Kimstore Philippines Review: Why You Should Buy from Them

Here is my sister’s first purchase experience at the same time review of Kimstore (, an online gadget store based in the Philippines.

This is my first ever experience on purchasing a gadget thru online like kimstore. My friend and I decided to buy a new smart phone within P20,000 – P24,000 budget. We first search online to look for an android phone having the best specification suitable for our needs. After several hours, we both agree to buy HTC Sensation XE with beats Audio packed with i- Beats earphones.

HTC Sensation XELunchtime of Saturday, we decided to visit malls to do some canvassing unluckily, we cannot find a store that would sell us the unit using credit card at cheaper price and even if we bought it in cash it will still cost around P27,000 – P29,000.

Back home we search for online gadget stores based in the Philippines and we found Kimstore as one of the legitimate online gadget store under We browse the site and saw the unit we wanted for only P22,800 and at 0 percent interest rates on credit card. So we decided to buy on Monday because they do not have office on weekends.

Monday morning, we ask kimstore if they have stock of the unit luckily they have. We also asked if we could buy the gadget on half cash half credit card basis and they said yes so we agreed. First, my friend made a multiply account because the transaction will go through Multiply. After receiving the sales invoice through her email, my friend send scanned copy of her 2 valid IDs and credit card (last four digits covered for security purposes).

We still had to wait long hours for Multiply’s confirmation on our purchase before Kimstore could release the item. At around 6pm of the same day we received text message from Kimstore confirming that we can now get the item we then rushed to their office near our place. We first presented the printed sales invoice then checked the unit before giving the remaining balance of P12,800 in cash.

Our experience was OK though, we felt nervous since it is our first time to buy online and would have to wait all day to receive the unit. Can you imagine we purchased on Monday morning and we got the item at around 6pm. What we do not like is the long waiting hours due to multiply’s payment confirmation system…

What we like about them is they allow half cash half credit card payment scheme. They also entertain customers even after office hours.

For those who want to know, Kimstore is a legitimate online gadget store in the Philippines. They offer high quality branded gadgets (Laptops, smartphones, Desktops, DSLR cameras, tablets, cellphone accessories, powerbanks, gaming consoles, music players) at an affordable price (lower compared to malls). This is why you should buy to them.

You may read about my second purchase – HTC One X from kimstore.

* If you want other online store, you can read about widget city.

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  • I know her shop, my friends bought their gadgets on her multiply shop also. And yes, mas mura talaga sya compared dun sa mga malls. Kilala nga ung shop nya sa Multiply for gadgets. I’m also planning to buy there.

    How about Any review about it or have u ever tried their shop?

  • Mic

    Fear not, my friend. All my gadgets are bought from Kimstore, tho my latest camera, LX5 was bought from dbgadgets.
    Kimstore gives lowest price of gadgets, its just that, most of the time, the color of your choice and the cameras on sale are always out of stock. -__________-
    Good thing dbgadgets have LX5, same price w/kimstore but yea the color white I wanted was out of stock.

    Both are legit. Also, I haven’t tried jeptall and samarahchan (saw them all on sulit haha!) but I’ve been eyeing to buy some gadgets from them too. Mura din sila like Kimstore and dbgadgets. ;-)

    Another thing, matagal magreply both (Kimstore and dbgadgets). Something di nagrereply si dbgadgets, so you really have to follow up your inquiry. Si Kimstore minsan kinabukasan magreply, hahaha. she have FB kaya comment there para mabilis ma-address yung inquiry mo.

    • mattscradle

      Thanks Mic for sharing your experience.

  • mattscradle

    You can always ask kimstore regarding that question.

  • Crispulo S. Onrubia

    Hi! Do you have Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 and how much is your best price? I want the color white. Ty. Mr. Onrubia

    • mattscradle

      I suggest you go directly to Kimstore multiply website.

  • Reynald

    even if i try finding something wrong about kimstore, can’t seem to find any wrong so far with my past 5 transactions (and counting.) nice staff, not boring and rude customer service, friendly, accommodating. saw ms kim once all smiles always.

    • Mia

      hey, do you know if she have a shop, not the online one, I mean a physical shop where I can go and look for an item?

      • mattscradle

        She has no physical shop.

    • Adam

      Hi Jen, I purchased HTC One X from them. It is still working fine. Kimstore is a legit online gadget seller.

  • Julian

    Just bought from Kimstore 2 weeks ago. Great job with customer service! I’m loving my S4 so much, no problem at all! 5 stars.. di sayang bayad q.

  • Louie

    I’ve been a lurker at kimstore’s website for a while now. Planning to buy a tablet before the year ends and a phone first month, next year.

    As a risk-averse person, of course some things are holding me back. I’ve become a little bit curious and suspicious about the online shop.

    I’ve been reading threads particularly about kimstore. How true that when a package is given to a customer upon meet-up, it isn’t sealed anymore? Because they had to test if first? I mean, do they have to?

    I know that it’s cheap, that’s what tempted me to get one from them. But how will I know it’s brand new and legit if the seal has been broken already. Let’s admit, we wouldn’t even care if it’s registered to NTC or BIR or not. Basta it’s brand new di ba?

    Anyway, a friend of mine will be transacting with kimstore first, hope his feedback would be my “go” signal to transact with them too.

    But for the meantime, hope to get some replies from you. guys. TIA.

  • Jeremy

    Go lang. Read my comment below :) Thumbs up.

  • Jefferson

    Met up with Kimstore’s guys at QC last January 2 based on the feedback here. Legit nga.

    Transaction was smooth, staff was funny too. It took about 5 minutes to book my order. They also clarify all warranty terms and conditions even though I have read these beforehand. Thanks for this, Matt!

  • Paul

    My officemate also encountered the same faulty battery incident. I think kimstore’s after sales service should really improve. They do well in selling but it is the risk to every consumer is so high. Cheap prices, Fast transactions, poor after sales service, hidden charges on “warranty” – that summarizes kimstore for me.

  • Blurr

    Aggressive when it comes to selling but very lousy in after sales service.

    One month after purchase we encountered a problem regarding the item we bought from kimstore. And now it’s been one month and a week since we handed over the item for repair or what ever they could do to fix it.
    We always do ask them on how it is going but we barely got replies. We call them but no answer. Worse they are doing something so that we cant contact them like for now we can connect a call but later we cant.

    Kimstore would be best online shop if they would improve their after sales service. Im hoping they would.

  • zerkeeb

    Hello guys,
    I think Buying from this store is a total BS. I ordered samsung galaxy s5 today i.e. june 5th 2015. Since i am new to the online stuff i googled as much as i could about the frauds n scams n fake items. I finally came to the conclusion that Kim store was legit..after seeing all the comments and ads. So i ordered myself a galaxy S5. Upon delivery i opened the pack..seemed a bit suspicious but i still thought that packaging can be different in different regions. Phone aesthetics were good too. Then i turned on the cell phone n the first thing i did was go to the finger scanner to register…NO matter what angle i tried i could not register. It didnt even show any signs or prompts. Even the seller who got it tried it (several times) but nothing happened. So i became suspicious and then i started getting deeper into the softwares. Seems that some of them were not legit at all. I am not a gadget freak but i think even a guy like me can figure out a real and a fake. Sorry kim store and also thank u for making me realise that “IF the price is too good to believe…dont believe”.

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