Kathryn Bernardo Visits PBB ALL IN, Starstrucks The Housemates

During the airing of the June 23, 2014 episode of PBB ALL IN, Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo visited the famous yellow Pinoy Big Brother house set in Eugenio Lopez drive in Quezon City.

The housemates were all starstruck particularly the three girls namely Loisa, Nicole, and Mariz. Apparently, they meet Kathryn as she gets out of the confession room. The three also ran out of words while facing the “Got to Believe” lead star.

kathryn bernardo in pbb all in

PBB ALL IN housemate Joshua reveals that he has a big crush on Kathryn Bernardo. While in the confession room, he told the big brother that Kathryn is very cute. He wanted to get near her, however, he does not have the confidence to do so.

Watch the video below:

Prior to meeting the housemates, Kathryn Bernardo talked to big brother inside the confession room. She revealed that she is a fan of Pinoy Big Brother and wanted to hear the big brothers’ voices.

She told that she wants to meet Mariz Racal because she thinks that the latter is a nice person. Among the boys, she likes to meet Manolo and Joshua.

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