Job Fair Schedule in Glorietta and FEU Makati

There will be two series of job fairs that would happen this month; one is in the Glorietta activity center and the other is in FEU Makati according to the Job Market Online Facebook page.

If you happen to be searching for your dream job this February, there are two job fairs that you can participate in to increase the chance of finding the work that you want.

job fair february 2014

Here are the schedules
February 17-18,2014 10AM to 6PM at Glorietta Activity Center
February 27-28,2014 10 AM to 5 PM at Far Eastern University in Makati

In order to participate in this event, job seekers are required to register probably on site. However, to avoid long waiting lines, you can get an express pass by simply texting
JOIN IJM <name>/<age>/<gender>/<address>/<e-mail address> and send to 4467 (free of charge).

List of Hiring Industries for the February 17-18 Job Fair in Glorietta
Consumer products
Financial Services
Human Resources
Management / Consultancy
Information Technology
Real Estate
Retail / Sales

What to Do During Job Fair

Participating in Job fairs would increase the chance that you would get a job, however, getting to the place or just preparing numerous copies of your resume won’t help. You have to wear presentable clothes, have a striking resume and self-confidence. You also need to have a short speech just in case a company representative you’ve come across would ask about your background.

Job fairs are usually participated by numerous companies, which you might get overwhelmed. You should have the list of target companies to submit your resume assuming you haven’t got any working experience. Otherwise, if you don’t have a plan of changing your career, focus on companies that offer jobs similar to your previous.

Bring a pen, notepad, drinking water, crackers in case you get hungry, an extra shirt, and most of all prayers for guidance.

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