How to Sell Online in the Philippines via 4 Popular eCommerce Websites

Here is the list of 4 popular e-commerce websites to sell your products online in the Philippines. I will also share here the steps on how to create an online seller account for each online marketplace sites.

We could not deny the fact that selling online does give startup business owners and small retailers huge kickstart in terms of giving exposure to their merchandise or goods. It also helps people who want to get rid of their pre-owned stuff and sell it to those who need it at a very reasonable price.

I remember in the Philippines there is a popular magazine titled Buy and Sell which offers small and start-up businesses free exposure of their goods. All they need is to send emails or SMS so it will be enlisted on the next issue of the magazine.

It is really proven effective since most buyers of the said magazine need something to purchase perhaps pre-owned cars, affordable house and lot, pets merchandize, slightly used gadgets, second-hand cars, or just about anything.

Philippine-based newspapers also sell their broadsheet space to business owners (who can afford it) for the latter to advertise their products. The fee cost depends on the location and also the space that it will occupy in the newspaper. Radio and TV are doing the same with the few seconds of their airtime to help businesses reach more consumers.

As technology changes, the way to sell goods also has changed or at least improve. Individuals and business owners who previously advertise on the three media are now shifted to utilizing the internet as their new platform to sell their stuff.

On the internet, there are lots of websites that allow users to sell their stuff online to reach a specific target market e.g. shoes or sneakers, job hiring classifieds, gadgets, clothes, pets classified, and personal computer classifieds.

Why Selling Products Online is More Efficient

In my opinion, selling goods online has now become more efficient as compared to the way business owners and small retailers have done it with their physical stores in the Philippines.

Why do I say more efficient? Using the online platform can save you sellers resources such as the 4M. What is 4M, you asked?

  • Money since both sellers and buyers can avail of the service for free. They just need to register an online account with the site using a valid email address. Afterward, they can start selling their unused and preowned stuff free of charge.
  • Manpower because you don’t need more than one person to do it. This is true, unless, you are selling hundreds of products in a day that require more manpower to accommodate all the buyers.
  • Moment or Time since it can be done in a matter of minutes. Yes, you can actually create an online account in a matter of minutes. Posting a product online also needs just a few minutes. It includes taking pictures of your actual merchandise, creating an appealing description, and posting it online. Its never been easy. Also, in a short period of time, prospective consumers will be able to see your product listings when they search for the item online.
  • Lastly, Method since it is easy to do and you don’t have to undergo training to be able to sell online. If for some reason, you do not know how to sell on the internet, you can ask someone to do it for you. Also, you can attend seminars for a reasonable fee or sometimes for free to gain knowledge about it.

How to Sell in Lazada Philippines in 5 Easy Steps

This eCommerce platform is one of the leaders in Southeast Asia. Lazada has an online presence in countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines. In April 2016, the online e-commerce platform goes under the helm of the Alibaba Group, an e-commerce company based in China.

According to the Philippine News Agency’s article, back in November 2018, has 28 million site visits. Among the said numbers, there are 23 million active users of the eCommerce platform. sell online lazada phAccording to, in the last quarter of 2019, Lazada Philippines had a massive 38million monthly web visits. Lazada mobile application occupies the second spot on both the Apple AppStore for iOS users and PlayStore for android users.

There are two options to sell in Lazada. You can either signup under “MarketPlace,” or under “LazMall.” This, however, depends on your preference and the requirements that you need to provide.

For example, you need to be at least 18 years old with a valid ID before you can sign up as an “Individual” under “Marketplace.” On the other hand, for you to sign up and participate in “LazMall” under “Corporate” you must have a valid business license, a brand owner, or an authorized distributor.

Perks and Requirements when Signing up under Marketplace

  • Sell with 0 percent commission fee
  • Signup either as an individual or a corporate seller
  • Free access to seller tools and campaigns
  • 1 valid government ID required when registering under individual sellers

Perks and Requirements when Signing up under LazMall

  • Available only to authorized distributors or registered brand owners
  • Pay 5 percent commission only when you sell (subject to terms and conditions)
  • Exclusive LazMall campaigns and additional seller tools
  • Boosted product search ranking

Step 1: Create an Online Seller Account

You can signup free of charge at the or their mobile app. Choose your account type either as an Individual or Corporate. Type in your warehouse address, and bank information.

Type in also your mobile phone numbers, valid email address, password, and your shop name.

Step 2:  Add Your Products

You can add your products at the seller center or through mobile app. Upload your products in two options either “single product upload” or “mass product upload.”

