I want to Buy a Tag Heuer Monaco Watch!!!

I usually visit the SM store near our place, often I go there to window shop or inquire about the latest price list of gadgets such as Samsung Galaxy phones.

Sometimes I inquire about the price of the new iPhone to see if its cost is already affordable relative to my funds. There are times when I go to SM malls just to unwind and dine in at Burger King to eat my favorite Whopper Jr. combo meal which comes with a free sundae for only P135. Or I go buy 500ML Coconut (Buko) shakes at the lower ground level.

There are many simple things that I wanted to do when I’m inside the SM Malls. But when I pass by certain watch stores, my attention goes to those TAG Heuer watches. Since then every time I pass that watch store the feeling strengthens to buy a Tag Heuer Watch.

You might be asking why I want that brand of watch and my answer is going to be simple. It’s because the watch is popular with people my age. Also, another reason is that it is a luxury watch. One of my dreams is to have a luxury watch hahaha.

If given a chance I will probably buy the Tag Heuer Monaco. Its design is very iconic since its case is square which is not the usual round-face watch. People will surely take a second look at the watch because again it is iconic. Watch collectors can easily identify Monaco even from afar.

According to Tagheuer.com, it was launched in 1969 since then it changed the face of luxury Swiss watchmaking. Based on some reports online, the Tag Heuer Monaco got its name from the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix. It is also the first square-faced automatic chronograph running on Calibre 11, and the first square-case water-resistant chronograph. It is Jack Heuer who at that time was the head of Tag Heuer who designed Monaco to honor the formula one race.

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