Kris Aquino Talks About Her New Found Love

You might be feeling curious right now about this newfound love of Kris Aquino. Perhaps, the first thing that comes to your mind is those persons that were once linked to the queen of all media. This includes her ex-husband PBA superstar James Yap, a suitor, an actor, or maybe a politician.

Unfortunately, none of the earlier mentioned is her new love because she was referring to food. In particular, a Chinese-style fried chicken from the popular Chinese-cuisine fast-food restaurant in the Philippines, Chow King.

In the behind the scene video, Kris revealed that she liked fried chicken. She also told that she likes food that her two sons and her staff will enjoy. Also, a food that will be easy to recommend to other people.

Furthermore, if she is going to endorse something, it should contain two characteristics; it should be aspirational and reachable. Apparently, she found it in Chow King’s version of fried chicken.

According to her, she consumed fried chicken 79 million times in one day. Fortunately, she did not experience that “Umay” feeling.

She also made good remarks about the people involved in the production. She describes them as easy to work with and passionate about what they do. From the tone of her voice, she seemed touched that even the president of the fast-food chain visited the set to show support (I guess) during the taping.

Watch the video below:

In the later part of the video, Kris is very confident about Chow King food products. The proof is when she told that “If I make pakain to everbody, hindi ako mapapahiya. Its realy realy good and it’s something I can eat every day.”

Basically, the Tagalog words that she said means the actress/ talk show host is very confident and will not get embarrassed when serving the Chow King food to her friends, colleague, and loved ones.

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  • Nora

    Who cares about Kris Aquino Love life she always talk about herself about Bamby etc. like EVERYONE cares or interested about her Lol masyadong OA

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