How to Fix the OE Error Code in LG Washing Machine [in 3 Easy Ways]

I was able to fix my LG washing machine OE ERROR code DIY and I will share with you how I do it. Here are the things you can check and do to fix that oe error code on your automatic LG washing machine.

What causes the OE Error Code on LG Washing Machine?

When your LG Washing Machine flashes an OE Error Code on its digital panel it means that your washer is unable to drain the water in its tub.

There are various reasons why this happens. The most common is when your automatic washing machine could not continue to the next process such as “rinse or spin.” Simply because it is unable to change the water inside its tub.

The OE Error occurs in our washing machine if we are using it for years without doing some simple preventive maintenance to it. Moreover, if we frequently wash bags and clothes but are unable to remove used papers in them. Also if we wash doormats that accumulate hairs, dust, and dirt.

The error may also be caused by electronic issues or glitches in the computer program on its display panel.

To save you some money, I recommend that you do the suggestions in this post by yourself (DIY). Don’t call the technician yet because it may cost you hundreds of pesos or dollars for labor.
lg washing machine oe error photoAre you ready to fix that flashing OE Error on your automatic LG washer?

How to Fix your LG Washing Machine OE Error Code in 3 Simple Ways

This guide is simple. You just need to be familiar with the parts and the model of your washing machine. Anyway, I include pictures so you can easily identify the parts that you need to check on your washer.

Step 1: Check the Drain Hose of the Washing Machine for blockage

If the hose is clogged or has a sharp bend. It may be the reason your washing machine cannot expel water. Hence, the OE Error code occurs.

The hose might have a sharp bend because the back of the washer is very near the wall.
photo-of-washing-machine-drain-hose-and-drainage-pipeYou can also check if the drainage pipe is also clogged. If it is then you need to unclog it using this type of flexible declogging equipment. This is cheap around Php 150 pesos or probably 3 US dollars in hardware stores.

Once you are certain that the drain hose has no sharp bend, and is not clogged. Also, the drainage pipe is free from clogged.

Turn on your washing machine and perform the “rinse and spin” process. This process roughly takes 20 minutes to complete.

If the latter process finished and there is no more oe error then you probably solve the issue. However, if the oe error still flashes on the panel. It means the issue is not yet resolved. Proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Clean your LG Washer drain pump filter

The drain pump filter normally is located at the bottom front of your LG washing machine. Whether it is top load or front load, most likely the location is still the same.

Open the cover of your drain pump. If the oe error happened in the middle of the washing operation. You need to manually drain the water first using that small hose next to it.
Otherwise, if you opened the filter, your place will be flooded with soapy water. So drain it first. Use a pale or basin then let the water flow freely into it. Be patient as it may take a while to drain all the water.

Once done, turn the filter knob counter-clockwise until you can pull it.

Check if there are debris or dirt. It may be the cause why your pump can’t drain the water.

Here is the before and after photo of my LG washer’s clogged drain filter hahaha.
Clean it with running water or by hand (if you can take it). In my case, I cleaned with both.

I collected coins, papers, hairs, and accumulated dust in it.

Afterward, replace the drain filter then run the “rinse and spin” process again.

If the process has completed and no more oe error. Then you probably have solved the error.

If the process did not continue and the issue is still there. Proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Call the LG Washing Machine Service Center to request for Repair

This is your last option. As it seemed your washer’s issue is beyond normal. You need to seek the help of a technician trained to deal with your washing machine.

Go to the official website of LG to check if there are service centers near your location. Call their hotline to know if they offer home service. So they will come to your house to repair your washer.

How to Reset your LG Washer to eliminate the OE Error Code

Occasionally, the LG Washing Machine flashes an OE Error code because of an electronic glitch on its display panel. You can hard reset your LG Washing machine to see if the OE Error code will be resolved on its own. Steps to reset your LG Washer:

  • Step 1: Press the power button on your washer to turn it off.
  • Step 2: Unplug your washer’s power cord from the wall outlet.
  • Step 3: Press the “Start/Pause” button for 5 seconds.
  • Step 4: Plug your LG Washing Machine’s power cord into the wall outlet
  • Step 5: Press the power button on your washer’s display panel to it ON.

There you have it guys! I hope my suggestions will be able to help you fix the OE Error on your LG washing machine.

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