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Iphone 4S is indeed one of the most anticipated smartphone this year. Many are excited sleeplessly including myself following live blogs during its unveiling at Apple headquarters California on October 4, 2011 (1AM in the Philippines).

I was expecting a bigger screen and a completely unique design of Iphone and was expecting also it will be named as Iphone 5. During the live blog the moment I read that it will be Iphone 4S and no Iphone 5 I was completely dismayed.

The fact that I hold on buying an android phone waiting for the Iphone launching thinking that there will be really a new design. Specs-wise it really improves on the inside but then I was expecting a bit more on the outside.

It seems at this point in time a 3.5” screen already belongs to entry-level phones considering most of the mobile player already has 4” or higher. Anyway, this is just my personal sentiments don’t mind about it.

From the Live blog:

Iphone 4S has dual core A5 processor similar to that of IPad 2. It promises to be 2X faster with dual core graphics which is up to 7x faster than Iphone 4.

Iphone 4s Talktime and Battery Life:
3G – 8 Hours
2G – 14 Hours
3G Browsing – 6 hours
Wi-fi Browsing – 9 Hours
Video playback  – 10 Hours
Music playback – 40 Hours

Iphone 4S Camera:
8 megapixels (3264 x 2448) which are 60% more pixels than in the Iphone 4. The new sensor is capable of gathering 73% more light than Iphone 4 and is much faster. Iphone 4S will only require 1.1 seconds to take its first photo, the next shot will only need .5 of a second.

What really is impressive about Iphone 4S is its personal assistant (Siri) basing from its official video you can instruct Siri by simply doing a voice command. I suggest that you watch the Iphone 4S official video. It truly explains everything about the Iphone 4S.

Iphone 4S official Video:

Iphone 4S Globe Price, Plans in the Philippines.

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