How to Set Timer on Mitsubishi Aircon Remote Control

New models of airconditioning unit always come with remote control. The possible reason is that the AC unit is often installed in a location that users would have difficulty reaching.

For example, Split type ACs are often placed near the ceiling for best cooling performance. The window type AC is 3 to 4 feet above the floor. Often it would cause hassle on the part of the user to manually operate the AC.

The remote control on the other hand allows the user to conveniently control the different functions of the aircon unit wirelessly and from a distance. The RC sends an infrared signal to the aircon to control the latter’s power, temperature setting, fan speed, different modes, and other features.

In general, most of the aircon brands have the same features. Probably, the difference is the layout of the buttons on their remote control device. By the way, in this post, my reference is the Mitsubishi Split-type aircon unit RC.

Sometimes, those not techie users, like our grandparents, find it hard to enjoy complex functions of the AC remote control. Particularly when setting the on and off timer of the aircon.

For those who don’t know, you can set the time your aircon will turn on as well as when it will turn off. This feature will help reduce your power consumption simply because it will on or off itself automatically based on your preferred settings.

Also, it is convenient to the user as you do not need to always rely on the RC when operating your aircon.

At night time, before going to sleep, you can set in the remote control, the time it will turn off in the morning and vice versa. Do you want to enjoy this feature? Here are the steps.

Step 1: Insert the Triple-A Battery into the designated space

Usually, the aircon remote control requires 2 triple batteries for it to perform its required function. Insert it on the designated space then return the cover.

After that turn on the aircon using the RC.

You will notice that as soon as you turned on the aircon, the digital clock on your remote will also start blinking.
I do not know the reason behind it, but it’s probably a signal that the clock is not set yet in parallel to the current time of the day. step-1-insert-the-batter-in-remote-control

Step 2: Press Clock Button to set Time

The clock button is located at the lower visible part of the remote control. Gently press the button using a thin stick. In my case, I use the ball pen.

Once you pressed the clock button, the digital display stops blinking. It is the opportunity to set the time in accordance with the current time of the day. step-2-press-the-clock-button-v2

Step 3: Set the Remote Control Time Accurately

Set the time by pressing the left or right arrow key. Choose between the two buttons which you think is the faster way to be able to set the time. Assuming you set the time at 1 am then it is faster to use the right arrow key. Alternatively, if the time is 11 pm then it is faster to use the left arrow key. I hope you get what I mean.

One more thing, the aircon time often uses a 24-hour format. So make sure that you matched the 24-hour time on your remote control to the 12-hour time you implement on your mobile device or wall clock.

Once you are done setting the time, then press again the clock button. You will notice that the time on the RC stocks blinking. The latter only means that you are now done setting the time in your remote control.
Proceed now to step 4 to set the time your aircon will turn ON or turn OFF. step-3-press-the-arrow-keys-to-set-the-time-remote-control

Step 4: Set the ON and OFF timer on the Aircon Remote

In this step, you need to determine the time you want your aircon to automatically turn on or turn off.

If you want your aircon to turn ON at 8 PM (evening). Press the “START” button, afterward, press the left or right arrow key until you reach the 20:00 time (because it is in 24-hour format). If you want to disable the “Turn Off” timer then press the start button again.
If you want your aircon to turn OFF at 8 AM ( morning). Press the “STOP” button, afterward, press the arrow key until you reach the 8:00. To disable the “turn OFF” timer just press the stop again. step-4-set-the-time-to-turn-on-the-aircon-using-remote

Step 5: Automatically Turn ON or OFF your Aircon

Since you already set the preferred time your aircon will turn on or off. What you need to do is press the designated button depending on the time of the day.

For example, it’s already in the afternoon and you want your aircon to turn on at 8 PM, then just press the “START” button on your RC.


In this photo, I want my aircon to start at 5:30 am so I press the “START” button.

If it’s already 10 in the evening and you want your aircon to automatically turn OFF at 8 in the morning, then just press the “STOP” button prior to going to sleep.

Watch the video for the actual demo:

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