How to Know the Title of the Song using your Android or iPhone

You hear a very nice song playing in the background as you enjoy your sumptuous dish in the restaurant. Or you are walking past a person who is listening to a piece of catchy music.

Probably your immediate reaction is you want to search for the song title online. So that when you arrived home you can play it in your top-of-the-line speakers over and over again until the lyrics got stuck in your head.

It’s easy if you search for English songs. You can just type the portion of the lyrics on YouTube or Google then the site would be happy to show you the list of songs that have similar one-liner for you.

But what if the music is in Japanese or Korean which you are not familiar with or not your mother tongue. For example, theme songs of a Japanese Anime or your Favorite K-drama. How about that music that does not have any lyrics at all, only tunes and audio. How are you going to search for its song title?

The good news is, you do not need to cram just to memorize the lyrics or by humming to search for the song title online. Instead, you can use your smartphones like Android or IOS to easily find the title for you.

These devices are capable of finding the song or music title based on the audio, tune, and lyrics. It is very easy, you do not need to download an app as it’s already included in the OS feature. Especially if you are an Android phone user. If you want to give it a try then follow the steps in this post.

How to Search for Song Title using Android Phone

With this smart device, you can search for the song’s name with the latter’s sound, lyrics, and melody.

I have tried searching for song titles of KPOP songs and Japanese animes. Based on experience this is very effective. I can say it only takes a few seconds for the android phone to identify the song name. It’s actually impressive if you ask me.

Step 1. Download the Google Browser

This is assuming your android device does not have an internet browser yet. You need to go to the GooglePlay store then search and download the official google browser.step-2-run-the-internet-browser

On the other hand, if you already have it on your phone then proceed to the next step. Please do note that the browser is different from the Chrome version.

Step 2. Run the internet browser and search for the song

When you run the browser, you will immediately see next to the search bar an icon that resembles a microphone.

Press that mic icon. You will be redirected to the page that will ask you to “search for a song.” Touch that link and allow the browser to listen to the song.
In my experience, it will only take a few seconds for the browser to come up with a list of possible songs. step-3-search-for-a-song-using-android-phone

Step 3. Browse the songs in the given list

If you are lucky, the browser will show you the exact song that you are looking for. Similar to the photo below.

how to search for song title on android

However, there are times when google shows multiple songs. The possible reason is the song is very common. So, you need to manually play the song in the list one by one until you are able to find the correct match with respect to the one you are searching for. It’s as easy as that.

How to Find for Song Name using iPhone

The process of using your iPhone to search for the song is almost the same as when using the Android phone.

Step 1. Download and install the Google browser

You can go to the iPhone apps store and search for the Google browser app. step-1-go-to-appstore-and-get-the-google-browser

Step 2. Run the browser on your iPhone

Search for the app on your apps collection and run it. Begin your search for the song title.

After you run the internet browser on your iPhone. You can immediately see at the upper right portion of the browser the microphone icon. step-2-run-the-browser-mic-iconAll you need to do afterward is touch that icon to activate voice search. After a few seconds, the search engine will show you the possible matches for the song that you are looking for. Play each song then select the perfect match as compared to the tune of what you heard.

How to Know the Song Title using SIRI in IOS

Fortunately, ios have Siri a virtual assistant that is part of Apple’s operating system. You can request Siri to search for the title of the song. Here is what you need to do.

Step 1. Enable Siri on your iPhone

On your iPhone, go to the settings icon. Then proceed to “Siri and search.” To turn on and enable Siri, toggle the button next to the “press side button for Siri” or “press the home button for Siri.” This depends on the model of your iPhone. As we all know, newer models do not have a home button

Step 2. Activate Siri

Again this depends on your iPhone model. If you are using the models with the home button then press the home button to activate Siri.

If you are using iPhone X and newer models, then press the side button to activate Siri.

Step 3. Start searching the song title

Alright, this is a bit tricky. The first thing you need to do is say “Hey Siri.” After her response, touch the Siri icon on the screen, then asked her “what is the song title.”

Wait for a few seconds until Siri comes up with the title. Based on experience, Siri will show songs on Apple Music. This is unlike when you use the Google browser where it will show you music on youtube or in the search results. search-song-title-with-SIRI-iOS

There is probably numerous third-party app that can do the job aside from my example. However, the disadvantage is it will also occupy some storage on your device, and also the function will just be redundant. So, in my opinion, getting a third-party app is not necessary.

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