Israel has Jobs for Filipino Hotel Housekeepers, Apply directly to POEA

Israel has job openings for 1000 Filipino Hotel Housekeepers. Filipinos can now start processing their application for hotel housekeeping jobs bound for Israel directly to POEA. You can see here are the list of qualifications, name of the position, number of vacancies, and how to apply for the reported job opening.

Due to the government to government agreement signed by Israel and the Philippines on December 11, 2018, interested applicants can now apply straight to POEA. Israel assigned the said government institution as the only entity that will process the recruitment and deployment of the soon to be hired Filipino hotel housekeepers.

There will be NO recruitment fee during the process since it is POEA who will act as the manpower agency.

Israel Job Openings for Filipinos 2019

  • Israel tourism industry has 1000 job openings available only for Filipino Hotel Housekeepers


To be qualified applicants must meet the following preconditions and qualifications:

  • must be a citizen of the Philippines
  • at least 25 years old
  • Has passed the TESDA assessment and certification for housekeeping and acquired the level 2 National Certificate (NCII)
  • with NBI clearance
  • physically and mentally fit, capable of physically demanding hotel housekeeping work
  • good in speaking basic English language
  • diligent, service-oriented, pays attention to details, and polite
  • Should have no relatives living or working in Israel such as parents, children, and spouse

Read my reference:

israel hotel jobs for filipino


Israel needs 1000 skilled hotel housekeepers which will be randomly selected from the registry of qualified workers in POEA’s final database of applicants.

The Philippine Overseas Employment Agency will not collect recruitment fees from the applicants. However, the applicants will need to shoulder other processing fees, clearances, and airfare costs.

How to Apply

Interested skilled housekeepers who have met the given conditions and qualifications stated by the government of Israel, may now register online in POEA through to start with their application.

To be able to register at, job seekers need to have a valid email address and a valid Philippine passport.


In the POEA news advisory dated September 23, 2019, the POEA administrator reminded Filipino jobseekers to avoid illegal recruiters and should verify with POEA any reported job vacancies.

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  • Aileen sosa molina

    I hope i will be qualified and phisically fit to work,,thanks in advance godbless

    • Matt

      Hi Aileen,

      Apply directly to POEA. Good luck!

    • Heldigard P.Malubag

      im interesting for housekeeper in esrael.god bless and thank you….

  • April Blesse H. Daprinal

    I saw it on news..that they open opportunity to work in a hotel at Israel. But when i went to PoEA.. They say there is no such offer. Pls.. Help me with the info.Sir. how to apply. Im really interested. Thank you. Godbless

    • Matt

      Hi April, you need to visit the official website of then at the homepage check the “News Release/Advisory,” you can read the news there. Apply directly to POEA.

    • Rochelle Rosario

      Im interested to work in israel as a housekeeping . Any informatIon how to apply

      • Matt

        You need to apply directly to POEA. You can visit the official website of POEA to know eactly how to apply. Good luck!

      • Welfe

        I am interested to work in Israel as a housekeeping.
        I am currently working here in Amman Jordan,for 10 years now and willing to fly cross country..
        Thank you

        • Matt

          Please apply directly to POEA/DMW website.

  • Kristine Donabel M. Ratum

    I actually register to the site given by poea, And when i checked, my birthday and sex is different, how can i edit my info? and can i register again just incase? thank you very much,

  • Dorcas Apolonio Serrano

    Thak you poea for giving me a chance to register

  • Marilyn De Guzman Zingapan

    I want to work in Israel for housekeepers

    • Matt

      Apply directly to POEA!

  • Imelda Bonguit

    Hi i would to apply..i am a former OFW in Dubai as a school bus attendant and i am undergraduate in a course of BSHRM i was trained before as a housekeeper and im willing to be train again..thank you..i hope i can be part of this event..i do have a valid passport and NBI clearance..thank you soo much..

    • Matt

      Hi Imelda,

      You have to Apply directly to POEA.

