How to Play Dota with Garena (Complete Guide)

Here is the simple guide on how you can play dota using garena so you would not have to play over and over against insane AI available on latest dota maps. When playing dota on garena you need fast and reliable internet connection available in your country like PLDT DSL if you are connecting coming from the Philippines. Unfortunately, in the Philippines I was able to enter dota game created on garena, but I was not able to play since my globe broadband internet is so slow and often lag.

Anyway, here are the simple steps with pictures so you would not experience any difficulty following instructions.

Assuming you already have installed warcraft III with dota customized map in your PC, first thing to do is download garena on their official website then have it installed. Installing the Garena or Garena Plus is very easy. The installation process is very simple, just run the setup then follow the instruction there after. Once you installed the messenger follow the step-by-step guide below.

Guide to Play Dota on Garena Plus

Step 1: Run garena, a messenger window will open then create your personal account.

play dota on garena plusStep 2: Head to LAN (a web page will open where you can see the list of games that are playable using garena). Choose the War3 RPG icon. Next, shown are the list of countries, choose your country.

garena messenger 1

garena messenger 3In my case since I am from the PH I will choose Philippines. Displayed is the lists of ISP, again choose your current ISP. Since I am using globe broadband DSL I will choose Philippines Globe: Dota Room.

Step 3: You will then be prompted to another window where you can see the list of players who are inviting dota players like to you join the game created by them. Go to the settings next to the start button. (New window will open) Choose again War3 RPG, and then on executable settings browse the location where your warcraft III (war3.exe) is. After that choose apply then close the window.

Step 4: Go to Start, warcraft III The frozen throne will run automatically. Go to LAN (local area network). You will then be able to see the list of players who created the game. As much as possible join the game that has 8 / 10 of players inside so it would take lesser waiting time for other players to join the game.

garena messenger 7garena messenger 9Start playing your favorite strategy game in garena. Choose the hero of your choice and then begin to out-farm and out-skill whoever heroes are using by your rival team.

There you go guys. I hope with this instruction, you can play dota on garena with ease.

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  • matthew

    nyc one

  • Rein9

    Nice explanation
    I was wondering on the internet how to play dota with my friends using garena and I come across many explanation but this one explains clearly that I understand quickly.
    Nice work!!

  • abed chaaban

    heyy i cant find any game in the local area network all this steps i make it but i cant find any game plz help me

  • mattscradle

    Maybe you have missed one of the step that’s why.

  • hadi

    why i cant find game..mny ppl cr8 the game but i can see it to join te game..plz help me..

  • barry

    why i cant find the games many people said they cr8 a game i do all steps and they said about the tunnel?

  • marlon

    hey barry you need to match the version of your warcraft to the version of what is required in your room. In my case here in the philippines we use version 1.26, in your country it is different or same im not sure. you can find out what version they are using by reading the title when you enter your room or just ask the people there. you may need a warcraft version switcher, try google it. Good luck and merry christmas to all!


    I finished downloading it but LOBBY and ROOM is not clickable. Also, there are no people. why? :( For EX. WAR3RPG (0) And also in the countries philippines (0) WHYYYY HELPPPP

  • eisen

    why cant isee the one who c8 a game y is it not visible to me

    • Joshua

      I don’t understand how to play Dota in garena..

      • mattscradle

        Garena is lika big LAN where you can team up with other players all over the world.

        • candra09

          dude, help me please.. why i cannot find any red lan icons?

  • Joshua

    what is “IP Looking up…”????

  • hissuwie

    ok i tell u why u cant see games in lan and no one join u when hosting because join in the room that has the version the u are using or im using 1.24e and i joined in 1.24e room but i cant see games i try to change my patch into 1.26a using wvs or warcraft version switcher and then i try to find a games in lan and then i found 3 or more games fast and when i host i w8 for 5 to 10 min and then many player join my games in the same time just try this using 1.26a patch then join in the room that has 1.26a in the name of the room.Hope this help.

  • 5hayan

    Garena removed the LAN Network from their servers so no more lan games.. :'(

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