How to Share A Load in Globe and TM in 3 Easy Ways

Globe postpaid and TM prepaid subscribers can share their load with friends and loved ones. Here are the ways to perform share a load with fellow network subscribers.

This feature is beneficial if you have friends or relatives that need a load during tough times. For example, when it is raining outside and it’s difficult to find a loading station in their area. Also, at night time when every reloading store are probably closed already.

You can take advantage of this feature to at least reduce the stress of experiencing a zero-balance load when you needed it the most.

Globe’s share a load is a process of transferring regular load or promo offerings by a Globe postpaid/prepaid user directly to another prepaid subscriber of a related telco. The process is the same for TM prepaid phones.

There are three possible options to perform the shareaload transaction on Globe and Touch Mobile powered mobile phones. We will cover all those here. First of all, if you are a postpaid subscriber you can send a load as long as it is within your Php 500 monthly credit limit.

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For prepaid users, you can transfer load up to 5 times per day with a maximum of Php 150 regular load per transaction. You can do so as long as you have enough balance to cover the shared load amount and service fee. how to share a load globe tm Sharing a load with Globe and TM is very easy. You can either transfer with or without a PIN code. Also, you can transfer by dialing *143# via the Call icon of your smartphone.

How to Share A Load in Globe and TM (No Pin Code Needed) Steps

  • Step 1: On your mobile device type Text(space)<amount> and send it to 2 plus the recipient’s 10 digit prepaid number

For example: Text 200 then send it to 29167654321

  • Step 2: Receive a text message

The SMS will ask you if you want to continue with your share a load transaction. (take note of the Php 1 fee)

You should reply with a “YES” immediately within the 5 minute window.

  • Step 3: Receive a confirmation message

How to Share a Load in Globe and TM via Text with a PIN Code Steps

  • Step 1: Create a four-digit PIN code

On your mobile SMS screen type in <REG>space<4 characters PIN>space<4 to 10 character PIN clue>

For example: REG Matt Blogger or REG Glob cellphone

  • Step 2: Send it to 2916 (take note of the Php 1 transaction charge)
  • Step 3: Received a PIN Registration Successful Notification
  • Step 4: Start sharing a load thru text message

To share a load, on your mobile SMS screen: Text(space)<amount>(space)<4 digit PIN> then send it to 2 plus the 10 digit prepaid mobile number.

For example: Text 200 Matt then send to 29171234567

  • Step 5: Receive a Text message

The SMS will ask you whether you want to proceed or not with the transaction (take note that of the Php 1.0 transaction charge).

You should reply with a “YES” within 5 minutes duration.

  • Step 6: Received a text confirmation that your “Share-A-Load” transaction is complete

How to Share A Load using the *143# Number Steps

This is the third option to share a load with other Globe or TM prepaid subscribers.

globe pasaload to tm

It is by typing the *143# after you touch the “call” icon of your cellphone.

  • Step 1: Using the call icon, Dial *143#, the screen will show you the different options
  • Step 2: Reply by typing the number 6 or “Rewards” option. Again the screen will show you different choices
  • Step 3: Reply by typing the number 7 option or “Gift Rewards”
  • Step 4: Type in the 10 digit prepaid mobile number of the Share A Load recipient.
  • Step 5: Select option 1 or “Globe Telco Product”
  • Step 6: Choose the load amount or other promotions that you want to share
  • Step 7: Start sharing by replying “2”
  • Step 8: Decide whether you want to use a PIN code or Not
  • Step 9: Reply “1” to proceed with the transaction
  • Step 10: Received a text message from Globe or TM confirming that your Share a load is complete

Note: the corresponding action per number changes from time to time

What are the Denominations and Validity in Globe and TM Share A Load

The amount that we share with fellow subscribers has validity. In order for us to maximize the benefits of the amount shared, fellow subscribers, need to use it within the validity duration.

Otherwise, the latter will be forfeited. That is what we do not want to experience right. So, to avoid any issues in the future. I suggest that you check the amount range and their respective validity. In general, as the shared amount becomes higher, the days validity also increases.

  • Php 1 – Php 10 – 3 days validity
  • Php 11 to Php 50 – 15 days validity
  • Php 51 to Php 100 – 30 days validity
  • Php 101 to Php 150 – 45 days validity
  • Php 151 to Php 250 – 60 days validity
  • Php 251 to Php 299 – 75 days validity
  • Php 300 and above amount – 1 year validity

How much is the Share A Load Service Fee in Globe Telecom, or TM?

The service fee is 1 Peso for every successful share a load done by either Globe postpaid or TM prepaid subscribers. For postpaid subscribers, the fee is charged on the bill on top of the amount shared and the monthly service fee (MSF).

For prepaid subscribers, the Php 1 transaction fee plus the shared amount is deducted or charged to the regular load. Before doing anything, check your load balance first.

Is Share A Load the same as Pasaload?

Share A Load and Pasaload are the same concept, Share A load is used by Globe Telecom and TM Subscribers while pasaload is used by Smart Telecom and TNT subscribers.

Update: Share A Load and Share A Promo has been discontinued by Globe Telecom from December 1, 2022, onwards.

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