iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4 Speed Test Video

iPhone 4S key features are dual core A5 chip which is 2X faster, a new dual core gpu which offer 7 times faster than its predecessor, better camera and a personal assistant “Siri” surely with these specs and features it is much faster and better than iPhone 4. Despite all this specs improvements have you really got the idea how fast is fast does iphone 4S vs iphone 4. Are you willing to sell your one year old iPhone 4 and spend hundreds of dollars to upgrade to iPhone 4S because of these improvement?

Probably there are factors which you would consider in buying / upgrading to iphone 4S but perhaps this iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4 speedtest video will help you decide whether to replace your iP4 for iP4S or better wait for next year’s iphone 5 (if there is). The video may be limited as it only cover boot, reboot, heavy graphics game launching, Safari web browsing though at least you have an idea in regard to their speed difference.

Watch the iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4 speedtest video courtesy of tysiphonehelp below:

Update: In the Philippines iphone 4S is already launched with globe and smart.

* photo screen grab from youtube

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