I Almost Say Goodbye to my Globe Broadband DSL with Landline

I almost say goodbye to Globe Broadband DSL with a landline bundle. I have my subscription with Globe for two years already. In that span, I usually got disconnected on the internet when there is power fluctuation, for me that is normal since in a matter of minutes the connection will be automatically restored.

A few weeks ago I had no internet connection for almost two weeks, on the first week there is totally no internet connection on the second week my line got fixed, but encountered intermittent connection. It’s like I got disconnected 4 times every hour.
Globe broadband DSL wired

I was disturbed with this happening that it forces me to call the globe broadband hotline every other day. In the first week their hotline agent told me that there is ongoing system enhancement in my area in Tondo, the thing is even if the system enhancement thing was finished I still have no internet.

After 8 days globe technicians went to my house and were able to restore my internet connection, but after that, I experienced frequent disconnection. Days passed I called again their globe hotline to report this new issue. After two days, they visit again my house and do a line inspection to trace the problem.

They climb up globe posts and found out that part of the wire leading to my house was left open and decaying. According to them, it is the main cause of the intermittent internet connection problems. Within 1 hour they were able to resolve my problem. I should say it has been a week when they restored my line and up to now I haven’t experienced internet disconnection yet.

Despite having internet connection problems for weeks, I am happy that they were able to provide reasonable effort to solve it. This made me decide not to say goodbye (for now) on my globe broadband dsl with Landline subscription.

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  • Unsatisfied Loyal Customer

    you’re lucky they fixed your line. I had a problem with mine and they seem incompetent or unwilling to fix it. after over one month of following up to no avail, I’ve had enough of Globe’s snobbish customer relations attitude and had it cut.

  • jj

    I almost SAID goodbye to my Globe Broadband DSL with Landline

    • mattscradle

      Thanks bro.

  • ryan

    Globe technical team still does not resolve the issue of internet connection here in tondo, its 10 days now and still down. Tried to call them every other day but told me that they escalated the problem on 3rd level support.

  • fyi

    Getting a bunch of disconnects last couple of days wired dsl in Bacolod City.

  • kyle

    im moving to Sky Fiber during this quarantine if they can install their internet on my house problem with globe here it keeps disconnecting every day nonstop from the last 3 months ive been frustrated and very angry at them, slow internet , disconnecting problems. they dont even have a good reason why its happening and no globe representative even bothered to help me with my problem even if i called multiple times a week.

  • Jay

    Same with me, ang may problema lang tlaga ay yung connection ng wire dun sa box nila. Not sure if sa kalumaan ba or nagagalaw ng ibang nag aayos din sa mainbox nila. It took just 2 hrs for them, perfect na ulit conncection ko after a week na putol putol ang connection.

    • Matt

      Thank you for sharing your experience Jay!

  • Vangie

    I have been experiencing no internet connection for 7 days. I keep on calling your globe hotline everyday but i got no answer at all. Am asking your assistance for the nth time, here is my globe account number: 900311495

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