How to Setup TP Link Archer C50 WIFI Router and Unboxing

This post will show you the unboxing photos and steps to setup TP Link wifi router for the Archer C50 dual-band model. The Tp link wireless router is probably one of the most affordable branded wifi routers available in the market.

It is also a factor why I bought the device because it offers the lowest price among other choices. At the same time, the “TP Link” brand sounds familiar to me.

The reason I get a new router is that my old one has a weak signal. In the sense that the signal cannot reach the room located on the other side of my house.

Every time I am using the said room and have to use the internet, I need to adjust the router’s location. I have to do the adjustment frequently which is really a hassle on my part.

Because of that experience, I decided to buy a new wifi router. Fortunately, I was able to get an affordable device from TP-LINK. The Archer C50 has 4 antennas that can cover every corner of a 2-storey house. It can also help increase the WIFI signal which in turn increases internet speed.

For your information, the brand also offers a wifi extender if you really need to cover a huge space in your house. The router and extender have minimal price difference, so it depends on your needs and budget whether to choose the former over the latter or get both hahaha.

Fast forward, here is the unboxing of my new TP link wifi router. This is to give you an idea about its offering in case you want to buy one for personal use.

According to the box, the tp link brand is the world’s number 1 wi-fi product provider for 8 consecutive years. This is based on worldwide shipments according to IDC worldwide quarterly WLAN tracker during the third quarter of 2018.

Also, this particular model comes with a 3-year warranty which only means I am worry-free for the next 3 years. If something goes wrong under normal usage conditions, I can still bring the device for replacement or repair to the service center. When you purchase this model, it comes with the actual unit, Ethernet cable, documentation, and power adapter. The router seems lighter as compared to my previous one and looks cool too. Also, it is very handy as you can hang the unit on the wall or just place it on the table.  unboxing tp link wireless router

Unit Specifications based on the Box:

  • Dual-band with 300 Mbps (on 2.4 GHz) plus 867 Mbps (on 5 GHz) connections
  • 4 x 5dBpi fixed multi-directional antennas
  • capable of access point mode
  • 1 port for WAN
  • 4 ports for LAN
  • dimensions in mm are 230 x 144 x 35

This particular model has 8 features. However, these 3 got my attention as it is a necessity for me:

  • Parental Controls: this is a setting that manages how your connected device can access the internet. This feature is beneficial to parents who want to control the online information their kids have access to. You can tweak the settings to only allow your kids to have wholesome pieces of information and videos.
  • Guest Network: this is another setting that will allow guests to have separate internet access within the same network.
  • Bandwidth Control: with this feature, you have the power to assign bandwidth to connected devices in your wifi router. For example, as parents, you can assign more bandwidth to the PC or tablet of your homeschooling kids.

5 Steps to Setup the Archer C50 TP Link WIFI router

Based on my experience, setting up this particular router is very simple. It is some sort of plug-and-play where you can just connect all the necessary cables, turn it on, wait for a few minutes, and it’s good to go. Here are the steps plus I’ve included some photos to make it easier for you to follow.

Step 1: Turn Off your modem to start the Wifi Setup

To avoid any issues or accidents it is necessary to turn off your modem before the installation and wifi setup. I think turning off any electronic devices and appliances before setting them up, is a must to avoid any safety issues.

Step 2: Prepare the Device and Cables

You only need to prepare 4 items here. These are the wifi router, ethernet cable, power adapter, and modem. Take note that reading the user manual is necessary if this is your first time setting up a wifi router or any electronic device.

Step 3: Connect the necessary cables for wifi router and modem

Connect the wifi router and modem with the provided ethernet cable. Insert the cable to the blue port marked as “Internet.”

If you are not familiar with the different ports, you can take a look at the back portion of your router, the internet port is the one in the middle next to 4 orange ports.

Afterward, connect the power adapter to the router. Check the photo in this step for reference. tp link wifi setup connection

Step 4: Turn on the modem, then your wifi router

After connecting all the necessary cables, turn on your modem. You need to wait for at least 2 minutes to complete the modem’s start-up process.

Then turn on your wifi router. You also need to wait for at least 45 seconds for the latter to complete its start-up process.

You will know that it is completed when the necessary LED lights are already green. These lights are for Power, 2.5 GHz, 5.0 GHz, and the Internet. 

Step 5: Connect your device to your new wifi router

After waiting for roughly 3 minutes, you can check if your laptop or smartphone can detect the tp link wifi network. If so, connect to the wifi by typing the SSID and password on your respective device. tp link wifi default ssid and password

The default SSID or network name and default wireless password are usually found at the bottom part of the TP-link wireless router.

Read also: How to Change your TP-Link Router’s Username and WiFi Password

There is an option where you can change the default username and password of the router. All you need to do is go to then go to the “System Tools” tab, then “Administrator.” In the given space, type your old password, your new username, and your new password.

That’s basically it! I hope this tutorial is able to help you set up your tp link wifi router easily.

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