Iphone 4S will be available in Smart by December 2011

Iphone 4S will also be carried by Smart Communications starting December 2011. Yes you heard it right. I was reading inquirer and yugatech this morning and was surprised that Smart will start offering the ever-popular most talked about iPhone 4S. The device will be part of its smartphone bundle plan.

Initially, iPhone 4S is only available to high-end postpaid plans. Aside from iPhone 4S, smart will also be offering an iPad as part of their mobile internet bundle but no specific release dates yet.

With Smart bringing up the competition for iPhone products surely subscribers alike will be benefited as it is expected to bring down the subscription and the unit price as well. It is most likely possible that Apple Philippines will sell an unlocked version of the unit just like what was happening in any other country.

I hope Sun Cellular will also join the competition and bring out a brilliant unli plan that again will change the way free sms, unli calls, unli surf is being offered by telecommunication companies.

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  • Smart must be very rich to be a carrier of the No.1 smartphone.

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