Job Fair in Trinoma Activity Center Quezon City

Hello June 2014 Jobseekers!!! The PRA or Philippine Retailers Association is inviting you to participate in their 2-day job fair this coming June 4 and 5,2014 from 10AM to 6PM. It will be held at the activity center of Trinoma, one of the biggest malls in Quezon City.

There will be hundreds of job openings in various industries which include BPO (Call Center), Retail, Medical Services, Real Estate, Banks, Construction, Hotel, and many more.

There are also government agencies like Pag-Ibig, Philhealth, and Social Security System  ( SSS ), which will participate in the said event to assist the jobseekers and individuals regarding membership, contribution updates and other related concerns.

job fair trinoma

This event is organized by PRA and Island Exhibit Link with the cooperation of Trinoma.

What to do or bring during the job fair (just my humble advice)

During the event job seekers should arrived on the place early. Remember, it is a job fair so expect hundreds or thousands of applicants that will line up and participate in the event. As the old saying goes “early bird catches the worm” if you are early you might get better opportunity (like higher allotted time from HR personnel) than those who will arrive hours late.

You should bring plenty of CVs. Have at least 25 copies of your CV so you won’t have to hesitate distributing it on participating companies. You should be neat and wear appropriate attire during the job fair. It is not advisable to come to the venue wearing jeans or T-shirts. It would be better to wear slacks and collared shirts for male, and skirts and blouse for female applicants.

Be prepared for questions that may be asked by the human resources personnel. You should prepare yourself to questions like “Why do you like to work with us?” or “Can you tell me something about yourself.” Based on my experience those are common questions. Maintain eye contact, and give a firm handshake for better first impression (search online for proper handshake).

Bring snacks, drinking water, extra shirts, and most important of all pray for guidance.

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As of the writing you still have 4 days to prepare. Good luck!!!

*Got the job fair details from my email.

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