How to Pay PRC using GCash, PayMaya, or Over the Counter

PRC has partnered with electronic e-wallet providers, banks, credit card companies, and payment centers to make the PRC payment process more accessible to its clients.

Back in the day, the only way you can pay in PRC is through the cashier in the commission’s branch office. Now, you can pay your PRC dues wherever you are using credit/debit card, gcash, paymaya, landbank, and UCPB. Expect that there’s more that will be included in these lists of prc accredited collecting agents.

It is good news that PRC offers many payment options to allow its clients to choose what is available and convenient for them. As we all know not everyone has a UCPB bank account or landbank. But almost all have a credit card, paymaya, and gcash.

If this is your first time paying for your PRC dues, then check the list of payment option that is applicable to you and simply follow the steps.

How to Pay PRC using GCash Online

Make sure that your GCash account has enough balance before proceeding with your payment.

Step 1: Select GCash in the Payment Channel

Choose GCash as your preferred payment option. PRC will remind you of the 8.00 pesos convenience fee on top of the amount if you choose to pay your PRC transaction using GCash. Afterward, when you hit ‘Next’ you will be redirected to the payment site.

Step 2: Log in to your GCash Account and Pay your Transaction

You can login by typing in your mobile number in the given space. Then enter the 6-digit authentication code sent to your Gcash registered mobile number. Save a copy of the transaction number and date of payment.

pay prc using gcash

Step 3: Go back to Merchant (PRC) Page to print your document

After your payment, GCash will show you a link that will redirect you back to the PRC page to print your document.

If you mistakenly close the window, you can re-login to your PRC account and proceed to the existing transaction tab to print your document.

How to Pay PRC via PayMaya

Verify if you have enough balance in your paymaya wallet before you continue with your transaction.

Step 1: Select PayMaya in the Payment Channel

As of the moment, the available e-wallets are Paymaya and GCash. Select Paymaya as your payment option. Be reminded of the 8.00 pesos convenience fee.

Step 2: Login to your PayMaya account and Proceed with the payment

In this part, you have to enter your Paymaya registered mobile number and password in the given space.

Enter the One-Time Password (OTP) that paymaya sent to your mobile number. Afterward, press the ‘Proceed’ button and confirm your payment.

paymaya payment in prc v2

Step 3: Go back to Merchant (PRC) to print your document

On the Maya page, hit the link to go back to the PRC (merchant). Afterward, continue printing your PRC form.

How to Pay PRC using Credit/Debit Cards

The available payment options using your credit or debit card are through Mastercard, VISA, or JCB.

Step 1: Select Credit/Debit Card in the Payment Channel

This is just below the e-wallet payment options. Select Credit or debit card in the choices.

Step 2: Type in your Card Details

In the given space, input the first name and last name, and CC details. Tick the ‘I’m not a robot’ recaptcha. Afterward, hit the ‘Pay Now’ button.

using card

Note: There is a 1.25 percent convenience fee on top of the total amount that you need to pay in PRC. If you choose this option.

How to Pay in the Cashier in PRC Branch

This option requires you to prepare a copy of your reference number.

Step 1: Print your PRC Reference Number

If you opt to pay your PRC transactions directly in the branch, you have to print or take a photo of your payment reference number.

Step 2: Go to your appointment place and Proceed with your payment

Go to your chosen PRC office on your appointment date. Show the reference number to the cashier and pay the amount. The advantage of choosing this option is it will not incur a service fee.

How to Pay PRC through UCPB Over-the-Counter Steps

Please keep in mind that the PRC payment reference number is a requirement when paying over the counter at UCPB. There is also an additional 30.00 pesos service fee that will be collected on top of your PRC payment.

Step 1: Visit the UCPB branch near you

Go to the UCPB branch office nearest to your location. You can visit the official website of United Coconut Planters Bank to know the bank’s branch near you.

Step 2: Fill up the bills payment yellow form

Type in the name of the institution (which is the Professional Regulation Commission) in the ‘payment for,’ payor’s name, date, and contact number.

Step 3: Present the screenshot or printout PRC payment reference number to the bank teller

The payment reference number comes with 12 alphanumeric characters. Keep in mind that payment validation would take 2 to 3 working days. Here is a sample of the screenshot or printout of the reference number:
prc payment via ucpb over the counterNote: this is not applicable if you choose the delivery or shipping option for your license

How to Pay PRC through LandBank

This option requires that you have a landbank iaccess account.

Step 1: Choose Landbank in the payment option

Step 2: Input your account number and your PIN

In this option, you have to enter your landbank atm card’s 10-digit account number and your PIN. Double-check to see if your details are correct then hit the submit button and OK to confirm.

Can I go to the PRC Office after I pay the Fee in PRC?

Yes, you can go to the PRC office based on your appointment schedule. Bring with you a copy of your payment receipt and the requirements. Afterward, collect the documents that you have requested from them.

What should I wear when I visit the PRC office?

Wear Smart Casual attire when you visit the branch. PRC strictly enforced the “No shorts, no sando, and no slippers” policy for visitors and stakeholders. This is according to Office Order No. 2006-32.

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