3 Easy Ways to Pasaload in Smart and TNT

The Smart and TNT offer the Pasaload feature to their respective postpaid and prepaid subscribers. Pasaload is a feature that allows subscribers to transfer electronic load credits from their Smart or TNT mobile number or vice versa. The word “Pasaload” comes from the phrase “Pass A Load” which means to transfer a portion of your electronic mobile load credits to anyone.

Prepaid users can do Pasaload if they have enough balance to cover the service fee and shared load value. On the other hand, postpaid subscribers have a limit of 300 pesos and 500 pesos depending on their monthly subscription. When the postpaid user does it, the amount is charged to their monthly bill. When the prepaid user does it, the amount will be deducted from their current regular load balance. The good part is, the pasaload limit refreshes every first day of the month.

The Smart Pasaload helps subscribers with zero load balance to receive a load during rough times when there is no reloading station near their area. It also helps them to stay connected with friends, relatives, and members of the family worry-free.

To avail of this feature, you can use your Smart or TNT mobile phone to send a text message with a set of SMS codes in them. Alternatively, you can use the GigaLife App and the myPLDT Smart App. Now, I will show you the 3 ways how to use the Pasaload feature of Smart Telecom below.

how to pasaload smart tnt

Via SMS [2 Ways]

There are two simple ways to perform the Pasaload with Smart and TNT via text messaging. Both postpaid and prepaid subscribers have a similar process. The only difference is the amount limit that they can transfer. Just type the recipient’s cellphone number with your preferred amount and then send it, that’s all!

Option 1: On your mobile device open your SMS icon. Type in PASALOAD <space> Receiver’s Mobile Phone Number <space> Amount. Then send it to 808.

For example, PASALOAD 09199876543 200, send it to 808

Option 2: On your Text message icon. Type in the Receiver’s Mobile Number <space> Amount, then send it to 808.

You will then receive a confirmation text message. Reply with a “YES” or “NO” depending on your objective.

For example, 09199876543 200, send it to 808

Afterward, you will receive a pasaload successful notification text message.

Using the GigaLife App

Step 1: Open the GigaLife App on your Smartphone and Login

Tap the GigaLife app on your smartphone. In the given space input your SMART or TNT mobile phone number. The App will then send a 4-digit PIN to your mobile number. Input the latter on your GigaLife app. Afterward, type in the given space your password then tap login.

Step 2: Tap the Pasa icon to Pasaload to your chosen mobile number

The “Pasa” icon is located at the bottom navigation bar of your App’s homepage. Tap it so you will be redirected to the Pasaload page. In the given space, input the valid Smart Prepaid, TNT, Smart Bro Prepaid, or PLDT Prepaid Home Wi-Fi mobile number to that you want to transfer your load credits.

In the choices select “Pasa Load.” Enter the denomination of your choice. Afterward, type in the given space the 4-digit OTP PIN that GigaLife has sent on your mobile number and tap “Proceed.” Smart or TNT will send you a text confirmation once you are successful with your Pasaload.

pasaload gigalife mobile apps

Using myPLDT Smart App

Step 1: Open the myPLDT Smart App on your Smartphone and Login

Download the myPLDT Smart App on your Android or iPhone. Create an account by typing in your Smart or TNT mobile number then input your preferred password. Afterward login to your account. At the overview page, tap the View Account link.

Step 2: Tap the Pasaload icon to then type your Smart or TNT mobile number to Transfer an eLoad

Go to the Pasaload link located at the lower right corner of your mobile screen. Afterward in the given space, type the Smart or TNT 11-digit mobile number. Select your preferred denomination then proceed to transfer the eLoad.
how to pasaload my pldt smart app

What is the Validity of each Pasaload amount?

The validity period ranges from 3 days to up to 60 days depending on the transferred amount. So, as the amount of the pasaload goes higher the number of validity days becomes longer. Make sure to use the load credits within that period to avoid issues or forfeit of the latter.

For example, the minimum denomination is between 2 pesos to 10 pesos with a validity of 3 days and the maximum denomination is 200 pesos with a validity of 60 days.

  • 2 pesos, 5 pesos , 10 pesos – 3 days validity
  • 15 pesos, 20 pesos, 30 pesos – 15 days validity
  • 60 pesos, 100 pesos – 30 days validity
  • 200 pesos – 60 days validity

What are the Denominations available in Smart or TNT Pasaload?

The denominations for the Pasaload range from 2 pesos to 500 pesos. This is applicable for both Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers.

How much is Pasaload Service Fee in Smart or TNT?

The Smart Telco network will charge you a 1 peso SMS service fee plus the transferred amount every time you make a pasaload transaction. For postpaid subscribers, the telco will charge the amount to your account on top of your monthly bill. For prepaid users, the 1 peso plus the shared amount is deducted from your regular load.

Can I Check my Load Balance after I am done with the Pasaload?

Yes, you can send an SMS, use mobile apps, or visit the telco’s website to check your load balance. Do it before you use the Pasaload feature from Smart or TNT to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

Can I Pasaload from Smart or TNT to Globe or TM?

No, you cannot pasaload to Globe or TM mobile subscribers because they are from a different telco company. You can only pasaload to valid Smart and TNT mobile numbers.

Which Smart Telco Subscribers are not allowed to Pasaload?

The postpaid subscribers under the Freedom Plan are not allowed to do Pasaload transactions.

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