How to Renew Philippine Passport at DFA Manila in 45 Minutes

Here is so far the fastest way I was able to renew my Philippine passport in DFA in Manila. Last June, I decided to renew my passport even though it still has one year before its expiration.

I am weighing if I will renew it in the traditional way meaning I would go to DFA-OCA to process it on my own or seek assistance from travel agencies. Since the processing is by appointment I checked first which of the two choices would give me the faster result.

I called first DFA they told me that my scheduled appointment will be on September 6 then after that I called on the travel agency they scheduled me for August 11.

Even though the fee will be doubled I decided to seek assistance from the agency since it would expedite the processing by almost a month.

I was able to renew my passport in just 45 minutes, it was that fast because DFA-OCA has placed a dedicated processing section only for the clients of Travel agencies. The agency will deliver the passport to my house once it was released. I am sharing this so that others who would encounter the same thing will know what to consider during the Philippine Passport renewal.

Now, if you have decided to seek the assistance of an agency here is what you need to do, go to this website or call 567-1111. You will be given a choice whether they would fetch your passport or you will go to their office and personally hand it over to them.

In my case since I’m a bit lazy to get out of the house I requested them to fetch my passport I just prepare what they need plus a fee of P1800 and that’s it. After a week they will inform you thru text message about your appointment schedule.

During the appointment wear something dark shirt with a collar. The first procedure that you would undergo is the assessment of your documents to determine if it is complete. After that authorized personnel from DFA would assist you going to the second floor for signature, picture taking, thumb marking, and personal details verification and that’s all.

Wait for 10 working days for the delivery of your Renewed passport. Passport Renewal is very easy but you have to wait for days for your personal appearance based on my experience.

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  • Criselda

    Hi. I want to go for a week vacation but by oct 07,2018 expiration of my passport I can go home but I can’t cone back quickly due to my passport. Even I’m here in Dubai u can process the renewal of my passport. Just I send a photocopy of my passport. Then when I’m there in Philippines Then show my original passport

    • Matt

      You can go to the Philippine Embassy there in Dubai then ask them to extend your passport validity. It is possible. Usually they will extend it for another 2 years based on my experience.

      • joyce

        i called the number you referred to her @matt and its a dropped call. They also said they do not process passports ( in a call thats picked up). any other travel agency you can refer?

        • Matt

          Hi Joyce, thanks for letting me know. I also checked it myself. Looks like they are not operating anymore since their website is also down.

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