How to Find Work Abroad in the Philippines [3 Legit Ways]

There are thousands of work abroad that are available Filipinos. The only problem is that you may not know where to search for them online. In this post, I will teach you 3 legit way on how to find work abroad from the Philippines using the POEA website. So that you will not encounter fly by night manpower agencies.

Using the POEA website, you can search the available positions relative to your degree and work experience. You can also search for available jobs in Canada or in any of your preferred country. There is also an option where you can find jobs offered by specific manpower agencies nearest to your location.

Filipinos are very skillful, multi-talented, and hardworking. This is why overseas employers prefer Filipinos as their employees. We are also very respectful of our bosses. We call them Sir or Maam as a sign of our respect.

Sometimes, employers felt awkward about that gesture. The reason is foreign employers are used to a first-name basis when calling out their colleagues in the workplace. Regardless of the position of the person.

Filipinos are able to work in any environment. Even in the extreme temperature of the middle east and snow of the northern part of the world. You name the country, chances are, you will encounter an overseas Filipino worker in that location.

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How to Find Work Abroad based on Position in POEA online

If you do not have a preference when comes to manpower agency or country of destination. As long as you get hired for a job bound for abroad. These are the steps that you need to follow.

Step 1: Visit the POEA website

When you are on the homepage of the website, you need to scroll down at the middle part of the page until see the “Approved Job Orders of Licensed Recruitment Agencies” orange box. how-to-find-jobs-abroad-poea-6It is just below the red box to check the status of recruitment agencies, and just above of the Philippine transparency circle seal.

Alternatively, you can scroll until the bottom of the homepage until you see the “Job Opportunities.” Under it choose the “Job Orders Through Licensed Recruitment Agencies.” how-to-find-jobs-abroad-poea-2The third option to go to “Online Services” which is located in the footer section of the homepage. In the list of choices, go to “Verification of Agency’s Job Orders.”
All of the options will redirect you to a new page for the latest available job orders.

Step 2: Go to Search Available Job Orders by Position

On the new page, you will be given three choices. Select the “Search Available Job Orders by Position.” You can disregard the 2 other choices since your aim is to find a legit job relative to your previous position and work experience. Regardless of the manpower agency or country of destination. how-to-find-jobs-abroad-poea-3

Step 3: Enter the Name of the Job, Type in the Keyword

On the new page, you will be given an option to type in the name of the job you are searching in relation to your work experience. Type in the keyword of the job you want to apply to. how-to-find-jobs-abroad-poea-4In the space provided, type in the position. For example, “Housekeeping,” “Computer,” “Engineer” or just the keyword. Afterward, hit “Submit or Enter.”

Step 4: View the List of Jobs with POEA Approved Job Orders

From the keyword “Housekeeping.” The new page will show you the list of job positions that have the keyword. how-to-find-jobs-abroad-poea-5It will also show you all the countries that have job openings for the position, the hiring manpower agency, job order balance, and date approved.

Gather all the data that you need such as the specific job position, manpower agency, and country of destination.

Step 5: Apply Directly to the Hiring Manpower Agency Near You

What we can do next is to apply directly to recruitment agencies by sending them our Curriculum Vitae, and Resumes. We can reach out to each agency by visiting their office, giving them a call, or sending them an email. If you will ask me, the most effective and safest is by visiting directly their office.

Watch the Video version:

Read the rest of the details afterward.

How to Find Jobs Abroad by Specific Country Through POEA

These are the steps if you have a preferred country of destination should you have the chance to work abroad.

After this, you will know the complete list of job openings in a certain country that is open for Filipino skilled workers.

Step 1: Visit POEA’s official website

You can search through Google or type in the said URL in the address bar of your browser.

Step 2: Go to the Approved Job Orders of Licensed Recruitment Agencies

Scroll to the middle right side of the homepage until you see the orange box with the title “Approved Job Orders of Licensed Recruitment Agencies. Afterward, visit the link.

Step 3: Select “Search Available Job Orders by Country”

There are three choices. Select the one in the middle which is the search available job orders by country. poea-available-job-orders-by-country-1

Step 4: Select your Preferred Country of Destination

In the page you need to choose the ideal country if ever you will be working overseas. There are 195 countries in the world. Select your preferred country.
For example, you want to work in JAPAN. So, select Japan in the drop-down menu and submit. poea-available-job-orders-by-country-2

Step 5: View the Available Jobs in Your Chosen Country

Since we use Japan as our example, we will be able to see the complete list of jobs offered by manpower agencies that are bound for Japan. poea-available-job-orders-by-country-3The column will show you the country, position, agency name, date approved, and job order balance.

Gather data of the manpower agencies that have job openings related to your work experience and apply directly to them.

How to Find Jobs Abroad by Manpower Agency Through POEA Website

In this part, I will show you the steps on how to view the available jobs offered by a POEA accredited manpower agency in the Philippines. Regardless of the country of destination and jobs.
The probable reason you choose the manpower agency is that your friend or acquaintance recommended it to you. Or you have a good experience with them during your previous job application.

Step 1: Go to POEA Website

At the homepage, scroll straight to the middle part of the page until you see the orange box on the right-hand side. Hit the box to redirect you to a new page.

Step 2: Choose Search Available Job Orders by Agency

There will be 3 choices but I suggest that you disregard the other two. Because your aim is to check the job offer of a specific manpower agency. Choose the “Search Available Job Orders by Agency” link. search-available-job-orders-by-manpower-agency-1

Step 3: Select the Name of the Manpower Agency

At the new page, you are asked to select the name of the manpower agency in POEA’s database. On the dropdown menu, scroll until you see the agency name. For ease of use, POEA arranged the names in alphabetical order.

Step 4: Gather the List of Job Openings of the Recruitment Agency

For this step, I will use the OMANFIL Manpower Agency as an example. So, in the dropdown menu, I will search for the name OMANFIL and I will hit the submit button.
POEA will show you the list of countries that the agency has job openings, the position name, date approved, and the job order balance. search-available-job-orders-by-manpower-agency-3

Step 5: Apply Directly to the Manpower Agency

Check which job vacancy is related to your work experience. Also, verify with the latter if the job position is still available. Afterward, apply directly to the agency. search-available-job-orders-by-manpower-agency-4There you have it. Follow the steps depending on your objective. It will also lead you to find jobs abroad from the Philippines and be able to work as an overseas Filipino worker.

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