Type in your product name, basic information, and long description.

Step 3: Manage your Online Store

Monitor your online store’s performance at the seller center provided by Lazada.

Step 4: Ship to the Customer the Products

Take advantage of Lazada’s different shipping methods such as Fulfilled by Lazada (FBL), pick-up, and drop-off.

Step 5: Received the Payment

Payment is credited to your account on a weekly basis. You can view your online statement of account at the sellers’ center website.

How to Sell Online in the Philippines via Shopee in 5 Easy Steps

Shopee is headquartered in Singapore. It started its operation also in Singapore back in 2015. It caters to shoppers in Southeast Asian countries particularly Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. The first Shopee operation outside of SEA is in Brazil back in October 2019. shopee philippinesIn the Philippines, in the last quarter of 2019 the monthly web visit on is around 25 million based on the details in Its mobile application ranked first in terms of mobile app visits on both AppStore and PlayStore.

Step 1: Create a Shopee Account

You can create an account on their website or through their mobile application. Fill up the important details such as your email address, and mobile phone number.

Note: Verification is required for both your email and mobile number.

Step 2: Go to Shopee’s Seller Center to complete Your Shop’s Details

Provide a distinctive and catchy shop name, images, videos, and description that you think reflects your products.

Step 3: Create a Product Listing

Visit your Shopee seller center and choose my products. Provide the necessary information related to your products such as product name, high-quality product photos, specifications, description, and category.

Step 4: Provide the Shipping Details of your Products

Indicate the parcel size and weight, shipping fee, and the delivery service providers.

Step 5: Ship Out Your Product

You can view the list of orders that you need to ship out at the seller center. Pack your products in accordance with the Shopee’s order packaging guidelines. Bring your products at the tie-up courier providers such as Ninja Van Integrated, 2GO Integrated, and J&T Express. View the Shopee Philippines website for the complete courier provider.

How to Sell in Zalora Philippines in 5 Simple Steps

This online selling platform ranked 3rd in terms of popularity in the Philippines. Zalora started its e-commerce operation in 2012 to Southeast Asian countries particularly Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. zalora philippines onlineIts online website has roughly 1.8 million monthly visits on the last quarter of 2019. Its mobile application ranked third on both AppStore and PlayStore.

What you find in the site are products that are related to clothing lines and household essentials. Their online catalog will show thousands of products from independent fashion brands, home supplies, pet supplies, health and personal care.

Step 1: Sign Up for an account at

Provide the required details such as your company name, brand name, full name, email address, mobile number, and your website URL.

Within 7 day period Zalora will get in touch with you for the starter package.

Step 2: Set up your Online Shop

Choose your banners and provide the pricing details of your goods

Step 3: Take a Photo of your Products

Start taking photos of your goods. Make sure it looks appealing to be able to capture the attention of the customers.

Step 4: Upload the Details of your Item

Input the price of your goods, write of the detailed description, and also indicate the number of stocks available.

Step 5: Ship Your Orders and Receive Payment

Ship your products to the customer via accredited courier providers. Afterward, receive the payment.

How to Sell Online in EBay Philippines in 4 Easy Steps

The fourth popular e-commerce website in the Philippines in terms of monthly visits is Its parent company was founded in 1995 in San Francisco California. Currently, the eCommerce site is operating in 33 countries where users enjoy buying and selling a wide variety of new and used goods globally. The latter’s branch in the Philippines was founded in 2004. ebay philippinesAs of the last quarter of 2019, eBay Philippines has a monthly web visit of 800 thousand. Its mobile application ranked 6th in AppStore, and 7th in PlayStore.

Step 1: Create a Seller Account Online

Input your complete name, address, personal phone number. Set up your automatic payment method in which you can use your bank cards. The reason is you need to pay your applicable fees and refunds.

eBay recommends that you get a PayPal account and have it verified.

Step 2: Create Your Product Listings

In this part, you need to provide a good product title, the specifications, item condition whether used or brand new and upload high-quality photos.

Choose the selling format which is fixed price, auction-style, and classified ad format. Determine the accepted payment type.

Step 3: Manage Your Product Listings

You need to monitor your listings to know if there are bidders for your products or check how many items are sold. This is also the chance to answer questions coming from interested buyers.

Step 4: Finalize the Sale with the Buyer

Communicate with your product buyer. Received the payment from the buyer. Afterward, package your product in accordance with the eBay packaging guidelines. Ship your product to the buyer.

What you read here is just a summary of how to sell online in the Philippines. For the complete details about each featured eCommerce website, I strongly suggest that you visit their respective websites.

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