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In my earlier post, I have already told that Instagram for android is coming sooner. Well, today (April 3, 2012) is that day. From this moment on, every android user will be rejoicing. The reason is that the news about Instagram coming to Android has now become a reality.

Instagram is a popular free photo-sharing application initially introduced in IOS devices in October 2012. Currently, it has millions of users on the mentioned mobile operating system. instagram for androidInstagram when used, enables the user to capture photos apply different custom-designed borders and filters then eventually share it in your favorite social networking sites. The same thing can be done on the old and existing photos, to make it more appealing and enhance detail.

This version of Instagram for android supports both the front and back facing camera. However, in order for Instagram to work on your android device, it should run version 2.2 or higher. It should also support OpenGL ES 2.

This android app features 100 percent custom-designed filters and borders. It also comes with the LUX feature which as described on Google play work as magic enabling photos to become more vibrant and bring out unnoticed detail on the picture before.

To download Instagram for android for free visit Google play.

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  • kapamilya_sb

    try ko nga. kala ko pang iphone lang yun software na toh.

  • Robert V

    My sister’s Galaxy Y is not supported by instagram. Very sad girl. :D

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