      • Naty D. Pitpitunge

        Good day sir. I’m currently a DH here in Kuwait and I want to apply as care giver or a hotel cleaner. If I apply directly to poea how much will I spend before I can go to Israel?

        • Matt

          Hi Naty, you need to inquire directly with POEA. They can give you the right information. Good luck!

  • Rachel Dumangeng

    Hi sir i read in news that theres new job in ineterested but im here in it ok that i apply here??thnk u

    • Matt

      Hi Rachel,

      You need to apply DIRECTLY to Good luck!

      • Analyn maquinto

        Hi sir good day…i have problem with my e registrations im here now in Saudi Arabia and i wnat to apply in israel but they need e registrations but my e registrations make by my agency before …how can i open theres any way sir

    • Vivian Aparta

      Good morning .i want to ask about age limit .if there age limit to apply housekeeping in Israel? Thanks

  • Simon Peter Taclob

    Good day. Is this only for female applicants as a housekeeper? What are the possible for male applicants? Thanks

  • joy bandol

    Good day! Kailan po Last Registration ng Application ng hotel Housekeeping in Israel?

    • Matt

      You can check the official website of POEA.

  • Chrishalee constantino

    Good interested To work in israel..
    Thank you

    • Jovelyn Ambia Cayetano

      Good day, how to apply I’m interested to work in another country as a housekeeping or hotel cleaner. Thank you

      • Matt

        Hi Jovelyn, please check the official website of POEA for complete details.

  • Verniza casubuan

    I’m interested Ang I’m completely requirement

    • Matt

      You can visit the official website of POEA

  • Marian S. Pepito

    May I ask if there is an age limit?

  • Vanessa Palao

    Im physical fit and i want to apply in israel as housekeeping..i have NCII passed but how i renew its already xpired last December 19,2019 and i dont have yet a valid passport…pls help me of some info…thanks for the answers

    • Matt

      Focus first on acquiring a valid passport. Afterward, visit the official website of POEA for updates regarding this job openings for Israel.

  • Analyn M. Fajelagot

    I want to work in Israel as a baker or housekeeper or waitress,,,
    I am a NTTC holder in BPP NCII,housekeeping ncii and fbs ncii,,
    I have a passport,,,please help me!!!

    • Matt

      Please apply directly to POEA website. You can see information there.

  • Mildred S. Valdez

    Good day sir,im am a former ofw im interested With the job offer by israel i have already a house keeping NCII certificate and passport holder valid until 2022 may i ask if there an age limit?thanks…

    • Matt

      Please apply directly to POEA.

  • Giselle R Villaraza

    Hi I would like to ask if the said job offer in Israel is still available?

    • Matt

      You can check the poea website about the details.

  • Jeremias, Jr. C Mahinay

    I am very willing to apply, i have every qualifications aforementioned except one, its my age since I am still 22 and turning 23 by October. Do they offer other jobs fitted to my age?
    Thank you

    • Matt

      Hi Jeremias, you need to apply directly to POEA. Good luck!

  • Analiza Paltinca

    Any update about Hotel worker in Israel?Still waiting the announcement for the date and time of submission of my application.Thanks and God bless

    • Matt

      You can check the official website of POEA for the latest updates about this job opening for Israel.

  • Magdalena Perez Moya

    In my age I really wanted to go abroad to work any position even housemaid or housekeeper I can do all the household chores .I am willing to work as long as I am strong and healthy to work please help me


  • Carmelie Acabal

    im interested…but i dont have NCII…what should i do..tnx…pls respectmy comment….

  • Pagar Ellen

    I’m interested to apply in israel how tp apply..thanks in advance

    • Matt

      You need to apply directly to POEA.

  • Jossie B. Uñigo

    I’m interested to apply passport holder & I have NCII Certificate.
    How to apply?……….

  • Marie

    Ilan months po yung training sa tesda

    • Matt

      Hi Marie, the training in tesda varies depending on the course the schools that offer it.

  • Eden

    Is there a height limit in the housekeeping because i am not qualified in caregiver because of my height.

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