IPhone 6 Review, Biggest Leak in Apple History (Funny Video)

Days prior to the September 2014 launching of the new iPhone 6, several rumors, reviews, leaks and mock-ups were already seen circulating online particularly in social media.
iphone 6 review

The phone is said to have two variants – the 4.7 and the 5.5 inch touchscreen display. It will bear the iOS 8 out of the box, powered by a 2GHz A8 dual-core processor and a 2GB of RAM. It will also have a thinner vessel compared to current 5S. However, according to reports online, iPhone 6 will keep its 8MP rear camera with some major feature improvement like optical image stabilization. When comes to storage capacity, it is said that there will be 128GB variant.

Lots of these leaks and rumors of the new phone are already available in the web but none of them has presented the biggest leak in Apple history, in fact a very funny leak or some sort of review similar to the one below.

Watch iPhone 6 Funny Review

In the video, the reviewer (Doldo411) compared side by side the new iphone 6 to iphone 5S. The review covers the home botton comparison, thickness, the brandnew material used since if feels different compared to the old one. He also made the usual teardown (using a bread knife) so we can see the inside of the new Apple iphone 6. Aside from the device, the new casing is also featured in the review. It is said to be perfectly matched to iPhone 6. At the later part, the device reviewer does the drop down test. It survived the free fall however, the device was eaten by a dog.

Video credits to The Second City Network of youtube for the comprehensive review of the new iphone 6.

Lets just hope that everything featured in this video is not real as it will really disappoint the fans of iOS and iPhone.


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