How to Refill the Ink of Epson EcoTank Printer

The Epson Ecotank printer has a refillable ink tanks feature. These Epson printer models have huge refillable ink tanks that will enable you to print hundreds or even thousands of pages without replacing the ink cartridge when it runs out of ink. Instead, you only need to refill the ink that you often use for your daily needs. For example, you use yellow often, then you only need to refill the yellow ink.

Epson eco tank printers typically use 4 ink colors namely Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. There is one tank allotted for each of them. Unlike with the usual inkjet cartridges where you have to replace the whole unit when one of the ink colors runs out. For eco tank printers, you only need to refill the ink tank that is running low. Also, you can use your printer even if you did not fill the ink tank in full.

The ink refills are affordable and also cost-effective. It is affordable because the 4 bottles of ink cost 50 percent lower if compared to the usual price of the inkjet cartridges for tri-color and black. It is cost-effective because you can print thousands of pages and you still have enough ink to print more.

If you are a first-time user of an Epson eco tank printer. One of your concerns will be the refilling process for each of the ink colors. The latter is slightly complicated than changing the cartridge of your inkjet printer. It is also prone to spillage if you will do it the wrong way.

In this post, I will show you the steps on how to refill the ink tank of your Epson ecotank printer. I will be using the L3150 model as my example. If you are using a different model, expect variations in the process but it is minimal. Prepare also wet wipes or wear gloves in case you stain your hands with ink.

5 Steps to Refill your Epson EcoTank Printer

Step 1. Check which of the Ink Tank is Running Low

You can do a visual inspection of the ink tank to know which of them needs a refill. Normally, you will know if the tank needs a refill when the ink is already below the lowest level (horizontal line).

step 1 check the tank that is running low with ink

In my example, the black ink is already below the lowest horizontal line.

Step 2. Open the Ink Tank Cover and cap for the color you will refill

Hold both sides of the tank cover and pull it backward slowly. Afterward, hold the cap for the color that you want to refill and pull it upwards.

step 2 pull the ink tank cover

In my example, I need to refill the black ink so I open the cap for the latter.

Step 3. Prepare the Ink bottle

Unboxed it, and remove the plastic packaging. Afterward, hold the bottle in an upright position and turn the bottle cap in a counter-clockwise direction to remove it.

unboxing the ink refill bottle

Note: Hold the bottle gently. Do not squeeze or shake it to avoid spillage.

Step 4. Hold the Ink Bottle Upside Down and insert its opening into the slot in the filling port

The opening of the ink bottle is designed to fit only to the slot of the ink color it is intended to. This means that you cannot fit the opening of the “black” ink bottle to the slot of “magenta” ink and vice versa.

step 4 hold the ink refill upside down

Note: The opening of each ink bottle is keyed to fit for the right color only. If you inspect the opening of each bottle, you will notice that their shape is different from each other. You will not be able to insert it into other ink slots even if you force it to.

Step 5. Refill the Ink of your Ecotank

The refilling process begins immediately as soon as you insert the ink bottle into the filling slot. Meanwhile, the refilling process stops automatically when the ink tank is full.

step 5 refill the epson inkDuring this step, you have to check the ink levels at the front of the tank to know if the ink is flowing into the tank. If it doesn’t, you have to slightly lift the bottle and reinsert it.

Once you are done with the refilling process. Close the cap and the cover for the ink tank.

Note: Repeat the same step when refilling the tank of the other ink colors.

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  • Phil C.

    (Ref. “Step 1”, above) If an inkjet printer is run with no ink, it is a sure way to destroy the print head and turn the printer into junk. In order to prevent this from happening, the tank should be refilled when the ink level *reaches* the lowest horizontal line, the one indicated by a downward-pointing triangle, but don’t let the level go *below* the line.

  • Jim

    We have a ET-7700 and have filled the tanks the same way using Epson 512 bottles. One problem we have now is the BK tank is empty but the BK 512 bottle will not fill it. The other colors fill normally. We have spent hours online searching for an answer and have seen where others have this problem. Why does the ink not fill only this tank………….??

  • Brenda B Lowe

    eco tank is leaking the black ink only try to fill it again but it wont fill up ecotank epson 2803

    • Matt

      If the blank ink tank of your eco tank printer is leaking. It would be better to bring it to the service center for repair.

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