney with the sign “DPC Extension”. The Eco Plaza bldg is located on the left side of Chino Roces Ext as your jeepney move along take note of this following buildings Jannov Plaza, Priscilla 100, Tao Corp – GNC Live Well, G.E.E Building, G&A Building, Eco Plaza and Chevrolet. So Eco Plaza is in between G&A Building and Chevrolet. Almost opposite DHL House Building. Hope this helps.

  • maria juliet macaraoy

    if you go to ecoplaza by car – where do you get to park?
    is parking for visitors to ecoplaza allowed?

    • Adam

      Sorry I do not have an idea.

  • Jess

    how to go eco plaza chino roses pasong tamo exit from target mall, complex balibago laguna or alabang? Thank u have a nice day.

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