Japan needs 800,000 Caregivers and Housekeepers

Good news to Filipinos who aspire to become caregivers and want to work in Japan. This year, Japan will need 800,000 caregivers. The salary is around 70,000 pesos per month or an estimated 1443 US dollars. The job opportunity offers free Japanese language training and has no placement fee.

Japan needs roughly 800,000 caregivers/housekeepers this 2017. The Japanese firm’s first picked or top priority for the available caregiving jobs in their country are Filipinos.

Based on the news report from TV Patrol, several Japanese businessmen are currently in the Philippines. They are in talks with Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello and Cabinet Secretary Jun Evasco to discuss building several training facilities in the country.

The training facilities will cater to those Filipinos who want to become caregivers or housekeepers in Japan. The Japanese firms will be financing the construction and development of the training facilities which will cost half a billion pesos each.

They will also be bringing in high tech equipment and Japanese instructors to teach Filipino caregivers about the culture and language of Japan.

They are doing so because they prefer Filipino caregivers. According to the Director of PHGIC, the suggested locations for the training facilities are Davao, Cebu or Bohol, and Laguna.

According to the interpreter of Taiji Yamada, Chair of the Board of Directors of Taizankai. The Japanese saw how caring the Filipinos are when it comes to health. This is probably the main reason the Japanese firm’s top pick for the job is Filipino caregivers.

Watch the news report below:

Japan has more than 33 Million citizens age 60 years old and above. Due to this concern, many of these senior citizens will need caregivers and housekeepers to assist them in their day to day activities.

Japanese firms are currently waiting for the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration ( POEA ) to release the guidelines for the deployment of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to Japan.

*Video credits to ABS-CBNNews Youtube channel

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