JAC Liner First Free Wi-FI Bus, Routes

I was riding a bus going to Sta. Rosa Laguna when I saw the rear part of JAC Liner bus having an advertisement that they offer a free Wi-Fi while on board.

It got my attention due to the fact that it happened for the first time that a bus company in the Philippines offer a free wi-fi (Cool). This offering by Jac Liner is advantageous to travelers who still want to be connected with their friends in social networking sites assuming they have wi-fi enabled gadgets.

I haven’t tried it though according to their website all you need to do is to boot up your laptop or Wi-Fi capable cell phones and you’ll have smooth-running internet access in their bus.

Jac Liner WiFi Bus

So if you’re planning to visit southbound tourist destinations try to check this offering from Jac Liner. But be extra cautious for sure people with bad intentions will also try to get to that bus.

JAC Liner Bus Routes / Destination
– Cubao / Buendia to Lucena
– Alimall to Lucena
– Cubao / Buendia to Marinduque
– Cubao / Buendia to Mauban
– Buendia to Balibago
– Buendia to Binan

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  • Riza

    I don’t know how you’d be able to enjoy surfing the net when your surrounding is moving around you, plus the people who might be curious at what you’re doing. We have a lot of those uzi’s hahah! May also be good if you’re traveling long hours, but I’m sure those phones that can connect to wifi will surely enjoy this free service :)

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