Manila Zoo: Entrance Fee, Booking, and Schedule

The Entrance Fee to Manila Zoo is between 80 pesos and 300 pesos per person. It is a sum of money that visitors have to pay to be allowed to enter its vicinity. Persons with Disabilities (PWD) and Senior Citizens have a 20% discount on the prescribed entry fees. Kids 2 years old and below are free of charge.

The complete list of entrance fees including the computed discounted fees for PWD and Senior Citizens are below.

VisitorsEntrance Fee Rates
Manila Residents Adults and Children150 pesos
Manila Residents Students100 pesos
Senior Citizen Manila Residents120 pesos
Teachers and Government Employees of Manila100 pesos
PWD Manila Residents Adults and Children120 pesos
PWD Manila Residents Students80 pesos
PWD Teachers and Government Employees of Manila80 pesos
Non Residents Adults and Children300 pesos
Non Residents Students200 pesos
PWD Non-Residents Adults and Children240 pesos
Senior Citizen Non-Residents240 pesos
PWD Non-Residents Students160 pesos
Children 2 years old and below0 pesos

Manila residents, PWD, and Senior Citizens must provide a valid ID containing a picture and address to avail of the discounted ticket price.

new manila zoo entrance fee list

Note: The entrance fees reflected for Senior Citizen and PWD are according to my computations only so you will have an idea of the cost. I based the computation on the stated “20% discount on prescribed fees” for Senior Citizens and PWD on the zoo’s website. You should verify the details with Manila Zoo.

How to Book Tickets Online for Manila Zoo

Manila Zoo has an online booking system that enables you to purchase your entrance ticket online as well as book your visit to the park. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Visit the Official Website of Manila Zoo and Go to Tickets

Its official page is On the homepage, go to Tickets located at the upper right side of the page. Alternatively, the zoo also has placed a Get Ticket button at the bottom center of the page. Visiting either of the links will redirect you to the “Get a ticket” link.

manila zoo website to purchase the entrance tickets

Step 2: Input your Details and Book an Appointment

Input your details such as your first name, surname, mobile number, email address, and age in the required fields. Use the respective dropdown menu to select your Gender, Region, Province, Municipality, and Barangay details.

Moreover, you have to tick the box whichever is applicable to you. For example, if you are a student, then tick the box declaring that you are a student, and so on.

Agree with the terms and conditions, and tick the reCAPTCHA to declare that you are not a robot. Afterward, press the “Set Appointment” button.

manila zoo buy an admission ticket guide

Step 3: Select your Preferred date of visit to Manila Zoo

From the calendar, select the Date and the Time Slot of your planned visit. The website will also show you the remaining capacity of the zoo for your chosen date. Double-check the details, afterward, proceed to “Set Appointment” to view your Appointment Summary and to Checkout.

manila zoo set appointment date

Step 4: Select your Payment Method and Pay your Ticket

After the Checkout, the website will show on your device’s screen the amount that you need to pay. Proceed to “Pay Now” to pay for your ticket.

You can pay your ticket using Gcash, PayMaya, VISA/Mastercard, GrabPay, UnionPay, Kiosk Machines, WeChat Pay, AliPay, and ShopeePay. Choose your payment method. Afterward, input your payment details then go to “Proceed.”

Take note that using any of the payment methods will incur a Service Fee.

pay for the entrance tickets using paymaya gcash credit card

Step 5: Receive your Manila Zoo Booking Pass via Text Message

Once you completed the payment process, Manila Zoo will send you an SMS containing your booking pass. It is a QR code that you need to present upon entering the Zoo premises.

It is highly recommended that you save a copy of your booking pass on your mobile device so it will be accessible to you even without an internet connection. Go to Manila Zoo on your scheduled visit date. That’s it!

How to Buy Tickets in Manila Zoo via Walk-In

You can also purchase your tickets for Manila Zoo via walk-in. Arrive early at the zoo vicinity and then proceed to the Information Desk located 4 meters away from the right side of the main entrance. Provide a valid ID to the person in charge and pay the required amount. Afterward, wait for a few minutes to receive your tickets.

What is the Operating Schedule of Manila Zoo?

Operating Schedule is the time periods that Manila Zoo can accommodate visitors in its vicinity. The Zoo is open from Mondays to Sundays including public holidays from 9 am to 6 pm.

Monday9 AM to 6 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 6 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 6 PM
Thursday9 AM to 6 PM
Friday9 AM to 6 PM
Saturday9 AM to 6 PM
Sunday9 AM to 6 PM

What are the landmarks near Manila Zoo?

The Zoo is very accessible, it is near the Manila Hospital (Ospital ng Maynila), the old Harrison Plaza, Paraiso ng Batang Maynila, the Central Bank of the Philippines, the Philippine Sports Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Manila.

manila zoo map landmarks
*image from google maps

The zoo is accessible via different modes of transportation depending on your choice. Public utility jeeps and buses coming from nearby provinces pass by near it.

Can I cancel my Booking at Manila Zoo?

No, cancellation, refund, or change of booking is not allowed after you have paid for your reservation. With the exception of the occurrence of natural calamities in Manila such as earthquakes, floods, or typhoons.

When is the validity of the Manila Zoo ticket

The ticket is valid on the specified scheduled date.

What are the valid IDs to avail of discounted Entrance Fee to Manila Zoo?

The valid IDs to present to the cashier to avail of the discounted ticket price are listed below.

  • Valid School ID
  • Barangay ID
  • Senior (Senior Citizen) ID
  • Postal ID
  • Person with Disability (PWD) ID
  • Voter’s ID
  • National ID
  • TIN ID (old or new)
  • Unified Multipurpose ID
  • Employees ID of City Government of Manila, Teachers under Manila City Schools, PLM, and UDM
  • PhilHealth ID
  • Valid Driver’s License card

What Animals and Plants can you see in Manila Zoo?

Manila Zoo houses more than 1000 animals from 70 species and thousands of plants are growing in its Botanical Garden. The types of animals that you can see in Manila Zoo are Mammals, Birds, Amphibians, Reptiles, and Fishes.

What are the Rules inside Manila Zoo

The rules that you should follow while inside the Manila Zoo vicinity are listed below.

  • Respect the Animals
  • Do not feed the animals
  • No Smoking
  • No Littering
  • No Outside Food and Drinks
  • Pets are not allowed inside the zoo
  • All kinds of toys including balloons at not allowed inside the zoo
  • Children must be supervised by adults at all times
  • Do not pluck the flowers
  • Do not step on the grass

As a visitor of the zoo, you are requested to follow these rules for your own safety as well as for the animals. You are also asked to follow the instructions on the signages that you will see inside the zoo vicinity.

What is the Biggest Zoo in the Philippines?

The biggest zoo in the Philippines is Avilon Zoo when it comes to land area and the number of animals. It is located in Rodriguez Rizal, Philippines. By road distance, it is 33.87 KM away from Manila Zoo.

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