Kim Chiu as Mulan, Sarah Geronimo as Rapunzel, Disney Princess 2015 Calendar Photos Released

Disney Asia has released the Disney Princess 2015 calendar photos featuring Kim Chiu as Mulan, Sarah Geronimo as Rapunzel, and 10 Asian stars as Disney Princesses.

After the final day of 12 Days of Princess Event done by Disney Asia, they finally released the limited edition calendar photos of the 12 Asian stars that portray 12 Disney princesses. Disney Asia features two popular celebrities from the Philippines; Actress Kim Chiu was transformed to Mulan tagged as the ‘Determined Princess’ and Sarah Geronimo portrays Tangled’s Rapunzel tagged as the ‘Fearless Princess.’

Filipino actress model Kim Chiu as Mulan
kim chiu mulan

Filipino Actress-singer Sarah Geronimo as Rapunzel
sarah geronimo rapunzel

Aside from these Filipino stars, Disney Asia also showcased popular Asian stars that portrayed their respective Disney Princesses.

Model – Actress Sandra Dewi of Indonesia portrays Cinderella. She was tagged as the ‘Kind Princess.’
sara dewi cinderella

Malaysian singer and actress Marsha Milan portray Elsa of the movie Frozen. Elsa was tagged as the ‘Magical Princess.’
marsha milan elsa

Diva from Thailand, Gam Witchayanee as Maleficent. Her princess character was dubbed as ‘Charismatic Princess.’
gam maleficent

Singer Proud Oranicha of Thailand portrays the role of Ariel of ‘The Little Mermaid.’ Her princess character was dubbed as ‘Independent Princess.’
proud as ariel

Malaysian actress and Model Wawa Zainal (for verification) was transformed to Belle of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Her princess character was ‘Smart Princess.’
wawa zainal belle

Actress and model Best portrays Jasmine of Aladdin. She is a ‘Generous Princess.’
best jasmine

Golf portrays Merida from the movie ‘Brave.’ She is dubbed as ‘Courageous Princess.’
golf merida

Malaysian Singer songwriter Daiyan Trisha as Snow White from the movie ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.’ Her princess character was tagged as ‘Sweet Natured Princess.’
daiyan trisha snow white

Actress Fah portrays Tiana from the movie The Princess and The Frog. Her princess character was dubbed as ‘Confident Princess.’
fah tiana

Tori portrays Pocahontas. Her princess character was dubbed as ‘Free Spirited Princess.’
tori pocahontas

The exclusive Disney Princess 2015 Calendar featuring the 12 Princesses is expected to be released on January 15, 2015.

*All photos are property of Disney Asia. For complete details about 12 Days of Princess please visit their official Facebook page.

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