How to save in Energy cost Using a 2 Liter Bottle as 50 watt Light Bulb

I saw this video being shared in facebook, it was tried in the Philippines somewhere in San Pedro Laguna. I also saw a video of this version which was implemented in houses and manufacturing plants in Brazil.

Video conducted in the test site in the Philippines:

Base from the video they were able to save on energy cost because of it.

Video conducted in Brazil:

According to the video in 2002 in the midst of an energy crisis and blackout, an engineer in Brazil discovered that he could prevent working in the dark, by hanging water-filed bottles in the roof of his workshop. As explained in the video in order to make one you need two litter soda bottle with clean water, two lid-fulls of bleach, and a camera film dispenser (this will protect the lid from the sun). A bottle can produced light intensity equal to 50 watts light bulb (average) base from the measurement of an electrical engineer.

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