Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep CWCheat (USA) New Codes

New Codes (Latest) CWCheats for Kingdom Hearts: Birth BY Sleep. Here are the steps to install it easily in your Playstation Portable.

Step 1. Copy the Code (Below)

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

_S ULJM-05600
_G Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
_C0 Infinite Munnies
_L 0x20191460 0xACA40004
_L 0x20251150 0x00000000
#As soon you buy something or get munnies it will be maxed
_C0 Infinite Medals
_L 0x2019146C 0x00000000
_L 0x20191470 0xACA40008
_L 0x2025120C 0x00000000
#As soon you buy something or get munnies it will be maxed
_C0 Infinite HP
_L 0x2012DA90 0x0E200800
_L 0x2012DA94 0x86040382
_L 0x2014B194 0x86300382
_L 0x20002000 0xA6040380
_L 0x20002004 0x03E00008
_L 0x20002008 0x00043140
_C0 Check Menu For Max HP
_L 0xD039DDA0 0x000008C6
_L 0x2039DDA4 0x0E20080E
_L 0x20002038 0x240700A0
_L 0x2000203C 0x03E00008
_L 0x20002040 0xA64708C8
_C0 Instant Magic Recover
_L 0x20115788 0x3C0F42C8
_L 0x2011578C 0x448F6000
_C0 Command Gauge Always Full
_L 0x2013C858 0xE6160100
_C0 Full Focus Gauge
_L 0x2011788C 0xE48C0044
_L 0x2011B734 0xE60E0044
_L 0x201207C8 0x00000000
_C0 Infinite D-Link Gauge
_L 0x2011B904 0xE616003C
_C0 EXP Multiplier
_L 0x201918FC 0x00129XXX
_C0 Use Item For Max
_L 0x20251014 0x24070032
_L 0x2025344C 0x24160032
_L 0x20253518 0x24060032
_L 0x202544D0 0x24050032
_L 0x20229AE4 0x24050032
_C0 Quick Ability Level Up
_L 0x200DFFAC 0x24062710
_C0 Max Hits in Focus Mode
_L 0x20126728 0x2406270F
_C0 Easy Royal Board Minigame
_L 0xE0028E05 0x0038D56A
_L 0x2038D568 0x0E200806
_L 0x2038D56C 0x8E050010
_L 0x20002018 0x16600004
_L 0x20002020 0x3415C350
_L 0x20002024 0x03E00008
_L 0x20002028 0xAC950000
_L 0x2000202C 0xAC800000
_L 0x20002030 0x03E00008
_L 0x20002034 0x8C950000
_C0 Easy Disney IceCream Minigame
_L 0xD0396124 0x0000E6C8
_L 0x20396128 0x2405270F
_C0 1 Hit Kill
_L 0x201DE6D4 0x24040000
_C0 Speed Mod
_L 0x200F114C 0x3C184000
_L 0x200F11B4 0x44986000
_C0 Easy Colisseum Minigame
_L 0x202185F0 0x2405270F
_L 0x2021861C 0xA480000E
_C0 Infinite Partner HP (Solo)
_L 0xD0391A18 0x000001AC
_L 0x20391A14 0x8E0401B0
_C0 Easy Racing Minigame
_L 0xD0396B18 0x000012F0
_L 0x20396B18 0xAE0012F0
_L 0xE006092C 0x00395638
_L 0x20395638 0x0A200811
_L 0x2039563C 0x24020005
_L 0x203932A8 0x00000000
_L 0x203932EC 0x00000000
_L 0x203932F4 0x00000000
_L 0x20393344 0x00000000
_L 0x20002044 0x14520004
_L 0x2000204C 0xAEE0092C
_L 0x20002050 0x0A2E5590
_L 0x20002054 0x8E0412B0
_L 0x20002058 0x00022025
_L 0x2000205C 0xAEE4092C
_L 0x20002060 0x0A2E5590
_L 0x20002064 0x8E0412B0
#Always first place
_C0 Max Mirage Arena Level
_L 0x20190A68 0x3C05000F
_L 0x20190A6C 0x34A5423F
_C0 Vanitas D-Link (Ventus)
_L 0xD171C290 0x00000000
_L 0x2171C290 0x83000173
_L 0x201D88F0 0x0A20081A
_L 0x201D88F4 0x44046000
_L 0x20002068 0x00042040
_L 0x2000206C 0x0A27623E
_L 0x20002070 0x00042C00
_L 0x201DE6D4 0x0A200803
_L 0x2000200C 0x860401C8
_L 0x20002010 0x0A2779B6
_L 0x20002014 0x00139842
_L 0x2014B188 0x0A20081D
_L 0x2014B18C 0x0014A040
_L 0x20002074 0x3C050080
_L 0x20002078 0x0A252C64
_L 0x2000207C 0x00852024
#Do not use with 1 hit kill code
_L 0x201D88F0 0x0A20081A
_L 0x201D88F4 0x44046000
_L 0x20002068 0x00042040
_L 0x2000206C 0x0A27623E
_L 0x20002070 0x00042C00
_L 0x201D8904 0x0A200820
_L 0x201D8908 0x44046000
_L 0x20002080 0x00042040
_L 0x20002084 0x0A276243
_L 0x20002088 0x00042C00
_C0 Char Mod
_L 0x20176E1C 0x340200YY
_C0 Command Style Mod
_L 0x200DFDE8 0x0A200840
_L 0x20002100 0x1005000A
_L 0x20002104 0x34170151
_L 0x20002108 0x12E50008
_L 0x2000210C 0x0005B825
_L 0x20002110 0x2AF70151
_L 0x20002114 0x14170005
_L 0x20002118 0x34170160
_L 0x2000211C 0x02E5B82B
_L 0x20002120 0x16E00002
_L 0x20002128 0x34050ZZZ
_L 0x2000212C 0x0A237F7C
_L 0x20002130 0x30A5FFFF
_C0 Max D-Link Level
_L 0x201409F0 0x34088300
#Change Areas to take effect

XXX Values
840 = x2
880 = x4
8C0 = x8
900 = x16
940 = x32
980 = x64
9C0 = x128
A00 = x256
A40 = x512
A80 = x1024
AC0 = x2048

YY Values
01 = Ventus
02 = Aqua
03 = Terra
04 = Ventus (Armor)
05 = Aqua (Armor)
06 = Terra (Armor)
0D = Ventus (Helmetless Armor)
0E = Aqua (Helmetless Armor)
0F = Terra (Helmetless Armor)

ZZZ Values
152 – Critical Impact (Terra)
153 – Spell Weaver (Aqua)
154 – Fever Pitch (Ventus)
155 – Fire Storm (All)
156 – Diamond Dust (All)
157 – Thunderbolt (All)
158 – Cyclone (Ventus)
159 – Blade Charge (Terra)
15A – Sky Climber (Ventus,Aqua)
15B – Rock Breaker (Terra)
15C – Ghost Drive (Aqua)
15E – Dark Impulse (Terra)
15F – Wing Blade (Ventus)
160 – Frozen Fortune (All)

Step 2. Connect your psp to the PC once connected look for the seplugins folder in your memory stick. You’ll find inside the CWCheats forlder, open it. You’ll find Cheat.Db.

Step 3. Open CHEAT.DB via notepad or Wordpad. Paste the cheat code in the bottom of the cheat.db then save.

*credits to Hiei-YYH who hacked Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, and the image from Wikipedia.

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