Know Your Luck This 2014 as Explained by Feng Shui Expert

Were you born in the year of the horse, monkey, rabbit, Ox, and any other animal signs? Do you want to know what lies ahead for you this coming 2014? In this year of the Wood Horse Feng Shui expert Master Hanz Cua explains the fate of each animal sign when comes to love life, career, family, health, and business. Please find below your animal signs and the details your luck this 2014.

  • Born in the Year of the RAT

Those who were born in the year of the rat will become very busy because of opportunities; they will have lots of good prospects but take extra precaution to back stabber especially if your work is related to politics.

  • Born in the Year of the OX

2014 is also good for those who were born in the year of the OX. However, take extra care against betrayal and ransacker. Good time to work overseas.

  • Born in the Year of the Tiger

This animal sign has luck for money this year. However, take precautions when comes to danger by betrayal and cheating financially.

  • Born in the Year of the Rabbit

Those who were born in this year have luck for love, career advancement, business opportunities and expansion. However, they are prone to sickness this year.

  • Born in the Year of the Dragon

This will become a positive year for this animal sign. But they tend to become hot-tempered easily.

  • Born in the year of the Snake

Compared to 2013, this animal sign will have better money luck this 2014. They get easily irritated, but they will overcome lots of obstacles this year.

  • Born in the year of the Horse

This year brings good luck for love life and money. This is also the best time to have a baby for those who are already married. Avoid facing south when seating.

  • Born in the Year of the Sheep (Goat, Ram)

This particular animal sign is one of the luckiest this year when comes to romance and career.

  • Born in the year of the Monkey

This year will be full of romance. Health might be a problem this year. Good time to have a job overseas.

  • Born in the year of the Rooster

This animal sign has good luck for money. However, might encounter problems related to own reputation.

  • Born in the year of the Dog

This will be a challenging year. Financial problems may occur this year.

  • Year of the Boar (Pig)

Those who were born this year will become more energetic. Don’t lend money this year because there are chances that it will not be paid. Perfect time to work overseas.

*Credits to For the video and explanation of Feng Shui Expert Master Hanz Cua please visit You may also follow him on Twitter @masterhanz168.

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