Jobs in South Korea for Filipinos, via EPS-TOPIK, and Manpower Agencies

This year Filipino job seekers can now apply for a job in South Korea via Employment Permit System (EPS) – TOPIK / or through POEA accredited manpower agencies that are authorized to deploy OFWs to South Korea.

South Korea, home to international brands like Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Hyundai Motor, Kia Motors, and 13 other Global Fortune 500 listed companies, has some job openings for OFWs.

Filipinos can work in different sectors which includes manufacturing, and construction depending on their previous/ current work experience. There are also numerous manpower agencies on POEA website which posted job openings (with approved job orders) related to entertainment, and Engineering in the said country.

Find a Job in South Korea via EPS (Direct Hiring)

Through EPS, Filipinos can work in factories, construction, agriculture, and farming of animals. To be able to do so, applicants must meet certain qualifications, he / she should also study Korean language, and passed the EPS-TOPIK exam which is given by POEA.

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EPS – TOPIK stands for Employment Permit System – Test of Proficiency in Korean which is a Korean Language Test conducted twice a year (April and October) for people who study the language overseas. However, POEA has no definite time for the release of the EPS-TOPIK schedule. Interested applicants should visit POEA website from time to time for the update about the said proficiency test.

If an applicant passed the EPS-TOPIK he should proceed with the medical examination and submit the requirements needed by POEA. Assuming the EPS-TOPIK passers have no problem with medical and documents.

POEA will then forward his/name to HRD Korean to be listed on the roster of passers that Korean companies can choose from whenever they are in need of Filipino workers.

Registration Details for 2016 EPS-TOPIK

According to the official Facebook page of POEA ( The registration for the 13th EPS – TOPIK for 2016 is on March 1 – 3 2016. The registration requires interested applications to be already registered with POEA via e-registration system. For e-Registration inquiries, applicants can call POEA thru this number (02) 722-11-46). You can also go to POEA’s official facebook page for more details.

eps topik jobs in south korea 2016Qualifications to Apply for EPS-TOPIK

– Applicants should be aged between 18 and 39
– Applicants should have no criminal record in relation to serious offence punishable by imprisonment
– Applicants should have no past records of deportation or departure under a departure order from the Republic of Korea
– Applicants should not be subject to travel ban in the Philippines
– Applicants must fulfills the eligibility requirements decided by both Philippines and Republic of Korea

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Note: Passing the EPS-TOPIK does not guaranty employment

(For the complete details please about the procedures visit

Job Openings in South Korea (based on POEA website)

Local accredited manpower agencies post their job openings on POEA website. Applicants just need to visit the site occasionally to check if the available vacancies are related to their work experience. If they find the job vacancies interesting, they just have to inquire directly to the respective manpower agencies the qualifications needed for the job, to start the application process. Check the list of agencies below that have current job openings in South Korea:

(this post is for updating)

Note: Verify with the agency if the job vacancies are still active. Do not place in the comment section your personal details. This blog is not related to the featured recruitment agencies. This blog is not a manpower agency.

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