iPhone 5S and 5C Price in the Philippines

Christmas is just few days away. Probably, most of you working professionals have received your performance bonuses, the second half of thirteenth month, and if you are lucky enough you would get up to fifteenth-month pay. 2013 has been a tough year isn’t it? Working on holidays, had to go overtime and occasionally berated by superiors.

If you plan to give yourself a gift, I think this is the best month of the year to do it. Any form of reward will do an out-of-town trip with friends, and maybe a whole day bonding with family. This is also the right time to buy your dream gadget the new iPhone 5S or 5C if you want more colorful design.

Do you have any idea where to buy iphone 5S and 5C at the cheapest price available in the Philippines? If not you may check the details below. I have consolidated the price list for the two iphone models offered by reliable online gadget stores and local network providers.

Here is the price list of iPhone 5S and 5C from local Telcos:

Smart IPhone 5S Price in any color
16GB – P34400
32GB – P39600
64GB – P44800

Smart Iphone 5C Price in any color
16GB – P29000
32GB – P34200

Globe IPhone 5S Price in any color
16GB – P34400
32GB – P39600
64GB – P44800

Globe IPhone 5C Price in any color
16GB – P29000
32GB – P34200

iPhone 5S and 5C Price List from online gadget stores in the Philippines:

Widget City iPhone 5S
16GB (Black) – P34200
32GB (Black) – P38945
64GB (Black) – P43445
16GB (Gold) – No details
32GB (Gold) – P39990
64GB (Gold) – P48490
16GB (White) – P33945
32GB (White) – P41445
64GB (White) – P43490

Widget City iPhone 5C
16GB (Blue) – P23990
32GB (Blue) – P28790
16GB (Pink) – P23300
16GB (White) – P23300
32GB (White) – P28790
16GB (Yellow) – P23500
32GB (Yellow) – P28790

Kimstore also sells iPhone 5S and 5C. Unfortunately, I will not be able to post here their price offerings because often times they do price drop overnight. For updated price list, I suggest that you visit their Facebook page or their official website.

* Please take note that the iPhone 5S and 5C price list is good only on the time of writing

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